Some Like It Hot

Tips & Tricks for cycling in snow

  • Bring warm drinks like tea or coffee in a thermos flask to warm yourself from the inside.
  • It’s best to wear many layers on top of one another so you can take one off when you’re getting too hot
  • It’s important to keep your hands, feet and head warm
  • Deflate the tires a little to get a better grip if the roads are snowy.
  • Slowly cycle through curves and use the brake carefully as it’s very easy to slip on loose chippings
  • Invest in tires with spikes that improve your grip on icy roads
  • Spray your bike lock with teflon spray to prevent it from freezing up.
  • Make sure to remove salt and dirt from your bike on a regular basis
  • Store your bike in a dry room

A Bridge too Far

Two allied soldiers watch on as Cromwell tanks from the 2nd Welsh Guards cross the bridge at Nijmegen in the Netherlands during Operation Market Garden. September 1944. #WWII

Image-1 (1).png

Take a look at the sign top right – a bicycle lane sign. Note the barb wire on the bike lane but not on the open road. They’re obviously pulling out all measures to stop the cyclists – proof that cyclist discrimination has been around for a long time.


Albert Park

This is brilliant.




What are the Pros using this year.



Further analysis and breakdown by teams can be fund here –


Mont Ventoux One Day Race

ventoux 8
me, with a @biketivist jersey, crawling to the top – 2017

The route of the inaugural Mont Ventoux one-day race has been revealed. The pros will tackle the brutal and beautiful summit in a single 185km event for the first time. The Mont Ventoux Denivelé Challenge, a new UCI 1.1 category addition to the calendar, is set for June 17 and will feature a gruelling 4,400metres of climbing.


Starting from Vaison-la-Romaine north of the iconic climb, the peloton will loop around the mountain via Reilhanette, Sault, and Gordes, before heading north to the town of Bédoin at the foot of the climb.


The route then follows the classic ascent to the summit of Ventoux.




Hells 500 – Brett GR HRS

Brett smacked out a HRS journey on this Australia Day weekend. Head over to his activity and give him a kudos.



That’s a wrap

The end of another TdU, and the end of a big week.

My focus for the week was the Cancer Council’s Ride for a Reason, raising money and riding. I had set myself 2 targets, the main being a $5,000 fundraising target, which at last count was over $5,100 raised by all you good people. The second was a 1,000km ride target over the 1 days of the TdU festival, which i ticked over on Saturday having ridden 1,031km (with 9004m climbing).

It was good to see the turnouts for the woman’s TdU, won by Amanda Spratt from Mitchelton Scott.

Santos Tour Down Under @cauldphoto Hashtag #TourDownUnder #TDU
Santos Tour Down Under @cauldphoto Hashtag #TourDownUnder #TDU
Santos Tour Down Under @cauldphoto Hashtag #TourDownUnder #TDU
Santos Tour Down Under @cauldphoto Hashtag #TourDownUnder #TDU
Santos Tour Down Under @cauldphoto Hashtag #TourDownUnder #TDU
Santos Tour Down Under @cauldphoto Hashtag #TourDownUnder #TDU
Santos Tour Down Under @cauldphoto Hashtag #TourDownUnder #TDU
Santos Tour Down Under @cauldphoto Hashtag #TourDownUnder #TDU
Santos Tour Down Under @cauldphoto Hashtag #TourDownUnder #TDU
Santos Tour Down Under @cauldphoto Hashtag #TourDownUnder #TDU
Santos Tour Down Under @cauldphoto  #TourDownUnder #TDU
Santos Tour Down Under #wednesdaylegs  #TourDownUnder #TDU
Santos Tour Down Under #wednesdaylegs  #TourDownUnder #TDU
Santos Tour Down Under #wednesdaylegs  #TourDownUnder #TDU
Santos Tour Down Under #wednesdaylegs  #TourDownUnder #TDU
Santos Tour Down Under #wednesdaylegs  #TourDownUnder #TDU
Santos Tour Down Under #wednesdaylegs  #TourDownUnder #TDU
Santos Tour Down Under #wednesdaylegs  #TourDownUnder #TDU
Santos Tour Down Under #wednesdaylegs  #TourDownUnder #TDU
Amanda Spratt

There were some very early starts to the day to beat the heat, and some very lazy afternoons to try and catch up on sleep and recover.

