Nobody knew my name

Its been a while since the last publication.

Don’t panic, Wednesday Legs has no intention of slowly disappearing  into the glorious South Australian Sunset, tempting though those sunsets can be.

This blog being non-commercial, it unfortunately sometimes has to take a back seat to my other life.


Work gave me the opportunity to travel to the United States for my first time, working up in Boston for a few weeks early December.

The first week and a half I was based in Waltham, some 12 miles from Boston city, but did get to spend a few days in Boston itself. What a pretty city it is. A great experience, no opportunities however to get out on a bike given it snowed and daytime temperatures generally hovered between -5 and 0 degrees C. Nor was indoor training at the Hotel gym a viable option as the only bike they had was a recumbent thingy – so no chance there.

I did however get the chance to – see a game of Ice Hockey at the Gardens – Boston Bruins, get to tour around the famous Fenway Park, the oldest baseball stadium in America and home to the Red Socks, and have a beer in the original Cheers, although no-one knew my name.


Whilst in Waltham, i did get a chance to walk around the Waltham town, and popped in to a local bike shop to say g’day. Not sure what I was expecting, it looked like any small LBS. In that snowy cold weather, business was rather slow, so kudos for these guys to survive in the winter over there.

Picking up a flu just as I was about to leave left me grounded once I hit Adelaide soil, so I have had no inclination to get on the bike, Man Flu is all about survival, but it looks like I pulled through, so I’ve cancelled the gravediggers and have looked in the garage to make sure my bike is still there, ready for a rumble in the hills very soon.

Oh, and who woulda thought – after my luggage missed the connecting flight in LAX on the way to Boston, it also missed the return flight at LAX. Well done LAX, a 100% strike rate.

Wednesday Legs will be taking a slightly elongated holiday as me and Mrs Legs will be heading over to New Zealand for a break in the New Year, but I will be back before the Tour Down Under later January.

The TdU Legends Dinner has been booked.  I attended the last one which was very slick and very entertaining, so I’m very much looking forward to the next one.

This year, Wednesday Legs and Velo Porte continue the tradition with the VPCC / Wednesday Legs – Willunga Hill Party Ride on Saturday, January 20, 2018. Click on the link to register your interest. VPCC – WL Barbie on the Hill

That’s the 2016 Marquee next to Schwalbe 


The Velo Porte team cruise down to Mclaren Vale and Willunga Hill, meeting at 8:00am Felici in Rundle Street for a coffee with an 8:30am sharp roll out.

The pace is light to steady on the way down. Refreshments and snags on top of Willunga hill.  It’s pretty much the best day of the year on a bike in SA.

Or send me an email or a text if you don’t want to ride, we’ll sort you out.

Over the next 2 – 3 weeks, I may or may not post on this site, but I will be posting over on my Facebook site, so please jump onto my page and follow.

I’ll be trawling and posting Facebook postings I find promoting TdU related events, such as the Makers Market, pop up stores, Car Park racing and so on and so forth. Along with of course stacks of other information, links, articles and the like that I find interesting.


If you come up the Hill, pop in and say hello, it’d be great to see you.


till next time

tight spoke


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