About Wednesday Legs

Wednesday Legs is a weekly cycling blog generated in the cycling lab in downtown Adelaide, South Australia.
This blog takes a look at whatever takes my fancy for that week.
The site will look to promote all that is good and healthy about cycling in the Adelaide Hills.
I will be adding photos and video links of some of the fantastic rides that Adelaide and the Adelaide Hills has to offer.
Most of the photos in the hills are mine. You are free to use them in any way you see fit.
Some other photos are extracted from the interweb. I have attempted to credit where I can, but if I have missed you, I apologise.  Let me know and I will correct the errors of my ways.
Some or most of themes, topics and discussions may or may not be part or full copies from the interweb or not. Similarly, I have attempted to credit where I can, but if I have missed you, I apologise.
None of the views in this email are purported to be accurate, although by accident they may graze the edge.
Parts of the blog are serious, but at time it will take the piss!

I am just your average middle aged Joe Blo who coulda been a champion, but now am too old to hang on to the Young Ones ascending Greenhill Road, or any other ascent around these great riding roads in the Mt Lofty Ranges and beyond, just a stone throw from the city.

I ride because I enjoy. The coffee at the end caps it off.

Please enjoy these blogs, however if you find something that can be improved, please let me know.

Tight Spokes

8 thoughts on “About Wednesday Legs

  1. Hi iPib, great writing and listing about all the customised jersey brands. May I ask you, what exactly you looking for? Are trying to setting up your own brand? Or you looking for jerseys been made as per your design?

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  2. Ian,

    Wednesday Legs is a awesome and I always look forward to it. Always something new and interesting. You’re hard work and talent is appreciated!

    Tight spokes…


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