Saturday before the start of the TdU I met an Englishman down at the over in Adelaide for the first time, Mark Pavelly from Mallorca Cycling Tours.


Some of his Australian clients had recommended the TdU as a must do.

The Monday afternoon, being a passionate South Australian, I picked Mark up and took him on a quick tour of the Adelaide Hills. Norton Summit , Cherryville, Corkscrew, Fox Creek, Woodside, Hahndorf, Mylor, Aldgate Valley Drive, Stirling, Mount Lofty Lookout and then a descent back down Greenhill Road.

Mark had a great time over the week. “Superb, friendly locals, challenging loops – whats not to like.  I will be back with friends and clients”. Mark rode the challenge ride on Saturday in a time of 4:16:37 – not a tardy effort.  You can follow hi on Strava here –

After dropping Mark off in town, I received an email from Rowena at Bikesportz Imports advising I had won a day in the Astana Pro Team car next to Sporting Director Lars Michaelsen. Competition was one of those Facebook / Instagram competitions you see pop up around tour time.  The competition was a jv between Bikesportz, Northwave and Astana . Astana are looking to imprpve their social media activation, and openining up their team to the public is one of their tactics.

So, the next day I was down at the Tour Village at 9am to meet the team and ride in the team car for the day.


First stop was North Adelaide for the start – I was given free rein to walk around the teams and start line.



Then we were off.


  • km 1 – stop the car to disable auto brake. The modern cars auto brake control system needs to be disabled as the drivers need to have full control of the car – the last think they want is to have the car automatically brake with a rider on their tail.
  • Race radio provides a running radio commentary to all teams such as who’s in the breakaway, time gaps, call up for riders requesting attention / drinks etc.
  • SD highlights the team sheets as the breakaway numbers are called out.
  • A relief stop for many riders only 3 km into race – I suppose after all that sitting and waiting with no toilets this is only natural whilst there is no pressure
  • Clear simple communication from SD to team. No shouting. Very simple and direct and only when necessary
  • 7km into race the SD wanted to get up and support the Astana rider in the breakaway group so pulled up next to the Team Sky car and asked if they wouldn’t mind providing backup because they use Shimano wheels. Yeah, sure.
  • Moved up to the Commissionaire car and gesticulated approval to move forward – Yeah.  Pulled through the vehicles and riders, horn tooting, moto cycliss moving over and pointing to where they wanted the car to go, riders making space.
  • Whoops, the traffic director wasn’t prepared for us at the Mawson Lakes right turn and we drove straight through the intersection and into an open Salisbury Highway.


  • A bit of weaving down side roads, a few dead ends, had to direct Lars back to the main road then back onto North Road.  Had the policeman manning the intersection a little puzzled. Np drama, we came out ahead of the peleton
  • At the start of Black Top Hill it was 40 deg C.
  • Radio to call for assistance, ice pack tiven to support rider to take forward to Laurens
  • Lunch in the car – Pancetta, brie and tomato baguette.
  • KOM Asana rider Zakarov 2nd, sat up to rejoin the pack. Lars urged him to stay with lead for next sprint. Unable to.
  • Lars drives like he raced, fast, confident, trust in everyone else, predicting other movements with ease.
  • 44 km Car temperature gauge 45 deg C
  • Houghton loop, gusty haze, helicopters spooking horses in the paddock.
  • Quiet reminder from Lars over radio to team to remember training rides. Just giving them a gentle reminder that they know these roads and there’s nothing to surprise them.
  • Side of road water – advised by soigner that 6 bidons were picked up – means a few didnt grab any.
  • Postleberfer crash in feeeding zon, it initially looked like Sagan. A few minutes later he came past the car with raw damage to the shoulder & buttocks.
  • Lars mentioned the end of race party last year hosted by Paracombe Wines – showed me a video of the host Paul playing the piano – fond memories. Got us talking about wines. Of course I started talking about some of my favourite wines – Rockfords Basket Press.
  • 82km Grupo Compacto
  • 40km to go Manuel crashes on the rise back up snake gully road. 30 seconds of frantic action to assess, check, get new bike off the roof and get him going again. Feedback was wood/stick in chain (watcing the race highlights that night – rider error, lost concentration and road into grass and then cartwheeled over his handlebars :-),
  • Cruise back to Main North Road.
  • Coming up to Mawson Lakes turnoff, hot cross winds predicted in ride to Port – Lars advised team of conditions and to not stress – keep the stressing for the right time
  • Astana riders not positioned correctly at last corner, Viviani takes the bunch sprint with a daring inside move.

