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Phew, I have spent the last few months looking at customised cycling kit suppliers out there in the Australian marketplace. Why?  Well, it seems to that the majority of kit you see out on the roads has been customised in one way shape and form, and I was curious about who was providing kit and what was available.

This was the listI came up with, but if you know of any I have missed, please email me on

Looking around at my mates kits last Sunday, of the 10 who were riding, every last one of us was riding in customised kit, except for Mr Magoo who was riding in running sorts and a sports top.  But apart from him, there was a good mix of corporate and community challenges, every single last one of them.  Looking in my wardrobe, I have a current collection of 8 jerseys and 4 bib shorts. All the Jerseys are custom kits . I have 2 full corporate kits and 6 other various jerseys from all sorts of organisations including Velo Porte (Amys Grand Fondo x 2), 3 Peaks , Peaks Challenge Falls Creek, SPACE, GHD (Capo Jersey). And I’ve discarded over the last few years quite a few old custom jerseys such as BUPA, Around the Bay and a few others I’ve forgotten about).

It seems that every new mass participation or charity ride of some sort has a custom jersey attached in one way shape or form.

So by my reckoning, with the number of riders and the number of charity and community events, let alone the corporate support you see these days, the Custom Kit business is large, and logically there would be quite a few players in this space.

Well, I’ve been blown away by how many players there are. Whilst I’ve come up with a fairly long listing as you’ll see a little later on, I get the feeling I missed quite a few , particularly the smaller boutique Australian companies that are flying under my radar. Hopefully this posting provides a good summary of what is out there, but if you know of anyone I should know about, please make contact with me.

OK, so my aim when I started this was to write a brief article on who was out there, what they provide and to try to identify any other tidbits of information that will help people in their quest to develop their kit.  However the process has taken me longer, it has grown, primarily  because of the number of people in this space, the different services on offer and more importantly, the calibre of people working their butts off in a hotly contested market.

To start the process off, I used the tried and true method of seeking feedback from those who have been through the process before, so I simply asked those on my email distribution list as well as the local Adelaide Cyclists discussion forum for feedback. I got some great responses and leads.

Running in parallel was the inter web research, and approaching each company with a request for assistance.

This posting focuses on those players with a presence in the Australian market, including some internationals  thrown in where they are supported by an Australian arm.

Rightio, where to start?  Lets start with the listing of suppliers and their pricing structure. Bear in mind that the more you order, the better price you can get. In some cases, the drop can be quite significant, so do your research.

The below list is not exhaustive, and the pricing is as best as I can representative of an order of 10, but to  a degree it is like comparing lemons with cumquats, so please don’t take this as being a like for like comparison.


There are others I found but was either unable to get a response back or unable to find the information I was after. These include Jakroo, 2XU, Santini and Body Torque.

Before we jump into the summaries, let me just say that there were quite a few suppliers that were generous  with their feedback , and in providing me some sample kit to trial out in the Adelaide hills, so collectively I’ll say thank you, but will provide special mention where needed in each of the below summaries. All kit was tried on several occasions, mostly riding up into the Adelaide hills.

The purpose of this article was not to compare one against the other to find the best kit. I’ve tried to add some comments about the cut, the fabric, the styling and any other features I found of interest.  But, and this is a big butt,  everyone is different and everyone is trying to get something different out of their kit.

Oh, and I apologise in advance for the quality of the model in the photos. There’s only so much I can do with this old body! Special thanks to bPib for taking the photos. Black cap courtesy of BlackChrome. If I can get my act together I’m hoping to turn these into a Wednesday Legs cap for sale. Socks provided by Ollo.

Please note that I have used best endeavours to ensure the information in this posting is correct, but I take no responsibility for anything that may be incorrect or misrepresented.

Showing no favouritism, I’ll progress in alphabetical order.



Opened in March 2013 is Babici’s Studio Disegno in Surry Hills Sydney. Situated in Sydney’s design precinct, Babici opens its design studio to the quality conscious cyclist wanting to immerse themselves in the design and detail.

