Cafe of the Week – Hustle

I passed this little cafe cafe on the way back from my LBS the other day, it was lunch, i hadn’t had a coffee for a while. A quick look at the food through the open window, and the coffee machine and I thought, why not.

Well, the coffee hit the spot, and the Chicken and Mayo Focaccio hit the spot. Its only a small cafe with about 6 tables, tucked away in a small nook fronting light square. They’ve only been open for a few weeks niw, so i suspect their offerings in their display is on the cinservative ide until they build up their clientele.

The map below is a little misleading, the cafe is open to the footpath. 155 Waymouth Street


Open 7:00AM – 3:00PM Monday-Friday, next time your passing, pop in and grab a coffee.