The Meaning of Life

Velocio Gilet   People on this side of the planet are right in the midst of winter. And whilst we dont get the snow and sleet that our Northern Hemisphere friends get, it still gets bloody hard to get the motivation going for an early morning ride. The time to pull together the layer upon layer … Continue reading The Meaning of Life

Rohan Dennis – Yeehaa!

One of last weeks postings looked at naked Ti bike in Australia. I have an apology to make.  I missed Baum, as pointed out to me by Darren from Brisbane. In Darrens words "I own a Baum Cubano and its friggen brilliant." Baum Cubano. Enve 2.0 fork. Integrated cable routing for Ultegra Di2 group. 3T … Continue reading Rohan Dennis – Yeehaa!


I had heard a few rumours before kast weeks posting about Stuey, but didn't post what later turned out to be fact. Am I disappointed, absolutely Do I believe that he Epoed just the once? I would like to believe it's true. Was he "forced" to retire earlier than anticipated and come clean with the … Continue reading Hmmmmmmmmm

I’ll start drinking milk when cows start drinking wine

trollDJ #trollDJ is the mysterious character who plays the brilliantly random music tracks throughout the SBS Tour de France television broadcast. Such is Troll DJ’s popularity, the SBS Cycling Central producers decided to pin an official “Troll DJ request box” to the top of their stack, prompting users to drop in their song requests. Within … Continue reading I’ll start drinking milk when cows start drinking wine