Kriston Symonds

Kriston Symonds


  • Tell us a little about how you got into cycling?

I got introduced by work colleague at the time (Stealth) who helped my buy a bike and took me shopping for shoes, started riding with the FRA (Flat Riders Association) from the initial days when we used to meet early in the morning on Killicoat St. Kept on riding further, faster and bigger mountains from there.

  • You have an involvement in the cycling scene, can you describe what you do and how you came to be involved?

Rode with the FRA and PowerOn crew (Mainly social, no racing other than some Cycle Sportif team time trials) , moved to Melbourne in recent years and got involved in a charity ride called the Chain Reaction Challenge with a great bunch of guys.

  • You moved to Melbourne some years ago, what do you see as the main differences between the Melbourne and Adelaide cycling scene?

Apart from the sock doping in Melb, Definitely a Beach Rd vs Hills divide. Some very polarised views out there on what is best. I head for the hills!

  • How many bikes do you own and what is your main go to bike?

3 Bikes (Road, Mountain Bike for riding with the kids, and a “leave out the front of the pub” bike), and looking for the next one, a single speed, given I live north of the river.

  • What bike do you covet?

Classic Colnago’s.


  • How do you store your bikes?

Road bike in the bedroom on the wall! Others in the shed.


  • What cycling specific tools do you have in your “bike shed”?

Rollers, pedal spanner, toque wrench for the carbon frame, chain lube, lots of rags and Mr Sheen for that extra shine.


  • Do you do all your own maintenance or do you use a LBS? If so, which one?

I keep it clean and give the chain/cluster a clean and lube. But the gears/cables/brakes/new cluster at the big shop when needed. Ivanhoe Cycles or De Ver in Heidelberg Rd.

  • What do you love about cycling?

The sunrise in the morning, wildlife, quiet country roads and the banter at the coffee shop after.

  • What annoys most about cycling?

Cars and Red Traffic Lights

  • Other than yourself, who is your favourite cyclist?

Simon Gerrans – Nice guy, supports Chain Reaction Charity and he is methodical and calculated in planning the upcoming season team tactics.

  • If you could date a professional cyclist, who would it be?

The Canyon/SRAM Women’s team – they look great in the new 2016 kit.


  • What is your craziest/fondest cycling memory?

Riding along next to hopping Kangaroos and the poor seagull that got disintegrated in the spokes of a mate one time……

  • What is your favourite post ride coffee spot, and what would you normally buy?

Latest spot is Maker in North St Richmond, plenty of room for bikes, great coffee options, croissants and toastie toasties! Or my local, Thomson St Food Store in Northcote.


  • Do you have a nickname?


  • Finish this sentence “When I’m on my bike I…..”

…..relax and clear the mind.

  • If you could ride anywhere in the world, where would it be?

Lacets de Montvernier where the Tour de France went last year, looks so cool with the switchbacks.

  • What is your favourite training route and who with?

I live North-East Melbourne and love heading out to Nutfield and all the roads around there, single lane, countryside, peaceful and great views back to the mountains and the city.

  • What is the biggest cycling lie you have told your partner?

I’ll just do a short ride tomorrow.

  • What would you like your partner to buy you for your next birthday?

A new bike!

  • Is there a local cycling outfit/company/cycling club/cycling group/person that you would like to plug?

Some great Pedla kit for our team for the Chain Reaction Vic 2016 ride – feel free to buy a raffle ticket or donate….!!


  • Is there anything else you feel like talking about?

No, time to go ride my bike……