Walter D’Addario

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  • Can you remember what your first bike was?

Ricardo 26”

  • What got you started in cycling?

I received my first bike at the age of 5 and have been riding ever since. I’ve tried other sporting activities but enjoy cycling the most. There isn’t anything that compares to staying fit, camaraderie and seeing the world.

  • At a guess, how many bikes have you owned in your life?

I haven’t owned many bikes in my lifetime, only 4. Apart from the Ricardo racer, my love for the sport really began with a custom made Pursuit steel frame made by Super Elliots, I still have that bike now its relegated to a commuter.

  • How many bikes do you currently own and what is your main go to bike?

I have 3 bikes, the Pursuit, A Casati 53×11 and a new bike Legend HT9.5

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  • What bike do you covet?

Nothing anymore the Legend is only 5 months old, I’ll be right for a few years now

  • What do you love about cycling?

The freedom cycling give me is like nothing else, when I ride on my own its very meditative, I’m able to think of think of things other than work and life in general, It gives me an opportunity to recharge my soul, that’s very important to me. Its a very important aspect to my well being so for me it isn’t just pedalling a bike its so much more.

  • You own and operate Red Berry, a cafe that provides strong support to local cyclists, and thanks btw. Do you have any standout cycling moments at Red Berry?

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I’m very fortunate to be able to combine my passion for coffee and bikes at the same time. It was always my intention to be able to provide exceptional coffee origins with “click” “clack” of cycling shoes. So in answer to your question there really isn’t a stand out moment but rather every day offers both me and my customers an individual experience. Overall though and this applies to all my customers the greatest enjoyment has to be the conversation I have, they’re simply fantastic to have.

  • Do you do all your own maintenance?

I carry out all maintenance except bottom bracket, It’s not hard and I enjoy looking after my bikes.

  • What is your favourite piece of cycling kit or accessory?

I don’t have anything specific, for me its the total package, the bike the kit etc.

  • Have you had any nasty crashes? If so how did the worst occur and what was the consequence?

Unfortunately yes I have, twice with cars involved, the recovery and reahabilitation is the hardest thing to deal with especially when I require my arms and hands to make that perfect espresso. I don’t let it get me down though, I just dust myself off and get back on my bike as soon as practically possible.

  • What is the biggest cycling lie you have told a partner?

Lying to my partner… perhaps like the many stories I have heard at Red Berry Espresso, isn’t that secret men’s business. I can’t add anything more without incriminating myself.

  • What cycling related thing would you like for your next birthday?

Definitely have to travel to Europe and climb some epic peaks that would be fantastic, and of course combine it with great food and coffee. Spain here I come!

  • Is there a local cycling outfit/company/cycling club/cycling group/person that you would like to plug?

I tend not to follow the pack so I don’t have anything specific really I prefer to go with the flow frequently changing as I go, so I may like something this month and move to something new the next, variety is what I like the most.

Having said that, I special mention should go out to Steve at Road, Track and Triathalon I’ve purchased my last 2 bikes from him, he’s a no-nonsense guy and I love the Italian bikes he sells.


  • From a non-cycling perspective, what do you love about Adelaide?

I thinks like most Adelaide I love the accessibility Adelaide has to offer, we have also for a few year now been experiencing and explosion of great eateries and cafe’s.

  • What is your non-cycling go-to place when interstaters come to Adelaide?

Anywhere serving good food, Pizza and beer.

Thanks Walter

Your ongoing support for Adelaide cyclists as well as the troops coming in for the Summer Tour is much appreciated.

If you haven’t been in Red Berry before, its only a short hop frm the city on the way up towards the hills.

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Oh, and there is another Sky Training session over in Spain, being led by some dude called Froome.

He’s been training on hills like this – the Sierra de la Pandera.