Cycling Tribes

What cycling tribe do you ride in.

I’ve identified some Adelaide tribes and will update as I hear about others. I also have a few from Canberra and Perth.

If you want to add your tribe, it doesn’t need to be just Adelaide based,  just send me a comment.


The group I ride in:

15 give or take middle aged men of various fitness levels.

We ride once a week on Sundays starting at either Burnside Village at 7:45am or at the Bollards at 8:30 am.

Weekly route is determined on Friday, when the stream of emails sometimes reaches ridiculous proportions. The route changes from week to week depending on how many stooges turn up, how much was drunk the night before, the weather, whether the tanti man decides to ride, and so on. We’re not awfully serious, but are seriously awful.


Squadra Costiero/Parais Peleton is a predominantly male group that meet at 6:30am at the Semaphore Palais on Tuesdays and Thursdays for a Semephore to Glenelg/Seacliff return ride. Sundays ride starts at 7:15am with no fixed destination. There are approximately 30 in the group, with ride numbers between 5 and 20



Saturday mornings 8am – meet at Glenelg, always ride to Outer Harbour and back – numbers vary, often in excess of 100.

Cafe is Plank, Adelphi Tce Glenelg North.


Cancer Voices SA

Group Rides every Sunday. Meet and ride with others from the CVSA Team Sunday at 8am at St Peters Girls College car park, Stonyfell.

Usualy a few hours riding into the Hills, followed by a brew at Taylors Blend on Hallet Rd, Stonyfell.

Numbers vary, maybe about 15-20 on a typical Sunday

They have a great website – A great organisation for a great cause. Make sure you check them and their cause out.


Eastern Suburbs Knitting and Cycling Club

Two rides, both starting at Red Berry Espresso

The Latte Sunrise ride rolls at 5:45am and heads down to Glenelg and back.

The Espresso Sunrise rides rolls at 5:45 and heads up to Waterfall Gully, then loops around to Sunnyside, Portrush and back to Red Berry Espresso.



SPACE is a collective of industry people (Supply, Property, Architecture, Construction, Engineering). They ride on a monthly basis, starting in Rundle Street Alfresco Rundle Street.The next ride is November 11th, 7:30am.

Not sure how many on the distribution list, I lost count after 100’ish, but it would appear to be a  ride group around 20 – 30.

Check out their facebook site here. SPACE


Bastardi Grassi

Started as a casual bunch of road cycling enthusiasts wanting a regular Sunday ride with mates.

Since then they have ridden a lot, gotten fitter, welcomed some new faces, made some kit, made up a name, changed our name and even started racing again.

It’s still about a Sunday ride with our mates. They do itfor fun. They love to ride bikes. They are a club, not a team. They stop for coffee.

Sunday Rides – Meet in Hindmarsh Sq. – Winter 8.00am – Summer 7.30am

Thursday night rides – 5pm – 7.30pm @ Vic Park

Further details at their blog – bastardi grassi


Mega Bike – Cycle 4 Sam

Mega Bike has launched a regular series of Saturday morning training rides raising money for The Sam Roberts Family Fund.

 Meet at Mega Bike, Hyde Park, 102 King William Road

When: Saturday 7.30 am

Attire: White Cycle 4 Sam jerseys

The Saturday morning rides will head to Outer Harbour and back; riders can select one of three groups to ride in depending on speed.



Not the name of the cycle group, just a ride group organised by Carl Salt that meet on Friday mornings at the toll gate at 6am for a ride up to the bollards. 35 minute pace.

They do also ride in the hills on a monthly basis, but I’ve lost details. I’ll update when I can.



Fit, Red Amigos or perhaps Famous, Raunchy Athletes? Even the Fat, Risk Averse? No – Flat Riders Association,

The FRA is an informal road cycling group based in Adelaide. They are a dedicated and enthusiastic bunch of riders who ride regularly for fitness, fun and coffee.

We have regular group rides and meeting spots but riders also arrange ad hoc rides to supplement these.

New riders are welcome to join via an introduction from an existing rider

Link to their website below.


Check out their corkscrew challenge on their website. Some great pictures.

Also on ewetube


Fat Boys

I have seen these guys ride around in large and small groups, and have seen individuals in the road.  I have been invited by a friend of a friend for one of their  group rides at the velodrome several years back.

They are however an inigma to those outside the fat boy membership.

They have a webisite, but it pretty much locked down unless you are a member. They are affiliated with cycling South Australia.

Fat Boys



He members of Team CIBO formed their cycling group in February 2001. Team CIBO is one of the strongest teams on both the domestic and national scene. It has experienced success in high profile local events such as the Cyclosportif time trial series as well as national success in the form of gold medals at the Australasian Masters Games.

Team CIBO now consists of approximately 38 cyclists of varying abilities and backgrounds. The large team of red kitted CIBO cyclists has become a common sighting around Adelaide.

The Skinny Lattes is a women’s specific cycling group based in Adelaide. The groups is made up of women from all walks of life, stages, abilities and ages who love to cycle. They are recreational riders, track riders and road riders who enjoy clocking up kilometres in beautiful Adelaide and beyond.

As their numbers have increased they have become incorporated with support from Cibo and will be affiliated with cycling South Australia.