Babici founder & designer Kev Babakian believes in fulfilling the void between online and retail environments. “Our customers and the cycling community want to touch and feel the products and experience the brand for themselves” says Kev. “We want to be known as the brand that connects with the community and designs products that genuinely make a difference in style and function” Studio Disegno was created to house products in a showroom environment, making it possible for people to book an exclusive fitting or discuss their bespoke design requirements.

Capture 4Capture2

Contact details.

Studio 43, Level 4, 8 Hill Street Surry Hills NSW 2010 Australia

Telephone: 1300 85 77 23




Travis Eddie, the Sales Manager (you would have seen his feature a few weeks back), organised a sample of their Bib Shorts that Euride Mercedes-Benz wear, as well as a

Travis has worked with Euride Mercedes-Benz Adelaide for the past 18 months in supplying their team apparel. They have worked closely with them over this time to refine, develop and improve their range for men and women.

From their Facebook site a few months back.

It’s an exciting day for us here at Blackchrome! After being a partner of the Euride Mercedes Benz Adelaide (EMBA) cycling team for nearly two years we are proud to announce that we are now the naming rights sponsor for the Elite Women’s Team- now formally known as EMBA Blackchrome!

Victoria Veitch, manager of the EMBA Elite women’s team has said “I am thrilled to have Blackchrome on board as the squad’s naming rights sponsor. Blackchrome have been incredible support to the entire EMBA team, engineering a superior cycling product to support our racing and racing requirements. We have no hesitation in representing their brand, and look forward to a successful season.”

The team’s major objectives are the upcoming Tour of Bright, Santos Women’s Tour Down Under and the Tour of Adelaide, as well as the Adelaide Women’s series. The team will also be represented at the Women’s National Championships in Ballarat, the 2016 World Masters UCI event in Perth and with plans to expand into Elite and Masters track programs it is a very exciting time for the squad and we are looking forward to supporting the team!

From Travis.

Blackchrome have a pattern maker on staff who is a former SASI squad member and has been heavily involved in the development of new items for their range

They own the factory where our apparel is made and have control over quality and delivery, offering a money back, delivery guarantee.

Travis sent down a kit for me to try a few months back.

The jersey (as seen below) is made of a lightweight fabric and that fit s well out on the road. The arms have the traditional silicone grippers, the pockets well positioned on the back. The colour scheme certainly stands out but is not overly glary. The bib knicks were the same as the Euride Mercedes Benz Adelaide kit.



You can start the design from scratch, or use one of their templates from their website.

Capture 3 Capture 2


Travis Eddie
Blackchrome Sportswear
M: 0427 594 514



Bodhi began out of a passion and perseverance to bring custom clothing, in all it’s aspects, to the next level.
Also custom cycle clothing can be handcrafted with finest fabrics available, truly special designs win hearts and (online) ordering can be easy and fast.
Their goal is to make sure your team/friends thank you, the team kit manager, at the end. Because they look awesome in the design you created together and they feel maximum comfort and protection while wearing our marvelous custom clothing.
They want to make the most comfortable and long-lasting garments on the market. Garments you and your team will love and recommend.




Contact details

Presto Agencies
0409 51 51 50




Glenn Forbes is the General Manager at Cannibal, and is quite proud that Cannibal are designed and manufactured in Australia.  Glenn arranged for a trial kit to be sent down for trialling. The following are a few photos across Range Road Basket Range showing a sample of what can be provided.

The Bib Shorts were a very firm fit but once on were comfortable. The chamois was firm but comfy. The jersey was more a classic fit with a little room but fitting well nonetheless. No arm grippers but that wasn’t a problem. The wide leg bands held firmly.




Here at Cannibal we pride ourselves as a company which is all about service plus thinking about the future, we have been in business for 23 year, with this we have seen many changes from the old days of screen printing onto Papers then storing for future use, now with today’s technology of digital, we have saved an enormous amount of water plus we recycle all of our paper and fabric waste, we are a very green company, we don’t profit from these 2 key recycling areas, we know they don’t end up at the dump which is our main aim.

