What a week

Its hard  to believe its come and gone. Its been a hard 3 weeks to the start of the year riding wise, having ridden something in the order of 900km with an altitude gain of around 18,000m . No wonder I was shagged during the BUPA ride. Riding Greenhill, Parish, Nichols, Pound, Cherryville and Corkscrew the day before didn’t help mind you. I’ve learnt that if someone called Neville from the Ashton Cycle Club says its going to be a Gentlemens cruise, don’t believe him, he’s a bloody liar.

Here are some of my Photos I have taken over the last week out and about around the tour.

But before you read any further, the pictures do not do the TdU and justice, It is a fabulous week, Adelaide has some of the best accessible rides in Australia and the number of official and fringe cycling events over the week mean there is something for everyone, including family, so do yourself a favour and start planning to be in Adelaide for the TdU 2017.



One of the Fringe TdU events this year was the Makers Market organised by Sam at the Treadly Bike Shop.  The Makers was a showcase of some of Australia’s favourite brands. I popped down for a gander and had a chat to some of the Makers. By the sounds of it’s the feedback from the Makers was good so we can expect another Makers next year.

The Makers comprised:

  • Flint Custom Cycles – Flint

A new builder Lachlan Flint with his self-named Flint Custom Cycles.


Buckit – Buckit


Hi! We’re Craig & Jamaica, and we run this eco-business based in Adelaide (Australia).
We produce handmade products from various upcycled bicycle parts, tyres and tubulars of all colours, styles and descriptions!


  • Skin Grows Back – Skin


SGB started off producing some of the hardest wearing courier bags around, and now manufacture over 40 different products.



Mick Peel is the man behind this bespoke bicycle saddler.

20160124_100331busyman_blog title



Veloposters came to being in 2013 after a gift of a one off framed print was created to congratulate a mate for completing 3 Peaks. It was a lightbulb moment. The print was so well received, I figured there was something in it – and with a gap in the market locally, veloposters was born.


Ride and Seek Bicycle adventures text

To get a real sense of where you are it is important to understand the history of the places you visit. Historical context is a central component of what we do – be it following in the footsteps of a historical figure or simply soaking up the diverse history to be found on our Local Adventures. On our Epic Adventures the daily route briefings don’t just cover the ride ahead but hypothesise what our chosen historical figure was doing at the time too. This is complemented by informal lectures that provide an even more comprehensive overview of the historical context. Whether history is your thing or not we think that our historical niche is central to giving you a true sense of places you travel through.


  • Bicycle Log Book – Log Book


Bicycle Log Book is a cloud based software solution, developed out of our needs as a workshop owner, a retail shop owner, a bike mechanic and as cyclists.

Bicycle Log Book is a total workshop management solution, and has heaps of handy features for cyclists too.

Hey Reflect’o are fashionable, stylish reflective cycling vests, uniquely designed with fluro high visibility colours and geometric patterns allowing you to be seen and safe but looking ace at the same time.




A self confessed bike nerd for a decade now, I have always spent my time restoring and rebuilding vintage and custom steel bicycles. Almost 4 years ago I had a major cycling accident which almost cost me my life. After a long recovery and plenty of time to think, my passion for cycling was stronger than ever and my conscious decision to persue frame building was made. Three years of hard work later Rogers Bespoke is taking orders.


  • Curve Cycling – Curve


The boys from Curve Cycling brought their titanium frames and wheels including the Belgie, Grovel and CXR 29er bike. The coloured frames have been nano treated with an incredibly durable finish that is immune to chipping and scraping normally associated with titanium painting.




  • MAAP Apparel – MAAP


Created and designed in Melbourne Australia, and distributed through select cycling stores, we produce premium cycling apparel for men and women who appreciate quality, design and art.




Born and bred in Melburn, Australia. fyxomatosis (FYXO) was founded in 2003, and has long been known as a world-class purveyor of classic bikes, cycling wear and an online urban cycling lifestyle brand synonymous with great design, photography, bike builds, and cycling inspired events.


  • Hills and Yonder


  • Biketivist – Biketivist

logo (1)

The Biketivist cycling apparel range is designed in Australia and made in Italy, using mind-blowing high tech engineering and materials. Crafted for maximum performance of the most insane riders, our gear is bound to bring out the best Biketivist in you.


Based in Collingwood, Melbourne, Bespoke Chainrings does everything the name suggests.


  • Creux – Creux


At Creux Cycling, we bring you velowear with a hint of classic cycling tradition, a chunk of street influence and a whole lot of attention to detail.



And here’s a few Instagram shots from the week.



till next time

tight spokes


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