Where the streets have no name

You gotta love social media.   _____________ The Tandem Project Team Euride Mercedes-Benz Adelaide Cycling is administrating and conducting a Road Development Program for paracyclists in SA. The purpose of the program is to produce road competent tandem riders, to the extent that tandem teams can develop into competitive pairings at State and National level. … Continue reading Where the streets have no name

The Meaning of Life

Velocio Gilet   People on this side of the planet are right in the midst of winter. And whilst we dont get the snow and sleet that our Northern Hemisphere friends get, it still gets bloody hard to get the motivation going for an early morning ride. The time to pull together the layer upon layer … Continue reading The Meaning of Life

It’s all about the Bike

Last week I posted my Bucket list, and I need to update it as i missed something major. Buy a bespoke bike. Ride the lightest (road) bike in the world. I also had a recommendation to add the the Tour of Tasmania  to the list.  6 days around Tasmania on a bike for the National … Continue reading It’s all about the Bike

Forever Resting

  Not cycling related I know, but this just cracks me up OK, Quick question - where is this?     200m @ 17% Unfortunately the photo just not do it any justice. I'll let you know where it is at the end of todays posting. _______________________________________ Accommodation at the Tour Down Under If your … Continue reading Forever Resting