We are all about service and have a great design room where we are very hands on from receiving a request for a design up to the orders being set out, we have an excellent track record especially with delivery and quality. We are the same Australian owned company since 89 we manufacture in Australia 95% of our products, the other small % is gloves, caps, towels, t-shirts, casual. Are offshore. We like to be very transparent and honest, we are trying to keep jobs in Australia. I hope you do try Cannibal for your next custom order, I am sure you will enjoy the experience of being satisfied especially with our finished product which is equal to anything in the world. If you have any further questions about our service please contact Still Australian owned and made since 89.

Contact details.

Glenn Forbes – General Manager

t – 07 5524 5280
2/31 Machinery Dr Tweed Heads South NSW 2486




Capo products are designed and developed in the United States, with the majority of manufacturing taking place in northern Italy. Our corporate headquarters are located in Richmond, California, and our European office is located in Varese, Italy. Capo is currently distributed in North America, Australia, New Zealand, Europe, and the UK. Our employees are all active and passionate cyclists.

Pricing across manufacturers is more or less the same, the biggest point of difference is in the fabric technology, fit and manufacture.

Capo offer two different levels of product: Super Corsa and Corsa. The Super Corsa is their race style fit while Corsa is a universal, comfort oriented fit. Their most popular style is the Super Corsa range.
Minimum order is 35pcs.
Designs need to be submitted in outlined vector art using their layout templates and referencing standard pantone colors. Design possibilities are endless but limitations do exist. They offer two (2) free hours of design time, with additional time billed at $100/hour.
Their online order management tool is used to create, submit and control all facets of your custom order. Request log-in credentials, choose your products, build a quote and your store is open for submission and processing.
You can request a fit kit to assist in determining your required product and size.

Capture 2Capture




Note – Champion Systems provided me with a sample of their new range to trial, one of the first in Australia to ride in the new kit.

Champion System provided me with a sample kit to trial.

I was surprised when I first saw the chamois on the nix. Champion Systems provided me with the Granfondo chamois (generally for longer distance riders). They looked overly padded with very little in the way of contouring. However once on the road they were no problems and felt comfy in all the right places without being ungainly. The leg bands were quite wide and being silicone injected fabric were like a bit of a wetsuit to pull on, but once on held extremely well. The Jersey fit well, with a lighter sleeve fabric to help with ventilation.

The following are a few shots down on Burdett Road, Basket Range.




Some local feedback from a local Radelaidian who has organised a considerable amount of kit over the years.

“I’ve been organising the FRA / PowerOn Kit / Leed kit since 2007.  We started worked through two other suppliers, and won’t go into reasons why we changed because it’s been so long I couldn’t say whether those problems still exist.

In early 2010, I started the research again and found a few suppliers that I liked and 2 ended up on the shortlist.  xxxx and Champion System (CS).  Not having had any experience with either, both appeared to offer a similar product, with the main determining factor in the end was that CS rang me 5 minutes after making an online enquiry and they had a much better online ordering system.   At the time, the only SA group wearing CS was SASI and now they’re everywhere.  To say their first order was a success would be lie, the grippers were a complete fail and after a few pedal strokes were more like hot pants, but to their credit, a few phone calls, emails and photo exchanges and a full supply of new bibs were on their way.  Since 2010, I (for the 3 groups) would’ve ordered about $xxxk+ through CS and yes there’s been minor issues along the way, but nothing yet that has made me consider changing and everything is usually resolved with a couple of phone calls.

That’s probably enough, I’m a big supporter of CS, but only because they’ve done right by us and keep delivering quality kit”

I also received other feedback from several others who provided positive feedback about Champion Systems, so you can’t ask for much more than that.

Champion System, a worldwide leader in custom technical apparel, was founded in 2005 and has quickly earned the reputation as a company offering the finest quality handmade garments for a wide range of sports and activities. The Australian arm of Champion System was started in 2008.

AUSTRALIAN OWNED – We are an Australian owned and operated company based in Sydney’s southern suburbs, we pay our taxes, we pay our GST. We have a number of staff members all dedicated to helping you.

ATTENTION TO DETAIL – At Champion System we redesign every size garment you order so that your design and you logos are in proportion over the size range.

