Wil Puz is the Australian Director of Ollo Industries, and provided me with a sample of their kit to trial. The black and white styling of the Ollo kit is very distinctive. The jersey is more of a classic fit and fits well without being tight across the chest. The Bib Shorts were a good firm fit all round, the chamois firm and super comfy.




A little more of detail about the process what we do that I send out to all my new customers.

All our kit is made in Northern Italy and we are a mid to high end kit manufacturer. We have a production team and designers in Italy which take care of the process from design, production through to dispatch through to us here in Australia. We don’t charge any design fees or printing frames charges for the kits.

Below is a little more about what we do and the process with our kits being Made In Italy.

• You can print out the blank templates and sketch up roughly on the templates your logos and artwork for your kit and maybe send through some designs you like so we can get an idea of the design direction.
• We will need all your artwork files in either eps or ai file format to design and create your custom kit.
• We’ll then get our designer in Italy to draft up a few designs on your selected articles of kit and we can polish it from there. This will take as long as the back and forth process goes until you’re happy with the final design.
• I can then send you a sizing kit for jerseys, bibs etc for all your riders to size up in for our kits.
• Once we have all your sizes and quantities we can then order the printing frames from Italy.
• I can also show you the Pantone fabric colour swatches so you can actually see the colours printed on the jersey, bib and lycra material in order to match it to your colours.
• Printing frames usually take about 1-2 weeks to be made and then we get your approval to go to production.
• Once we have your approval its 7-8 weeks from then to delivery from Italy to Australia
• We use DHL Global Express with Pre-Customs clearance so our kit hits Sydney and is cleared straight away. Freight time from Italy to Australia is usually 5-8days
• Once you approve the Printing frames I’ll send through an invoice for 50% deposit and we will require the balance paid prior to dispatch of goods when they arrive in our office.

The minimum order Italy does is 10 in most kit items, so you can order 10 jerseys etc, but in a mix of sizes and so forth for the rest of the articles of clothing.

Custom clothing usually takes 7-8 weeks from your sign off of the production printing frames that we get from Italy.
We get a firmer ETA from Italy based on their production scheduling once your job has been lodged with Italy’s production.

Then depending on what items of clothing you select, we’ll set up a “Kit Fit” meeting where I’ll bring in the appropriate sample “kit fit” sizing items so that you can establish your sizing mix for your order.

I’ll also show you the Pantone fabric colour swatches so you can actually see the colours printed on the jersey, bib and lycra material in order to match it to your colours.
Once we have your order including size, quantities and design we send this to Italy to do the production printing frames, we get you to sign off on the production printing frames and we are away to production.

We’ve done quite a few custom kits to date based on people seeing the ollo kit and the quality of the products that I’ve put out.
Quite a few bike shops as well as corporates/shops/charities/clubs/teams in Canberra, Brisbane, Melbourne, Sydney and Adelaide have come on board with us doing their custom kit.

Wil Puz
Tel +61 (0) 414 411 711