Luft Cycling Apparel kits are designed in Adelaide. Luft Cycling Apparel offers a complete kit design and production service for your cycling team, shop kit or sunday cafe racer set. With over 10 years in the graphic design industry we have a complete understanding of the design process and involve the client in every aspect of the project from the kit design ideas to the fit and feel of the kits themselves. We have a creative solution for all budgets and can assist with marketing and promotion of your new kit if required.

Combining two passions: road cycling and graphic design I wanted to create a cycling brand that has a point of difference and a quality of kit in both design and manufacturing that customers love to ride in. The first series of designs to be released are typography based with graphic styles and influences from running my graphic design business.

LUFT consists of the the custom design and production service ( and the cycling brand (designed by Hadyn McLoughlin in Adelaide, made in China)

The Luft custom kit design service includes the following:

1. Custom design and production service

2. Creative solutions to suit all budgets

3. Specialise in team kits and one off designs.

4. Various materials and cuts depending on client requirements.

5. Kit design can be applied to caps, musettes, socks and casual apparel such as T-shirts and hoodies.

As each project is different I do not have a flat rate design and project management fee. I prefer to meet with the client and understand what they would like to produce and provide a quote accordingly.

Some require a simple design using an existing corporate logo while others would like a complete custom solution.

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