INTERACTIVE SYSTEMS – Custom clothing is not just about producing great clothing. How you place your order and design your clothing is an integral part to the whole experience. With systems like CS DIRECT and our online order portal the hassle of ordering is reduced.

PRODUCTION FACILITY – We own and operate our own factory – no work is subcontracted meaning quality and consistency can be guaranteed.

HIGHEST QUALITY – We use only the highest quality fabrics from Italy and the best inks and printers from Japan. Our fabrics are independently tested to ensure the highest technical standards are met. These fabrics are then moulded into the highest quality technical garments that are worn by World Champions and professional athletes the world over.

SERVICE – Customer Service is the cornerstone of our business. We believe that service does not end once you receive the product. We actively seek out your feedback and suggestions to ensure we continue to produce the best products available. Each account has a specific custom apparel specialist assigned to it.

ITS EASY – We Make Custom Clothing Easy, by providing simple no frills, all inclusive price structures, online design and ordering, enormous range, service and a great product.

FLEXIBILITY – Our minimum order structure is one of the most flexible in the industry allowing all teams and groups, from individuals to large corporates, the opportunity to wear their own custom kit.

RELIABILITY – CS in Australia has been operating since 2008 and has developed a reputation for reliability, of quality, service, delivery and consistency time and time again.

Champions-Systems has just launched their new ordering system; a 3D rendering design lab that makes it much easier for the customer to develop their designs. The following pictures are snaps from their website.

Capture 2 Capture

This was me just mucking around, but you can see the sort of things you can get up to.

Capture 3

Contact Champion-System at:

(02) 8030-7080



Andrew Swaffer from Urdi (URDI  is the Craft distributors in Australia and New Zealand.) provided me with a sample of their Performance range kit to trial. The Craft Kit was the first to arrive and received woos of admiration from the missus. The Jersey was a very lightweight slick fabric that was a lovely fit. This was a race cut fit, and the mesh under the arms to provide ventilation was a nice touch. The chamois was a little firmer than a few of the others, but there was  nothing wrong with that, just a different style.  All the padding was in the right place.



I received some positive feedback from a few locals about the quality of the Craft kit and the service they offer. In fact, I was at one of our local haunts a few weeks back (Bici espresso in Hutt Street), and was introduced to the Pastry Chef (great cakes by the way) who had just come back from a ride. Anyways, they were just about to place an order for some new Craft kit and were highly complimentary. (Apparently mix 102.3 are running a best bakery competition, so get online and put your vote in for Bici)


The Craft Custom Bike Collection has been developed over two decades in close collaboration with several professional cycling teams, and is widely acknowledged to be one of the highest quality custom ranges available.

It has been tested thoroughly in the front of the professional peloton, in the 21 hairpin bends to Alpe d’Huez, and in rain and snow on the cobbled streets between Paris and Roubaix.

CRAFT have 3 levels of kit, starting at the Elite range, which is developed hand-in-hand with Tour-standard riders such as the ORICA GREENEDGE team, Performance and

ELITE CRAFT’s finest collection is designed for top performance and embodies attention to detail, superb fit, low weight, unparalleled aerodynamics and maximum moisture transportation. USER PROFILE This collection is for those who aim for the podium, or for those who demand nothing but the best.

PERFORMANCE Excellent, well-designed collection made of soft and flexible polyester fabrics for ease of movement and advanced moisture transportation. USER PROFILE Performance training embraces dedicated athletes who live the sport and train several times per week.


A sample of their colour card below.



URDI Contact:

Andrew Swaffer: 02 8445 2320

__________________________Eleven Velo


Based in Sydney, Australia, ELEVEN vélo is to cycling clothing what the custom frame builder is to bicycles. World leaders in crafting bespoke Superfine Merino cycling wear for the discerning cyclist from the ground up [we do not ‘graphic up’ other supplier’s base designs], each of ELEVEN vélo’s products are individually made to our customer’s specification…

As a small design studio specialising in the cycling sector, ELEVEN vélo is dedicated to the idea that each and every order is unique and specific to the owner. Hands-on in everything we do, each product we design, and make, passes through our own hands before being handed to its new owner.

