You know how you come across something that takes your fancy and you just want to lay your hands on something, anything from them because you know it’ll be good.

Well, I’ve had my eye on Ornot gear for a while now, their styling and colour palates are differant to the norm and to hit the mark with me.

I had an Ornot Golden Vest pass across my doorstep the other day, and with the cooler night time weather we’ve been having lately, I’ve had a chance to give it a trial.

IMG_5567I cant believe the pained look – that was only after the first hill last Saturday.

Born in 2013, Our clothing is designed in San Francisco, hand crafted in southern California and we make a very conscious effort to keep all production here in the US.

This (Gilet) is a staple for all San Francisco cyclists. Good for cold morning rollouts, bridge crossings, bomber descents, evening excursions, lunch runs, beer runs, doughnut missions, escaping the city and WIND. This vest is made from super lightweight and compactable ripstop fabric with mesh fabric on the back and sides. The ripstop fabric offers great wind protection along with water resistance while the mesh back and sides provide ventilation. 3 rear pockets add storage space for extra gloves in the winter and the dual direction zipper allows you to fine tune your airflow.

Designed in San Francisco and hand crafted in southern California.

Sturdy construction, with a bright golden colour that is not your usual hi-vis, it stands out without shouting out “here I am”. If however it’s still a little bright for you, they do have something a little less understated with their blue Gilet.

Not having a dual direction zippered vest before, I was wondering why, but I soon came to appreciate the extra versatility this adds to the vest.  Starting my ride with setting strava on the phone when I get out the gate usually involves a minor contortion of pulling up the gilet to get to the pocket of my jersey to pull out the phone. Not generally difficult, particularly with someone with my abilities, but I did like the easy un-zippering from the bottom up allowing easy access to the Jersey pockets.

It also came in very handy for ventilation tweaks when on the road. A quick adjustment from the bottom up allowed  ventilation on the climbs without having to completely unzip it. Also saved that messy routine on top of the hill when re-zippering was required.IMG_5571

On the rear, it features three well sized open pockets, which I don’t generally carry gear in because I use the Jersey pockets for storage, but it is good at the start when the sunnies need to be stored in an easily accessible location.

The sizing was perfect. No excess fabric flapping around under the arms or on top of the shoulders.

The zipper surprised me. Being large and bulky, I thought it was a bit of an overkill, however on reflection, it was easy to use when I wanted to remove on the road, and didn’t bunch up on me, so that was a big win in my eyes.

A few weeks ago it happily withstood a brief annoying shower as I was riding across Upper Sturt Road.

All up, an excellent little gilet that comes highly recommended.
Designed in San Francisco and hand crafted in southern California, they are exclusive to Bikebug In Australia & New Zealand.


The Bikebug store in Adelaide is the old Whippets Workshop in Stepney.