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Nathaniel sent me a their season 3 to try out.

Spin Cycle season 3 kit  as shown below is available in the newly opened Cycle Closet in 122 Pirie Street, Adelaide. The Cycle Closet is having an official opening in a few weeks time, and Nathaniel is officially releasing the season 3 kit at said function.

The first thing I noticed with this kit was the understated leaf design on the dark super light jersey. Something out of the ordinary.  This would have to be the lightest kit I tried. The arms and legs were a little longer than the standard lengths you see around, so you can forget about your sharp lines if you ride in more than one kit.

The Bib Shorts were super  comfy on some of my longer rides around the hills, although I did find that the bib straps bunched a bit over the shoulders, although I soon had them worked out, so once sorted they were no further problems.  Material on both the jersey and Bib Shorts were top notch Italian fabric, and certainly felt like they were.



I asked Nathaniel about the leg gripper,  the long sleeves and the design, and his response was:

Re the gripper, we have tested this for the past 12 months with over 200 pairs using the same fabric with no issues with fraying.  We have a pair of knicks that are the same construction that goes into every wash, looking at the wash sheet next to the washer it is on wash 211 and there is no issue either.  The race team put everything through the wringer especially at the 24 hour races so very confident in the quality of the product.

Re the length of arm, I can imagine some people will find it too long or even too short, all depends on the sizing really XS-XXXL the sleeves are all different lengths to try and suit the rider.

The design yes it is getting some attention that is for sure, and agree there is a lot of over the top designs out there and too many patterns that are bought online and dropped straight onto the template, we like to think we have a little bit of originality and uniqueness to bring to the market.


I am originally from Adelaide but have spent the last 12 years moving around Aus with work and cycling spending the last 6 years in Canberra.  On returning to SA it was decided to invest some money into something a little different, being in Web Development is great but looking for something else.  I had developed some clothing while in Canberra and decided to take it to the next level and put a load of resources into it and 12 months on here we are.  We develop a seasonal range as well as custom clothing for individuals to large clubs, basically people who want something really different as my designs tend to be on the standout level.  Over the past few months I have noticed people coming to me for that exact reason as well as the technologies we use.

We have invested heavily into technologies and testing with several elite athletes on the books to get the most out of the tests.  We have a 4 man MTB team and will be joining the ranks in the road series in the ACT/NSW this summer with Summer Crits starting soon, we have just developed a new skinsuit particularly for this.  We also have our V3 knicks coming out early next year, all of the guys and girls who have been testing for me believe these knicks could be the best on the market and when paired with our new Jerseys we are about to launch could just be the perfect kit.

Going back to not a lot of people knowing who we are.  I haven’t been marketing really at all, this all comes back to me being a perfectionist and not wanting to market  product that wasn’t quite ready.  Season 3 has been launched.  We developed a new fabric along with M.I.T.I Elastic in Italy to produce a jersey that is magically lightweight (110g Medium, about 12g lighter than the Castelli Ultra-Light jersey) but it is also not transparent or see through like most light weight jerseys.  We have a short sleeve, half sleeve and long sleeve all available and we also have this as a custom option for our customer.

Next year we are also looking at more options regarding Chamois.  We are currently signed with Elastic Interface and utilise a couple of their products but we are looking at using up to 4 more styles with both men and women versions.

Also, we are several iterations into a new SpeedSuit for TT.  Jesse Graham who is a coach and also multi TT champion has been helping us develop it utilising wind tunnel and also software testing using AlphMatis in Sydney.  Our base was the $900.00 Castelli Speed Suit and after the last test we are just 2watts off of it.  We have one more test in December where we hope with the latest iteration we can equal or better the output, we have several high end TT specialists hovering to take us on next year.

Spin Cycle Clothing has collaborated with many clubs, businesses and individuals to develop high quality custom cycling clothing.  We pride ourselves with developing something different that will stand out from the crowd and give you great exposure.

We have 4 different quality ranges to choose from club kits to top end Italian racing kits, jerseys, bib knicks, long sleeves, fleeced, warmers we have it all available to our customers.


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Nathaniel Peek: Director: 0427045638