Wow, that went quick.


A great day and a fantastic experience. Thanks to all involved and thanks to Astana and Lars for making me feel very welcome.

I promised Lars a bottle of one of South Australia’s finest wines, a Rockford Wines basket press, and whilst I had run out myself, I did find one of the apparently last available 2015 vintages at the Melbourne Street Wine shop and dropped it off at the Hilton Adelaide on Saturday night.

I got an email from Lars a few days later – bottle arrived.


And then this from Geelong

Hi Ian
That Barossa wine you gave me as a present – Rockford Shiraz 2015 – is truly fantastic.
Much more my style than a great deal of what I have been tasting in Australia
Soooo SMOOOOTH and delicate.
Thanks again 👍👍👍

On Thursday I finished a 100 km ride with lunch at the Summertown Aristologist with the fine lads from the Ashton Cycling Club to watch Peter Sagan take the double at Uraidla. A fine afternoon.




Friday was the cruisy day before the big ride, so drove down to Old Willunga Hill and erected the marquee in preparation for Sundays last stage, and spun my legs for 50km across Ridge road.


Saturday was the TDU public challenge ride from Glenelg to Strathalbyn, with a ride back home.


Overall a 231 km with 2,400m climbing. The ride from Glenelg to Strathalbyn was absolutely superb. The route was a relatively flat ride with only 1,500 m climbing over the 156 km distance. A slight headwind down to Goolwa via Yankalilla, and then a mostly tailwind on the ride into Strathalbyn. Tucking my nose into one of numerous trains allowed me to average a speed of 30.9 km/h. For me that is incredibly high. I was hoping for a 25 ish. I thought the week of riding would have me leg weary and struggling, but the legs felt surprisingly strong. At time I even had to grab the train and drag them over some if the climbs. Ha.

There are quite a few things i like about a public ride like this, including the ability to talk to different people and hearing their views on a cycling life. What stands out to me though is the ability to jump into a train that I would not normally be able to get onto, push myself a little harder and reap the rewards with the speed and enjoyment.

However that does mean the risks rise with riders not familiar with each other, or not used to riding in trains at high speed – the chances of a touch of wheels is quite high. Unfortunately for the rider in front of me as we were coming into the last climb before the cresting into Victa, a momentary lapse in concentration resulted in a touch wheels with the guy in front at approx 50kph. I saw his bike cartwheel and took evasive action into the bush on the left, fortunately having enough room to safely stop. Going back to see how he was I was surprised to see the fallen rider get back up and walk over to his bike t o pick it up. Amazingly the only damage was a small crack to the back of his POC helmet and a relatively minor graze on the back of his right shoulder. Even his bike was relatively unscathed. After checking him put and talking to him i recommended he call it a day because you never know with concussion, but he was quite adamant he was ok, a little shaken but ok. So I  left him with his mate who had also stopped and resumed my ride, unfortunately not with the train.

Surprisingly sprightly after 230 km

Sunday was another day on top of the Old Queen – Old Willunga Hill. Another great day with good friends and a buzzing hilltop.


