Specialized (Bastards) have done it again From the guys over at Neil Pryde Effective immediately we are retiring our ALIZE bike name and replacing it with NAZARÉ. This is just a name change – your beloved bike will remain exactly the same. This change comes at the behest of a well known bike company. According … Continue reading Astana

Sorry, I Didn’t See You

“Sorry mate, I didn’t see you”. Is a catchphrase used by drivers up and down the country. Is this a driver being careless and dangerous or did the driver genuinely not see you? From LondonCyclist According to a report by John Sullivan of the RAF, the answer may have important repercussions for the way we … Continue reading Sorry, I Didn’t See You

I’ll start drinking milk when cows start drinking wine

trollDJ #trollDJ is the mysterious character who plays the brilliantly random music tracks throughout the SBS Tour de France television broadcast. Such is Troll DJ’s popularity, the SBS Cycling Central producers decided to pin an official “Troll DJ request box” to the top of their stack, prompting users to drop in their song requests. Within … Continue reading I’ll start drinking milk when cows start drinking wine

Amy’s Gran Fondo Dilemma

Most of the readers of this blog will empathise with the below story. I have been invited to Amy’s Gran Fondo in September at Lorne to ride with the VELO-PORTE group, but I’m not sure I have the Kahunas to ask the wife if I can go, nor if I should be spending the money … Continue reading Amy’s Gran Fondo Dilemma