Gentle Does It

Sorry for the belated posting, my new job at amcl (asset management consulting limited) has kept me busy, and the training for and the trip over to Falls Creek to support and drink with mates riding the Peaks Challenge has kept me somewhat distracted.

So here goes.

Secure Car Park Challenge

The Secure Parking Carpark Climb, organised by the Melbourne Cycling League, took place in a multi-level carpark at 522 Flinders Lane, Melbourne. The race saw around 120 entrants tackle a 1.5km sprint over a 3% gradient with 20 switchbacks!


Podium placegetters

pos start no. competitor laps total time diff best time best lap best speed
1 57 Dylan BENSON 2 02:44.780 01:18.888 1 34.226 km/h
2 34 Matt MUSCAT 2 02:46.750 01.970 01:22.527 1 32.717 km/h
3 69 Trevor SPENCER 2 02:47.970 03.190 01:22.792 1 32.612 km/h



Chain Reaction Challenge Foundation

The previous rider of the week was Kryston Symonds who was about to ride in the Chain Reaction Challenge ride from Canberra to Melbourne through up through the Australian Alps.

For those who don’t know,  Chain Reaction is a Corporate Bike Challenge that raises money for sick children by challenging senior executives who have a passion for cycling and an awareness of their corporate social responsibilities, to ride a 1,000 plus kilometre course in 7 days.

Since its first ride in 2007 Chain Reaction has raised $17,240,699.00 on behalf of its charity partners. That’s an incredible amount of help – great effort all.

Looking at the ride lists, looks like there have been some awesome challenges.

Victorian Rides
  • 2015 Tour of New Zealand South Island 40 riders $1,153,610
  • 2014 Tour of Tasmania 45 riders $1,072,000
  • 2013 Seven Peaks in Seven Days 46 riders $950,000
  • 2012 Tour of Victoria 48 riders $960,000
  • 2011 Sydney to Melbourne 44 riders $1,048,000
  • 2010 Port Macquarie to Noosa 42 riders $860,000
  • 2009 Tour of Tasmania 36 riders $651,000
  • 2008 Canberra to Melbourne 38 riders $773,000
  • 2007 Adelaide to Melbourne 32 riders $475,000
Queensland Rides
  • 2015 Tour of Far North Queensland 38 riders $907,006
  • 2014 Grafton to Brisbane 46 riders $1,002,00
  • 2013 Tour of the Border Country 41 riders $790,000
  • 2012 Rockhampton to Brisbane 45 riders $906,000
  • 2011 NSW Central Coast to Brisbane 37 riders $608,000
New South Wales Rides
  • 2015 Tour of New Zealands South Island 30 riders $791,795
  • 2014 Tour of Tasmania 28 riders $553,000
  • 2013 Melbourne to Sydney 30 riders $720,000
  • 2012 Gold Coast to Sydney 31 riders $1,006,000
Women’s 300 Rides
  • 2015 Tour of Central Victoria
  • 2014 Tour of Coast Roads
  • 2013 Tour of Mornington Peninsular

Below are a selectin of the photos from whoa to go over the 7 days of the ride, borrowed from the Chain Reaction Challenge facebook site.






I’ve posted about the occasional everestng over the last few years, and each and every one of the everesters has my respect. There were a couple over the last few weeks that stand out.

#1 – Sheoak Road

Can you believe it, everesting Sheoak Road. FFS. Most people shiver at the very thought of doing just one, let alone  127 times. Ouch.  Rob Wood is the latest Hells500 hall of famer after completing the Sheoak  climb last weekend. If that doesn’t impress you, then the support Rob received after some knobhead stole his esky, food, clothes, shoes and other gear at the bottom of the climb was heart warming. Well done all who raced to his support.10309033_10208919344319063_7967756509107164644_n#2 Gill Terrace

@benny_j_j everested  Gill Terrace a few weeks back, and then to piss every one off, Adelaide favourite vego  decided to grandstand and evereshilst fasting. Wanker. Well done Benny.




Knog Is Reinventing the Bike Bell


In early 2003, Knog was born as an Australian lighting and cycling accessories brand that was determined to create well-designed, cycling-focused products. Long before that, 1877 to be exact, the first bike bell was patented. Specific options for the bike bell have changed, but by and large they’ve all been domed monstrosities that are functionally ugly. Thanks to Knog’s latest creation, Oi, that’s no longer the case. The Oi bell is designed around its traditional placement on the handlebar and skips the large, domed shape you’re familiar with in favor of something minimal and clean. Available in aluminum options with brushed, brass, copper or black, or a titanium finish, Oi rings out with a firm and fast strike that balances volume, longevity of sound and multiple pitches. This might be the first bell cool enough for your bike.For a goal of $20,000, they have pledges of over $676,000. Closes shortly, so get in quick at these reduced prices.Captureuntitled3untitleduntitled1Knog Bell Kickstarter 


Milan San Remo

Milano-Sanremo cycling race
(L-R) Ben Swift of Team Sky and Arnaud Demare of FDJ on the podium of Milano-Sanremo 2016, 19 March 2016. ANSA/LUCA ZENNARO


One day after he won the Milan-San Remo, Arnaud Démare has defended himself against allegations that he received an illegal tow after crashing.