Premium-Bibs1 PRO-Jersey

ELEVEN vélo’s products centre around premium ingredients with a known provenance. Our sewing shop is in Sydney, a distance from us measured in ten’s of minutes, not 10’s of hours. The Superfine Merino wool we use is from Victoria (Southern Australia), certified non mulesing, and produced to strict sustainable practices. The premium quality zippers we choose to use come from Italy, the long-lasting, high-quality threads we use are from Germany. Our Lycra is from Italy.

Pretty much everything’s on the site, sort of has to be as we send close to 75% of orders off shore, especially the team orders – we’ve only kitted out one team locally! Is there anything to add? Not really, other than we only work in Merino and don’t offer the full billboard style printing one sees with the synthetic kit; that’s partly because we have no interest in doing this sort of kit but also because Merino can not be dyesub’d or screen printed effectively. The process we use, which achieves excellent results, does not lend itself to heavily graphic’d garments, so it all works out quite nicely for us.

Contact via their online contact form.


Find Your Freedom


Performance cycling apparel designed to help you find your freedom.

Designed in Australia  •  Made in Italy  •  Ridden everywhere

We believe the bike is the ultimate way to find your freedom. Saddle up, roll off and let your mind wander while you escape on a journey of discovery.

At FYF we aim to provide harmony between bike, rider and the road. We design boutique cycling apparel that inspires the discerning rider to pursue their passion in comfort and style. Our passion goes beyond obsession, it’s a lifestyle devoted to the pursuit of two wheel addiction and the freedom it brings.

Australian owned and designed, each piece of FYF cycling apparel is handmade in Italy, from the latest in European performance fabrics. Our collections are designed to offer cyclists versatility across the range, extending the freedom to personalise each ride differently.

Anatomic race-cut fit and acute attention to detail ensure complete comfort on the bike, backed by the assurance of a 30 day money back guarantee, a 12 month crash replacement policy and free shipping on all orders over $150.

Got a creative concept you’d like crafted for your own club or corporate identity? No problems. The FYF Bespoke program offers a range of product options to tailor any budget or any specific need and help bring your inspiration to life.

Utilising the same high quality principles that govern our core range of FYF apparel, the FYF Bespoke program will transform your idea into a contemporary design befitting of your brand.

Just like not all cycling kits are created equal, not all customized services offer the same level of service guarantee. Let our passion and expertise help you in your own custom range.

 Individual design application (no standard template designs)

 Italian made craftsmanship

 European performance fabrics

 Anatomic fit guaranteeing enduring comfort

 Low MOQs of just 10 pieces across most items

 Competitive pricing

Performance. Quality. Fit. Price. Who says you can’t have it all!

Contact details

For all other general enquiries:


Fiasco Ciclismo

Capture 2

Capture 1



Louis Garneau

(Monza Imports)


The clothing is all made in North America (LG own their own production facilities in both Canada and America) and ranges from entry level semi-custom clothing through to Pro Tour level fully custom gear, as worn by the Europcar team at the Tour de France.

Monza Imports facilitates custom orders on behalf of local clubs, teams, stores and corporate businesses all around Australia.

Capture 2


Contact details

Andrew Threlfall: Product Manager

Monza Imports Cycling: Monza Imports Australia

Tel: +61-3-83278080




Luft Cycling Apparel kits are designed in Adelaide. Luft Cycling Apparel offers a complete kit design and production service for your cycling team, shop kit or sunday cafe racer set. With over 10 years in the graphic design industry we have a complete understanding of the design process and involve the client in every aspect of the project from the kit design ideas to the fit and feel of the kits themselves. We have a creative solution for all budgets and can assist with marketing and promotion of your new kit if required.

Combining two passions: road cycling and graphic design I wanted to create a cycling brand that has a point of difference and a quality of kit in both design and manufacturing that customers love to ride in. The first series of designs to be released are typography based with graphic styles and influences from running my graphic design business.

