Owayo located in Germany  had a proposition for me. They are keen to bring their range into the Australian market and proposed to allow me to design my own kit in return for a promo on Wednesday Legs. We did have a few chats about whether we proceed and how I pull something together, and after at much thought at this end about whether or not to sell out my journalistic integrity for a new kit, I thought, bugger it, I’m an engineer not a journalist, so why the hell not.

Capture front page

As you can gather, Owayo provide a customisation service for a range of sporting apparel including soccer, basketball, running, ice hockey and yep, cycling.

They manufacture custom cycling jerseys and apparel, allowing the customer to create their own design using their pretty nifty 3D design tool. The tool has a number of standard templates that can get you started, allowing you a wide choice of designs, colors texts and also the addition of your logo.

The process of designing the kit was rather simple, but with so many options, I ended up confusing myself in the process and had to seek assistance from some friends when I was at the stage of selecting the final design.

So, the process:

Capture products 2

Select the 3D tool.


Start with the blank template.

Ow 2

Find a design that tickles your fancy. Samples of the design selections are shown below, below, with more on the website.

Capture Design 5 Capture Design 3

And off you go.  This is where my inner graphic designer came out, got confused, then decided to hide again. The confusion is something I excel at.

Playing around with the templates, colours, designs etc was simple. I was able to save all the drafts I created and come back at any time , fiddling around and fine tuning, hours of fun.

The 3D tool was fun to play with, providing the ability to view my design from pretty much any angle you want to provide some good perspectives.

I almost ended up with too many choices , a few of which I’ve pasted below.  There are many others I haven’t included here, including the bib shorts.

Capture Drafts 2 Capture Drafts 1

So after consulting my mates, I closed in on the following. (Disregard the £ – they now price Australian $)

Capture Design 1 font Capture Design 1c Capture Design 1font colour Capture Design 1b

Fine tuning this.

download final front jersey download final rear jersey download final side jersey download final front shorts download final side shorts

Once I was happy, Owayo ensured I signed off on the design before they sent it off to be manufactured.

Owayo notified me when they were manufactured, provided me with a shipping order tracking link

And this is how they turned out. Unfortunately i wasn’t provided with the body shape in the 3D template, but hey.

IMG_0591 IMG_0601 IMG_0595 IMG_0593-001

Whilst I didn’t have too many queries throughout the whole process, what questions I did have were promptly answered in typical German efficiency, and the “auto” notifications I received throughout kept me suitably informed of the project status.

I’ve been riding with the kit for a few weeks now and am happy with the final product.  Manufactured in Germany, the jersey and bib shorts are a good fit and super comfortable , with the all important endurance chamois providing the right amount of padding in the right place  on my long rides in the Radelaide Hills.


If you are uncertain about the size, you can request a sample be provided, but you will have to pay for its return, which is standard practice.

I went for the pro cut jersey and bib.





Hopefully you’ll see me out on the road riding in this kit, it’s not glary, but it is distinctive, so don’t hesitate to to say g’day. If I’m in a cafe, I take a small flat white double shot, and never say no to a Zeppole.

Further detail here Owayo

Or contact Sarah at sarah.fuchs@owayo.com