Brendon Harslett

Brendon Harslett

I spent time on the bike with this weeks WL Cyclist of the Week, Brendon Harslett. Hoping you get as many chuckles out of it as I did.

Pic 3

Thats Brendan in the Middle at the start of last years Amy’s Gran Fondo – Great Ocean Road.

A mate at school on his Repco Olympic 12 introduced me to cycling and the fascination started from there- the first long ride from Crafers to Outer Harbour and back was the biggest ride I could fathom, and now, a distance I would cover before work.  The sport has brought me so many cherised friends and priceless experiences, whilst teaching me about my own limits which is carried beyond the saddle.  And, it’s the only way I can justify the amount of bakeries I get to…

What are you currently riding?

Common ride is the Cervelo R3 Ultegra Mechanical, the “muckabout” or the “frankenbike” is a Cannondale CAAD8 Campagnolo Veloce, the “oops, I just accidentally bought a bike honey” is the Scott Foil Campagnolo Record, the “half” is the Cinelli Strato Caleido, yet to be “gruppo’d…thinking electronic.  The small blue number belongs to my son, which am sure he’ll use if I can wedge him off his ipad…

What bike do you covet?  

This changes on a daily basis.  For a while has been the Colnago C60 Disc but in the past few weeks have been romanced by the new Canyon Ultimate or the Bianchi Specialissima
Bianchi-1 C59-DISC-INNR DSC_1001-1

How many bikes do you own?  

Is my wife reading this?  3 and a half is she is, more if she isn’t.

How do you store your bikes?

My Cervelo sits next to me hung up in the study, the others are in an underground vault protected by retina scanners.  The “others” are elsewhere.

Pic 1a Pic 1 (1)

What cycling specific tools do you have in your “bike shed”?  

All of them.  Have accumulated this over the years, at least, between a group of us.  My bike/longneck beer shed sessions are famous, not only for the quality work, but for the dulcet tunes.

Pic 2 (1)

Do you do all your own maintenance or do you use a LBS? If so, which one?  

Mostly my own, although I wouldn’t try a 58 to 54 frame conversion.  Been well served by Pete at BMCR over the years.

What is your pet hate about cycling?  

The car vs bike debate.  We are all traffic/commuters.

What do you love about cycling?  

The escape.  Something about disappearing off into the dark to watch the world wake up around you that makes the early starts worth it, and, the eclectic sport that it is.

Other than yourself, who is your favourite cyclist?  

There’s others?

The other cyclists with you on any given day that give you the courtesy to chat, the sacrifice to stay with you and encourage and the patience to stay with you and finish. Professionally, massive fan of Floyd Landis and all he’s done for the sport.

What is your craziest/fondest cycling memory?  

The early starts.  The more insane work you can do BEFORE you meet the group is testament to the crazy level.  Based on this, get an Indigo5 light.


That aside, I shall refer to him at PG, the man with the terminal brain tumor who not only met us for laps of Norton when only one side of his body was working, but also when his rear brakes were rubbing.  One hard unit.

What is your favourite post ride coffee spot?

Usually land at Argo based on geography, but otherwise Bici in Hutt Street- but don’t all go there now and fill up my easy access table….

Brendan – 2nd from left


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If you were to buy a post ride reward, what would it be?

Do children read this blog?  Ah, just in case, good serve of coffee, eggs benedict, and appropriate temperature shower, and a nap.

Do you have a nickname on the bike?

Most stick with Brendo, some yell out Twin Peaks, moving cars usually draws “faggot”

Finish this sentence “When I’m on my bike I…..”

think of times when I’m not on my bike and I wish I was on my bike.

If you could ride anywhere in the world, where would it be?

L’Alpe D’Huez.  Magical climb.

What is your favourite training route?

Mostly travel on Norton, but a Clarendon (bakery) run with a return trip back down Montacute on a Spring day can’t be beaten.



What is the biggest cycling lie you have told your partner?

That I wasn’t almost hit but dozens of cars on the last ride….

What would you like your partner to buy you for your next birthday?  

My wife or my partner?  Can they both get me something?  Seriously, she don’t do/get sport, so I’m normally happy with the Toblerone that appears in the fridge.


Is there a local cycling outfit/company/person that you would like to plug?

You all have to get an Indigo5.  Great light.  Also been closely involved with Sub4 cycling apparel, good gear and not as dear as similar others.  I’d also be cast into obscurity if I didn’t mention the great folk at Velo-Porte- been working with these guys from day 1 and been great to see them evolve…

Just beacsue its awesome

Is there anything else you feel like talking about?

Most people know I could talk with a mouthful of gravel underwater, so lets just leave that as that