Démare crashed prior to the ascent of the Cipressa and was one of a number of riders who were delayed at a crucial point prior to that climb and inside the final 30 kilometres. Australian favourite Michael Matthews was another who was delayed and said his race was ruined as a result.

Milano - Sanremo WT 2016
Sanremo – Italy – wielrennen – cycling – radsport – cyclisme – crash val sturz fall Demare Arnaud (#121Team FDJ) – Michael Matthews (Australia / Team Orica Greenedge) – Serge Pauwels (Belgium / Team Dimension Data) pictured during Milano – Sanremo World Tour cycling race – photo LB/RB/Cor Vos © 2016


According to Astana’s Eros Capechi and Tinkoff rider Matteo Tosatto, Démare passed them both on the climb, moving past unnaturally fast and – allegedly – holding onto the FDJ team car.


Peaks Challenge

As you know, I took a trip over to Falls Creek the previous weekend with a bunch of mates. Whilst I didn’t do the Peaks challenge Falls Creek, I was what could be termed very loosely the Director Sportif, managing the training programme for the team to ensure the Wednesday Legs Training School’s perfect record of 100% completion remained intact. I would have to say that over the last 4 years I have been pushing the envelope somewhat, ie trying to find the minimum amount of training to get the guys through to the finish, and I think I found that threshold. So next year guys, we will be ramping it back up again because I thought we sailed awfully close to the wind this time around.


If you haven’t been to Falls Creek, you must. I have ridden it twice, and gone over for the weekend another two times. Its just fantastic on a number of levels. The camaraderie, the high altitude, the scenery, the emotion of the people crossing the line, it all just builds up for one hell of a weekend.

I took the opportunity to go for a few rides myself, Saturday I rode down to the bottom of wtf and rode back up. I took a video of the descent – a km past Trapyard Gap, which amounts to a descent of 10km’s down a very tricky bumpy road. Having ridden up WTF a few times before, both after 200km of riding, all I can say is that I was glad I had fresh legs, it was a killer.

See this link to my Vimeo account for the descent.


The traditional Saturday ride across the top of the Bogong Plains down to Trapyard Gap was stunning as usual.



The Sunday I planned to stay in the Village after seeing the riders off and do a cruisy ride down to Mt Beauty, have some breakfast and a coffee, and then head back up to Falls Creek for a relaxed afternoon before the riders started coming in.

Well that plan was blown to buggery before the team gathered at the base of the building. The guys had all their gear on, and were about to head on down from the apartment, when JK, after ducking upstairs for a last minute evacuation, fell down the stairs and did himself some damage. We thought he was taking the piss when he crawled through the door on all fours, but son realised it was a little more than a wrench when the pain didn’t dissolve, he had turned white nd covered in sweat.  We coaxed him downstairs, got him on his bike to see if he could “ride” the pain out, but alas, no. Our first DNS.

We soon realised after a quick chat to the race organisers and the first aiders at the village after the riders had departed that we needed to get down the mountain to the local hospital. So after the village roads had opened up, we took JK down to the Mt Beauty hospital for further attention.


JK, Georgina and that rubber glove.


Unfortunately, and quite disturbingly, there was no doctor on duty, and the closest hospital with a doctor who could operate and read the x-ray was in Albury, more than an hour away. After discussion with the gorgeous nurse Georgina at the Mt Beauty hospital, we decided to manage JK’s pain with immobilisation, ice, rest and best of all drugs and get him back to Adelaide before seeking further treatment.

After dropping JK back at the penthouse, I managed to get out for a descent down to Mt Beauty, a quick coffee and cake before turning around and riding the 30km back up to Falls Creek. A superb climb, but the last 5 km got the better of me and had me in a world of pain. Thankfully  I  wasn’t doing the full 3P ride.

After taking a break, I popped down to the Village to watch some of the riders coming in. I’d forgotten the beauty of seeing the raw emotion of the finishers crossing the line, and the support of mates who had waited for their buddies to work through their pain and cross the line. Walking around the finish line looking for familiar faces, and seeing the mates talking and laughing in the bowl was an amazing experience. So many stories, so many personal accomplishments, brilliant.


So, the 3 starters from our group all finished, but as with everyone else, they had their own personal issues to deal with, the worse being, yeah, you guessed it, WTF.

