Bright Velo

We popped into Bright Velo twice on our 2014 trip to 3 Peaks. The first time for dinner in the Indian Restaurant, which wasn’t the traditional carb loading dineer we were hoping for, but the food was excellant and well priced.

The second time was on the trip back home on the Monday morning. I was packed and unfortunately our coffee took over 20 minutes to come out.  The ambience was great though, and the room decked out in cycling memorabilia looked fantastic. Have a look for yourself below.

I rode alongside someone wearing the Bright velo jersey the day before – the coffee at BV was highly recommended, and it didn’t dissapoint.

Definitiely worth a stop whenever your in that neck of the woods.

IMG_1663 IMG_1661 IMG_1659 IMG_1658 IMG_1657 IMG_1656 IMG_1655 IMG_1654 IMG_1653

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