Kimmie from Schwalbe/Bike Box – along with Lisa have been setting up next to Wednesday Legs for the last 4 years.
Look at that grey hair


And then, just like that, the green light vehicle came through, Darryl Impey had won back to back tours, and chaos hit the hill.


Over the week I caught up with some friends I hadn’t seen for quite some time, made new friends, and caught up with a number of people I had only communicated with via email.

I even received media accreditation for this years tour, so was able to get to spots I hadn’t got to previously.

All up a brilliant week.

Special thanks to the great people at Cancer Council for there support and guidance over the last 6 months. I’m keenly looking forward to seeing what the final donations come in at.

Thanks to the #RFAR coach Pat Jonker for his support and cycling insights over the last 6 months.


Thanks to all the people who supported me through their donations to the Cancer Council. Donations have come in from far and wide, including family, close friends, cycling buddies, friends I haven’t seen for a long time, clients, my Wednesday Legs blog readers, a few anonymous donations and via Cancer Council donation boxes at a few establishments including Red Berry Espresso Coffee Roastery. I am humbled by your generosity and support. Chapeau to you all and to those who have donated to other RFAR riders. The following, in no particular order are those who supported my ride and the Cancer Council.

  • Genesiscare Dollar Matching
  • Tom M
  • Peter And Caroline Pibworth
  • Anonymous
  • Rick Mccleave
  • Chris De Picot
  • Dany Alchammas
  • Ami Sudjiman
  • Andrew Southin
  • Michelle Diener
  • Keith Dougal
  • Simon Abraham
  • Scott Jenssen
  • David Schwab
  • Andrew Duncan
  • Matthew Stead
  • Mark Pibworth
  • Richard Bowen
  • Sarah V
  • David Bradshaw
  • Chris Heeson
  • Christopher Swan
  • Andrew Sharp
  • Andrew Wilson
  • Philip Clarke
  • Ryan
  • Rainer Korte
  • Brenton Scott
  • Ross Mcpherson
  • Anonymous
  • Michael Bachmann
  • Michael Alliston
  • Ralph Hack
  • Ben Leske
  • Paul Cooledge
  • Lauren Curnow
  • Lorne Mcclurg
  • Julia
  • Andrew Southin
  • Paul Kirchner
  • Keith Robinson
  • Carmen Lum
  • Andrew Southin
  • Mark Mchugh
  • Frank Schoen
  • Brian Glawson
  • Kj Mercer
  • David Wiley
  • Raman Kunjamboo
  • Bianca Pibworth
  • Phil Hogan
  • Mr Magoo
  • AMCL
  • Anonymous
  • Lynn Furniss
  • Mark Buckerfield
  • Roger Van Der Jeugd
  • Pat Fitzpatrick – Ride International Tours
  • Dapper Dan
  • Paul Clode
  • Timothy Tucak
  • Matthew Stein
  • Michael Bache
  • Interior Engineering
  • Gary Moran

Some of the great and inspiring comments left by donors

Have lost two family members to cancer already. All I can say is cancer sucks, and happy to help those going through it. Ride safe

Great work Ian!

Good Onya Ian good cause

spare us any further photos of you in blue and yellow lycra

Well done Ian for helping with this great cause – just try not to show up the professionals and win the Tour!

Bon route mon ami, attack your team leader Paddy Jonker at Km zero at every opportunity 🤣 haha. Great work Ian

Great cause Ian. Keep on peddling 🙂

Don’t know you from a bar of soap, except that I get so much pleasure from reading your blogs. You’re an inspiration. Thanks for being a great ambassador for the sport.

Bravo, great cause & you deserve to be up front leading riders out as your’e one of Adelaide’s cycling ambassadors!!

Good onya IP. Enjoy the day !!

Good cause and hopefully you can have some fun too!

Ride with pride mate

Great work in the heat Ian! Proud to support your efforts. Cheers

Enjoy the ride Ian, doing something you love for a great cause.

Good on you Ian! Love and respect to your effort and the cause!



till next time

tight spokes






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