Andrew Wilson

Andrew Wilson


  • What is your daytime job?

I work in infrastructure asset management with SA Water.


  • How long have you been cycling and what got you started?

Since I was a kid, I was always jealous of mate’s expensive road bikes at school as they trained for the pedal prix. My 10 speed Standish didn’t really cut it. However, I bought a second hand road bike in 2006 to commute. I laughed when a guy at the place I bought my shoes and helmet from told me that I’d start taking the long way home. Seriously, who needs to ride more than 23km one-way. Things changes and I not only found the long way home, but picked the one with the most hills.

  • How many bikes do you own and what is your main go to bike?

3, and a half

A roadie, mtb, and a single speed – The roadie is my go to bike. A giant propel – awesome for crit racing and flats – not so great for hills.

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  • What bike do you covet?

The half mentioned previously is a slightly cracked Fuji Altaimira 1.0 frame. It is my long-term plan to rebuild it so it is a sub 7kg bike for better climbing (so I can avoid the need to lose the gut). Something lighter than the Propel and becomes the general training bike. N+1. Young twins and a seven year old suggest it’s a pipe dream.


  • You dabble in racing, where do you race and how would you describe yourself?

I race with Norwood cycling club. I’m a genuine d-grader, but who knows one day I may make the lofty heights of C – grade.


  • Do you do all your own maintenance or do you use a LBS? If so, which one?

LOL! I try, invariably I make a lot of mistakes. The boys at Super Elliots look after me well, and try not to laugh too hard when I walk in with another one of my ‘fixit’ stories. Otherwise, Henry, a mate, is very handy for late night quick fixes, and to help point out my mistakes.

  • What cycling specific tools do you have in your “bike shed”?

I bought a pack of Chinese ‘park’ tool rip-offs. It has about 40 pieces and I’ve added bits and pieces along the way. I have a bike stand that helps make it look like I know what I am doing.

  • What are your pet love and hates about cycling?

I love the way even though everyone is competing flat out, whether it be racing, chasing a segment time, or just getting to the next stobie pole first, that they would all stop to help you out with a puncture or crash. I know he is not that well thought of on this blog, but durianrider took a punch for me when I was car-doored on rundle street a few years back. He did not know me from a bar of soap, but he stood up for me because he could see the guy was a nut case.

Hates. I am crap at descending. I really wish I could switch of my brain.

  • Other than yourself, who is your favourite cyclist?

Cav, love his attitude, and will to win. Last year’s TDF was awesome to watch after so many had written him off.  (Eds note: It was announced a week back that Cav has contracted an infectious mononucleosis caused by the Epstein Barr Virus and has temporarily withdrawn from cycling to focus on recovery. It will be a waiting game in terms of knowing when he will be ready to resume full training)

  • If you could have dinner with 3 people in the cycling world, who would they be and why?

Cav, because of the above. Wiggo, he’s a strange bloke, that would make dinner interesting, but I wouldn’t mind getting some of the Fluimucil he used so effectively J Tony Martin or Gilbert so I could share saddle sore stories, though I’m not sure choosing to put sandpaper on your saddle counts.

  • Where would you take them to eat?

I’ll eat anything, and lots of it. It may not be the best food but I’d take them to Scuzzi on a Tuesday night so all the other riders that head there every week could share in the stories. (Scuzzi was great up until my twins were born, but hopefully I’ll get back out soon.

  • What are your craziest/fondest cycling memories?

Pro’s – Stuey O’Grady winning Paris Roubaix. But I almost had tears when Hayman won last year as well.



Me – every TDU. A good mate of mine organises a few mates and we travel around watching the pro’s,  it’s always way more km’s than we should do, lots of laughs, and Andy knows every good spot in Adelaide for food and drink. I look forward to it every year.

  • Have you had any nasty crashes? If so how did the worst occur and what was the consequence?

A few run ins with cars, but worst crash was descending down upper start. Ego was greater than ability and I tried to keep up with a quicker group. The consequence was explain all the blood running down my leg after jumping straight in to the shower and having to descend old Belair road with buckled wheels and loosened brakes.

  • What is your favourite post ride cafe, and what would you normally buy as a treat?

My Saturday group goes to Hosko’s. (Carnevale Coffee on East Avenue) Coffee and dairy don’t seem to sit all that well with my stomach, and so unlike every other cyclist I avoid coffee. The waiter takes delight in  yelling my order out. Sadly, it’s a Large Hot chocolate with lactose free milk and extra chocolate. It’s fair to say I end up drinking coke fairly regularly to avoid the embarrassment.  (Apologies to Ian pib who has had to buy these for me occasionally as well.)


  • Do you have a favourite overseas country in mind you’d love to take your bike to?

Don’t get me started. 11 mates (but who’s counting) are all going to France & Italy this year, and taking in some of the famous climbs. I’m as jealous as hell but it just doesn’t work with the kids. Do cycling holidays count as N+1 as well?

  • What is your favourite local training route?

The bog standard loop is Nortons, lofty down the old freeway.

  • What is the biggest cycling lie you have told a partner?

I’m still working out how to tell a lie that sees me join my mates in France. I’ll let you know if I pull it off.

  • What cycling related thing would you like for your next birthday?

Some new shoes, they are overdue.

  • Is there a local cycling outfit/company/cycling club/cycling group/person that you would like to plug?

Thanks to all the volunteers at Norwood Cycling Club for doing an awesome job organising the races and putting up with us riders. It’s a thankless task but much appreciated.

Thank’s to Super Elliotts for fixing my stuff ups at a moment’s notice,

And lastly thanks to all the guys and girls I’ve ridden with and Bastardi Grassi, Scuzzi, and more recently RHOFO. RHOFO management is always looking for new members so if there are any other nutcases that like getting out at 5:30am on a Saturday feel free to point them in my direction.

  • From a non-cycling perspective, what do you love about Adelaide?

It’s a big country town.

  • What is your go to place when interstaters come to Adelaide?

Any loop that takes them along woods hill road between Ashton and Greenhill Road, and my favourite, Aldgate Valley Road.

  • Is there anything else you feel like talking about?

Keep up the good work with the blog.

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