Scuzzi Skippy’s Night Ride

Peloton style

6.10 Easy (28 – 30 kph) & Moderate (32 – 34 kph)
6.20 pm Hard (32 – 34 kph)
6.30 pm Very Hard (40 kph+)

Meet at Scuzzis -99 O’Connell St, North Adelaide


Thursday NightRiders

Every Thursday back at 7:00pm at the Buffalo (Cnr. Anzac Hwy & Adelphi Tce – Glenelg). Go hard to Outer Harbor & return harder to Copenhagen at Henley Square.

Further Thursday Night Riders details on Adelaide Cyclists


La Squadra Adelaide

Red black and white colours, based from café Bocelli on Hutt Street Adelaide.

Phil Liggett MBE is the club patron and has ridden with the group every year during his stay in Adelaide for the Tour Down Under since Januray 2000.

Club website – la Squadra Adelaide CC


Chasing Friday Forest Range Sunrise

Riding towards Forest Range chasing the sunrise via Norton Summit & Lobethal Road every Friday morning.

Meet at the Tower Hotel on Magill Rd (near the bottom of Norton Summit) and roll off by 5:50am, getting back to the corner of Greenhill and Woods Hill Rds about 7:20am.

Further CFFR details on Adelaide Cyclists


Southern Suburbs Cycling Club

A road cycling group based in the southern suburbs with a mix of Learner (L) rides, Post beginner rides (P) and Rag Tag Trailer Rides (for parents and kids).Rides are every two weeks on a Saturday morning, P rides are every two weeks on a Sunday morning. The weekends alternate (L ride one week, P ride the next), so you can have a go at something every weekend.

L1 Ride

Further SSRC details on Adelaide Cyclists


Gawler Wheelers

A road cycling group based in Gawler, South Australia with regular group ride held every Saturday morning.

Further Gawler Wheelers details on Adelaide Cyclists


Sunday morning social group rides starting from car park of Prices Fresh Bakery Golden Grove at 7:45am for safety briefing for 8am roll-out.


The Muddies

A road cycling group based in the southern suburbs. Social/training rides will be held on alternate Saturday mornings  starting from Hallett Cove.

All riders with sufficient fitness to tackle the undulations and hills of the Fleurieu peninsula are welcome.

Further Muddies details on Adelaide Cyclists


Wednesday Morning OhMyGod it’s Early

Wednesday mornings for a 6am rollout at the Tower Hotel.

Ride to Norton Summit and on to Mt Lofty summit or Marble Hill or return as you want.




A group of men (in tights) and women (also in tights) from Canberra Australia, with some interstate and international members thrown in the mix. Many of the members have years of solo and combined sporting achievements under their belts, ranging from scrabble to adventure racing, including numerous training and planning sessions at pubs and cafes.

HoP – Hour of Power, HoT Hour of Terror and bakery bunch. Mix of male and female, as well as a mix of amateurs, AIS, NSR riders and Drapac riders. Meet at the Phillip Bike shed.


Vikings Cycling Club

VCC was established in 1996 to promote and provide opportunities for participation by South Canberra and Tuggeranong residents in all forms of cycling. It now caters for cyclists who live all over Canberra including Northside and the Belconnen area. It conducts road races and other cycling events in the Canberra region. Club members also organise training and social rides and can assist with coaching riders of any ability.

VCC has a strong contingent of women cyclists, masters-aged cyclists, and also has several AWD (athletes with a disability) members.


Canberra Cycling Club

The Canberra Cycling Club is one of the oldest and largest cycling clubs in Australia, a great reflection on the club and the environment in which we are able to ride.

Canberra cycling club


Canberra Cafes

A reliable source says the best places in Canberra are:

  • SR – Lonsdale street roasters, Braddon
  • Grind – Kingston Square, Kingston
  • Mocan and Green Grout – Marcus Clarke street Acton




The Bell Tour Group

Tuesday and Thursday rides start at 5:30am at the Bell Tower (Perth, WA, Riverside Drive)
  • Predominantly males, numbers vary depending on time of year and weather. Can be as small as 5 or 20-30 riders. Usually 2 – 4 females.
  • Generally flat course, ~40kms around the Swan River and past the coast, with a few short climbs
  • Established a few years ago has regular riders with like minded attitudes (ride safe, have fun and have a good workout),who know how to ride and assist new comers, so it now runs itself.
SPR (South Perth Roulers)
  • Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday and Friday rides start at 5:30am under the Narrows Bridge, North Side.
  • Summer – hilly UCI course around Kings Park ~ 30kms / Winter – flat and fast course though the suburbs ~40km
  • A Mix of riders with the majority being male, ride group size in the order of 10 – 30 depending on time of year, weather etc
  • Course is a mix flat and climbs, ~40kms around the Swan River
  • President: Peter Mah He does A LOT for the club, puts in A LOT of time and you can find all the ride information on the Blog

  • Saturday rides start at 7am in South Perth (Perth, WA)
  • Sunday rides start at 7am in South Perth (Perth, WA)
    Hills ride. Two groups (Long and Short Hills Ride). Long ~90-100km, Short ~70-80km
    Courses vary each weekend.
  • Tuesday rides – 5:45am start under the Narrows Bridge, North Side (Perth, WA)
  • Predominantly male riders
  • 10-20 riders
  • Generally flat and fast course, ~45kms around the Swan River, with a few short climbs

Web Site:

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