Red Berry

Red Berry Espresso is a Specialty Roastery & Coffee Shop located at L’Estrange Street, Glenside, just down the road from Burnside Village.

They source the best coffee from across the globe. These single origin coffee beans are then lovingly roasted on a daily basis and ready to buy. Their passion is roasting unique coffees for all our customers.


Walter, the proprietor is a keen cyclist and strong supporter of of the local cycling scene, he even has his own Red Berry Espresso cycling kit available for purchase.

If you want further details, pop in and have a chat with Walter. Link in to their website atRed Berry

The kit looks pretty stylish.  Well done Walter.


Red Berry Espresso


2 thoughts on “Red Berry

  1. i was convinced that in Belgium we got the most craziest cycling fans but a guy dressed in cycling clothes serving coffee that’s something that i never have seen. If i ever come to Australia then
    this coffee shop will be visited, this will be on the top of my list.


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