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  • What is Will Ride and where are you located?

We are an adventure brand targeting sustainable mountain bike activities in recreation, tourism, transport, and high performance. Located in Stirling, Adelaide Hills, specialising in e-bike sales and service, e-bike guided tours, e-mtb hire, and mountain bike coaching and advice. We are licensed National Parks tour operators and accredited coaches.




  • What makes your shop unique?

We are Australia’s e-performance specialists in e-bike sales and service, E-mtb guided tours, and E-mtb hire. Pedal assist bikes, not electric motor bikes. There’s a big difference.

With five legalised bike parks within 20-30 minutes of the store, we are able to take you on an E-Bike tour of the Adelaide hills highlighting hidden legal trails.

Our tours are designed specifically to cater for the interests, fitness, experience and time that suits our clients.  From two hours to two days, with or without accommodation, and for individuals and small groups, we organise tours to meet your needs.

Our tours use our 2018 Giant dual suspension Full E+ E-Bikes making them a great option for groups of different ability and fitness.  It is also an excellent way to try an E-Bike and see if it is what you want.



  • What is the story behind Will Ride and how long has it been in existence?

We have been open for 6 months now. Our mission is to expose people to e-bikes in a positive way. To get people to understand where the bikes can take them. These bikes arn’t just for old people or injured people. They can be used for high performance, skills training, heart rate zone training, and much more. The concept started a few years ago from seeing what these bikes were capable of in places like the Swiss Alps.

  • Who are the people behind Will Ride and what do they do?

We are a small store, but have a huge support group and a strong team at Will Ride.

I did my apprenticeship as a diesel mechanic with Cavpower, and prior to that I was lucky enough to race on the Downhill World Cup circuit. I have a passion for Adelaide Hill’s, and now for e-bikes. I want to share my passion with others new to the sport, and show them that mountain biking isn’t as dangerous as people think, if you have the right advice and correct bike setup.

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At the Will Ride store in Stirling, we have our dedicated and passionate staff Roger and Kane who are both bike nut’s! Importantly they both have background’s in car mechanics, and high performance racing. I feel this is our edge. We all strive for perfection and all feed off each other’s ability to troubleshoot and find better ways to improve the way we do things. We also have Troy Brosnan, who needs no introduction. Troy and I run the MTB coaching clinics.


  • Can you provide a brief cycling history of yourself

I started riding when I was 14. We grew up riding and building on a dirt rd we lived on with my friends in the Adelaide Hills.

I worked my way up as a junior racing SA and Australian national DH rounds. I won the U19 Australian DH MTB series and was selected on the Junior Australian team in 2007 in Scotland.

I was fortunate enough to then be selected on the Senior Australian team in 2009 in Italy, and went on to race on the World Cup circuit for 4 years. Every day riding and racing was surreal. It was my dream. I got my first factory ride for Pivot global team in 2009, they made me a custom big bike to suit my lanky arms and legs! However, shortly after signing in the off season, I flared up my re-occurring back injury. I spent 8 months back home in rehab and went back to race the next season, however, my back wasn’t 100%, and I couldn’t confidently ride a full World Cup weekend fast, let alone back it up each weekend. Retiring so young was the hardest thing to swallow, but I am grateful to still be healthy enough to ride for fun now.

  • What are your team’s interests outside of cycling?

We all love bikes and all have a passion for sharing our trails with others. Roger and Kane and both active guys. Roger has a race car background working on a high end Porsche team, so loves tinkering! Kane is a professional photographer. Kaneophoto known to most! His shots are incredible and you will see him out at most state, and national bike events.


  • What are your favourite cycling routes?


In ADL Winter, Eagle MTB is great. The wet sand just grips up so well!

In ADL Summer, Fox creek. Hard pack clay makes for high speed riding!


Bright, Mt Beauty, and Thredbo have the best gravity fed, natural Downhill tracks.


Verbier Switzerland, Morzine France, Val di Sole Italy, Maribor Slovenia.

  • What bikes do you have in your garage?
    • Giant Full E+ e-bike
    • Giant reign Advanced 0 enduro bike
    • Giant STP hardtail
    • Giant TCR roadie
    • 2019 Rocky Mountain Powerplay e-bike
  • What do you like about Adelaide and why – can be cycling or non cycling related?

I think we have the most accessible riding in the World. Road, MTB, CX, BMX. It is all within 30 minutes. I don’t think there is anywhere in the world that has the variety so close together like Adelaide does.

  • What major challenges and problems does Will Ride face?

For us, it is trail advocacy and education around e-bikes and mountain bikes. There are so many people who have worked so hard to legalise trails for mountain bikers. We want to educate people how to ride in the parks and share the trails with others. We do this through our guided e-bike tours. I am a downhiller at heart, and love riding down a hill at pace, however, I now know where you are allowed to do this, and where you aren’t. Cleland is a perfect example of this. Riding slow, acknowledging other trail users, respecting the trails, and respecting closed trails are just some of the rules that must be followed when riding in these parks, or it is quite simple. Riders will be locked out of the parks in future.


  • What are some of the more popular bikes or projects coming through your shop?

I am really excited for the future of e-bikes. Some smaller brands are making some unbelievable e-bike systems like Rocky Mountain, which just gets you wondering where the big brands will get to in terms of design and innovation. I love continuous improvement and technology. E-bikes are evolving so fast and we see new technology every week. I cannot wait to start building up the e-bike tourism side of the business. The tours are perfect for families, couple dates, birthday presents, or just if you want to test an e-bike. We refund the tour or hire price if you go ahead and buy an e-bike through us.

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  • What are the major issues facing cycling over the next 5 years?

MTB trail access, e-bike education, safety for all riders on roads. Emergency access for helicopter and ambulance personnel into MTB parks.


Have a look here if you want to find out more information about eBikes from Will Ride.