David Sutton

David Sutton

This week we head back over to Perth for a chat with David Sutton. Here is Davids cycling view of the world.

I grew up in Adelaide and was into mountain biking through my school and uni days. Once we started getting our driver’s licences it was a regular thing to load up one of the cars/utes with bikes and head up Old Norton Summit Rd, Greenhill Rd or the freeway to find a track to come down. It was after uni that my second mountain bike got stolen and one of my mates convinced me to switch to a road bike and riding became more about fitness than thrill seeking.

I moved to Perth a few years ago for work and my wife’s study and – with 3 kids and a wife studying full time – cycling has gone from a fitness thing to a family thing… I have swapped the clip in pedals with flat ones and the slim-line seat for a nice padded one.

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  • What are you currently riding?

Currently “riding” a DBR (Diamond Back Racing) Podium… I think this is quite rare as I am yet to meet anyone else who has a DBR

  • What bike do you covet?

My old Gary Fisher Joshua XO – I had two of these; both of them stolen… I’m obviously not the only one to covet the Gary Fisher


  • How many bikes do you own?

Technically only 1, but I will beef it up a bit by counting my kids bikes and the au pairs’ bike – so make that 5

  • How do you store your bikes?

I have a laundry that is under the house, where I have mounted some brackets on the wall

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  • What cycling specific tools do you have in your “bike shed”?

I have a bike pump, some tyre levers, a multi-tool thingy, a shifter and some allen keys… it’s pretty extensive

  • Do you do all your own maintenance or do you use a LBS? If so, which one?

It’s all me!

  • What is your pet hate about cycling?

Watching pissed idiots at the top of climbs in the TDF

  • What do you love about cycling?

I love watching cycling (except when that boring guy that’s not Phil Liggett commentates)

I also used to love the peacefulness of dropping into that little valley over the back of Norton Summit on a nice still summers morning and feeling the temp drop about 5 degrees (sorry,  forgotten the name it’s been a while)

Going even further back I used to love racing down some of the mountain bike tracks through Horsnell Gully or down from Mt Lofty into Waterfall Gully

  • Other than yourself, who is your favourite cyclist?

Maybe Thomas Voeckler – he is always having a crack at something or Contador at his best… don’t really care if they were both doped up or not but Contador v Schleck in the tour a few years back was the most entertaining riding I’ve seen

  •  What is your craziest/fondest cycling memory?

Some of the craziest memories are the full moon / no lights rides we used to take through the Adelaide Hills – Drop your car at the top and come belting down through the darkness

One of my fondest memories is taking the kids to Rottnest Island off the coast from Perth.

  • What is your favourite post ride coffee spot?

Given that my most common ride is around Lake Claremont with the kids, it would have to be Lake Espresso

  • If you were to buy a post ride reward, what would it be?

Maybe an iced coffee or a vanilla slice – The Smith St Bakery in Walkerville used to do the best vanilla slices but that was a long time ago

  • What is your favourite training route and who with?

Is this a trick question – there is no training you can do for chasing a 7 y/o, 4 y/o and 3 y/o, when they all ride off in different directions

  • What is the biggest cycling lie you have told your partner?

“Yes the kids were all wearing their helmets”

I have one memory of Dave I would like to share with you. Some years back, we had a GHD cycling team. Well, team wasn’t exactly the right word for it. Anyway, we were riding the coast to coast, and with a decent size peloton too, all the way through Kuitpo forest and coasted onto the Willunga Hill stop. As I recall, I didn’t once see Dave take a pull, and as we were walking around at the rest stop, Dave made mention of the fact that this riding gig wasn’t too bad.

GHD team 005

The next time I saw Dave was down at Victor Harbor, red faced, out of wind, and some considerable time after the rest of us had finished.  He unfortunately fell off the back of the peloton and struggled for the second half of the route pretty much on his own.

I think it was around about then that Dave moved interstate and put his bike into long term storage.

Thanks for your memories Dave, hopefully we’ll see you back in Adelaide one of these days.