As you know, hitting WTF after 200 km of riding is pretty daunting, but with temperatures hovering around then 32 degrees C, the riders were exhausted and under duress by the time they hit WTF. Cramp was a common ailment, and by all accounts there were more people walking than usual. Speaking with a few afterwards, the climb up in the middle of the afternoon was brutal. Hot, humid, no breeze, and no shade. My climb the previous days on fresh legs was tough for the same reason – I was ducking wand weaving from side to side looking for a shaded respite. A bit of shade here, a bit of shade there, it all helped. The same was being mentioned on Sunday. Awful conditions. One of our riders got cramp, fell over and couldn’t extract his cleats from the pedals so did his impersonation of a stranded gargling turtle before being helped out of his pedals. He was very very close to giving up, and probably would have if not for a kind Samaritan who basically said “mate, you’ve ridden firkin 205km, you could firkin walk to the finish from here and still beat the 13 hours, you useless firkin bastard!  I’m not quite sure that pep talk was actually working, but around about then the 3rd rider in our group came up and helped him get back on the bike and finish.

That’s what mates are for.

So, well done to all fishers, and well done to those who pushed themselves to their own limits, a brave effort.

And JK? Well, after arriving back an hour late because the directuer sportif fell asleep in the passenger seat just out of Swan Hill and didn’t wake up till we were not far out of Mildura, and then having to readjust our route. JK sought treatment on Monday and found that he had a spiral fracture of the left Fibula requiring plates and screws.

IMG_5770If you’re not sure what this means, go have a look at a larger map.

Monday just past as the day for surgery, 6 weeks before he can put any load back on it, and 3 months before he’s allowed to get back into sports.

The moral of the storey – don’t walk down stairs with your cleats in.

Speedy recovery JK and see you back on the road before you know it.



Rider of the Week – Wade Burns

This week I take a ride with the Co Owner of Titan TITAN Performance Group  down on Brighton Road, Hove – Wade Burns.



Wade on morning ride

With extensive experience in emergency, operational and strategic management Wade combined his personal and professional passions of IRONMAN triathlon and business to forge the path for what is now TITAN Performance Group.

Wade has served as a Police Officer for nearly 20 years, being awarded the South Australia Police Service Medal, National Police Service South Medal, National Medal, Humanitarian Overseas Service Medal and Canterbury Earthquake Citation for services rendered in the disaster zone of the 2011 Christchurch  Earthquake. Phew!

As an avid endurance sports enthusiast, Wade has completed multiple marathons (sub-3 hours), multiple IRONMAN events (PB of 9:32:22) and has cycled from Adelaide to Melbourne, collectively raising more than $130,000 for CanTeen to help young Australians battling cancer.

Wade is married to Jade , has two boys under the age of 5, Kyte and Jax,  and lives by his favourite saying, “time is the most precious gift”.

  • Tell us a little about how you got into cycling?

After spending nearly a decade working in a role where physical fitness training was part of daily routine, a new role saw the fitness dwindle and so too the personal mojo. In February 2012 my wife had the crazy idea that I should set a goal of doing the Victor Harbor Triathlon in March, yes, the same year!  The last time I had ridden bike was as kid hooning around on my BMX doing skids! So, always up for a challenge I went a purchased a roadie, started rolling the legs over and the rest is history. Depending on whether you are speaking to me or my wife, this was the best (or worst!) comment she has ever made! Ha ha

  • You have an involvement in the Adelaide cycling/triathlon scene, can you describe what you do and how you came to be involved?

Completing, and surviving, the Victor Harbor Triathlon ignited a spark that soon turned into a passion for triathlon and multisport. I’ve never been one to shy from a challenge and this essentially was the catalyst to what now is  TITAN Performance Group. One event led to another, always of greater distance, and in June 2013 I completed my first IRONMAN in Cairns. By this stage I was hooked on cycling and long distance triathlon and not only did I want to keep pushing the limits of physical endurance, I wanted to go faster.

Having a passion for business, management and triathlon I was able to fuse various skills and ideas to forge new opportunities and bring to life TITAN Performance Group. As a company, TITAN is based out of Hove, South Australia, and we have a State and National footprint in triathlon, multisport and cycling. As the Official Supplier and Partner of IRONMAN Asia-Pacific we work closely with multiple national and international events and partners. Locally, TITAN HQ and our bricks and mortar store, TITAN Triathlon Multisport, is located on Brighton Road, Hove.

As South Australia’s only exclusive triathlon store they offer end to end products and services that cater for the beginner through to professional including the likes of Cervelo bikes, XTERRA Wetsuits, Nimblewear custom triathlon and cycling apparel, and much more. Their team works closely with local clubs, businesses and corporate organisations providing holistic services such as custom cycling wear through to tailored training packages and performance products.

  •  How many bikes do you own and what is your main go to bike?

Surprisingly given relationship to TITAN,  at the moment I’ve only got the one… CERVELO S5 TEAM MTN-QHUBEKA.

Wade's S5 - Morphett Road reps

  • What bike do you covet?

Cervelo made an exciting announcement at the IRONMAN World Championship last year  Cervelo will be launching their next generation bike – one built to beat the already very super P5. So something special is on the near horizon and will likely alter my answer to your previous question. J

  • How do you store your bikes?

It’s simple, my S5 Team MTM lives inside. J ‘Bumblebee’ as she’s affectionately known has pride of place in our home theatre, computrainer at the ready. Alternatively, she visits the ‘bike wall’ at TITAN HQ from time to time.

TTM - Bike walls


  • What cycling specific tools do you have in your “bike shed”?

My bike shed is quite limited. I’m super fortunate to have our amazing team at TITAN provide mechanical maintenance to my S5. The usual suspects of pump, tire levers, chain whip, lube, baby wipes, allen keys etc can always be located at home, unless my 2 and 4 year old boys have commandeered them to conduct their own form of ‘servicing’!

  • Do you do all your own maintenance or do you use a LBS? If so, which one?

I will be shameless in self-plugging our store. Our team at TITAN provide a suite of services with regard to general bike service and maintenance, through to a specific ‘race ready’ service that will get your beloved steed prepped to fire on all cylinders come race day.

TTM - Packing an S5TTM - Sports Lab - P5 Limited Retul fitting

  • What do you love about cycling?

Freedom, self-discovery and personal challenge. Cycling provides a medium to be at one with yourself – especially at the back end of a 180km IRONMAN bike leg! The freedom of being on a bike and the feeling of being at one with the bike is enchanting.

  • What annoys most about cycling?

Wind I can handle, rain not so much. I’m a believer in training how you race, but this philosophy is challenged when rain is predicted. It’s not so much the rain itself, it’s more the fact that my obsessively clean and organised nature simply can’t handle a dirty grimey bike!

  • What is your craziest/fondest cycling memory?

In October 2015 I was fortunate to be part of Road Raise – a group of 13 Adelaide based executives and personalities who cycled from Adelaide to Melbourne raising money and awareness for CanTeen South Australia. Not only did we raise in excess of $130,000, I had the pleasure of spending time with an inspiring group of people and collectively we made a positive influence to the lives of many young Aussies impacted by cancer. Hearing the stories of these young Aussies and seeing their determination, sacrifice and zest for life was truly humbling and inspiring, something I will never forget.

TTM Owners - Wade and Craig - departing Adelaide to ride to Melbourne - raised more than $130k for Canteen SA
TITAN Co Owners Wade and Craig
  • What is your favourite post ride coffee spot, and what would you normally buy?

Time for coffee post ride – I wish! Between juggling work, family, children’s activities, study, training and racing – time is a rare and precious commodity in our household. If time permits, a visit to Copenhagen on Jetty Road, Brighton, never goes astray for mocha or choc shake.

  • Do you have a nickname?

Not many points for originality, typically it’s Burnsy or Burner,  but ‘Rowdy’ is often used too. My business partners think I’m as quiet as a mouse, I simply speak when something needs to be said and like to think it has impact, resonates and makes perfect sense. At least I like to think so! J

  • Finish this sentence “When I’m on my bike I…..” …feel free.
  • If you could ride anywhere in the world, where would it be?

Transcontinental. A crazy challenge, but one so rich in history, excitement, and the lure of pushing one’s self beyond the limits of your own expectations. I’m intrigued at the concept of ‘mind over matter’ and this would be an ultimate testing ground.

  • What is the biggest cycling lie you have told your partner?

Hmmm, must answer question carefully. J Time, it’s all about time. “Darling, I’ve got a 2 hour ride tomorrow”, can sometimes have the tendency to stretch a little further. There’s no point hiding anything!

  • What would you like your partner to buy you for your next birthday?

Another few hours per day! I’m more than content with my cycling and triathlon set up and really don’t wish for much at all. More time on the bike, more time with family and plenty more races.

  • Is there a local cycling outfit/company/cycling club/cycling group/person that you would like to plug?

It would be remiss of me not to plug TITAN. J Located at Shop 3, 367-369 Brighton Road, Hove, the TITAN team has you covered from custom apparel (no minimums, free design services, Italian sublimation, Italian / Swiss / French fabrics + more) through to Cervelo bikes, bike service and maintenance and a wide range of accessories. ‘Signature service’ is the foundation of providing the complete customer experience.

  • Is there anything else you feel like talking about?

Thanks so much for the opportunity to be featured in Wednesday Legs, and stay safe out on the roads. Keep up the great work and have a fantastic week.


Thanks Wade, I know your a very busy man, but its been good catching ups with you and look forward to further  catchups in the future.




Next posting will include:

  • Lezyne gps cycling computer
  • Feedzone Table cookbook, and
  • Bikeivist Jersey and vest, plus more


Til next time

tight spokes


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