LUFT consists of the the custom design and production service ( and the cycling brand (designed by Hadyn McLoughlin in Adelaide, made in China)

The Luft custom kit design service includes the following:

1. Custom design and production service

2. Creative solutions to suit all budgets

3. Specialise in team kits and one off designs.

4. Various materials and cuts depending on client requirements.

5. Kit design can be applied to caps, musettes, socks and casual apparel such as T-shirts and hoodies.

As each project is different I do not have a flat rate design and project management fee. I prefer to meet with the client and understand what they would like to produce and provide a quote accordingly.

Some require a simple design using an existing corporate logo while others would like a complete custom solution.

Capture 2 Capture
Contact details.
Custom Cycling Kit Design
Hadyn McLoughlin



Wade Burns is a co-founder and Director of TITAN Performance Group; an Adelaide based company with a significant national footprint in cycling, triathlon and multisport.

Wade provided me with a sample kit to trial. He also provided other samples across their Nimblewear range of cycling apparel showing the different material and quality they can offer.

The Jersey provided was a race fit Summer Full Moon, one of their lightest jerseys. Apparently the medium weighs in at 95 grams. The jersey is very technical with silicon grippers at the hem line to help keep the jersey in place. I had to jump up to an XL bib shorts, which is a little strange for me as I’m usually bordering between the medium and large, leaning on the large size.  The chamois was not as padded as some, but still felt good.



They look after all Nimblewear operations with Australia and New Zealand and have a number of other exclusive distribution and retail channels. They are also the official supplier and partner of IRONMAN Asia-Pacific and operate out of their office and retail premises (TITAN Triathlon Multisport) on Brighton Road, Hove.


Stuart O’Grady personally uses and endorses the Nimblewear clothing line.


Key points:

–          No minimum order

–          Free design service with no restriction on revisions, logos, etc

–          Free express door to door delivery when ordering 10 or more main items – if below 10, $30 delivery fee internationally

–          Italian / French / Swiss fabrics

–          Italian J-Teck sublimation processes

–          Multiple ‘levels’ per garment catering for the beginner through to professional athlete

–          Full customisation is available – ie, can add length, change cut, provide own cut template etc etc

–          Versatility across levels – ie, choose silver level knicks but upgrade to pro level chamois etc

–          Personalised and tailored ‘signature service’

We engage and work closely with our clients to assist them in bringing to life what might simply be a passing design thought. We can effectively create any design – limited only by our imaginations. Understanding a client’s needs assists us in providing suitable and appropriate recommendations for what they might need, not necessarily what they might think they need. Sometimes the most expensive kit is not always the most appropriate. We wish to deliver the ‘experience’ to the client as much as high quality, durable, functional and sharp looking products.

We service recreational cyclists / triathletes / runners, athletes, clubs, professional teams and professional athletes. Each has a different requirement, budget and view on what may or may not be important. Given that our team are all competitive athletes in triathlon / IRONMAN and cycling enthusiasts we believe we have a sound understanding and experience to be able to provide well founded advice.

Lastly, we pride ourselves on our relationships and ‘signature service’. The way we operate and engage leaves a tangible mark upon those with whom we interact – in exactly the same way as signing a document leaves a lasting trace of you having touched that document, our customer focussed signature service leaves a lasting impact on those with whom we engage. Delivering prompt, professional and positive service outcomes is of the upmost importance.


Contact details

Wade Burns
p 0408 812 626
a Shop 3 367 – 369 Brighton Road HOVE SA 5048



Wil Puz is the Australian Director of Ollo Industries, and provided me with a sample of their kit to trial. The black and white styling of the Ollo kit is very distinctive. The jersey is more of a classic fit and fits well without being tight across the chest. The Bib Shorts were a good firm fit all round, the chamois firm and super comfy.




A little more of detail about the process what we do that I send out to all my new customers.

All our kit is made in Northern Italy and we are a mid to high end kit manufacturer. We have a production team and designers in Italy which take care of the process from design, production through to dispatch through to us here in Australia. We don’t charge any design fees or printing frames charges for the kits.

Below is a little more about what we do and the process with our kits being Made In Italy.

• You can print out the blank templates and sketch up roughly on the templates your logos and artwork for your kit and maybe send through some designs you like so we can get an idea of the design direction.
• We will need all your artwork files in either eps or ai file format to design and create your custom kit.
• We’ll then get our designer in Italy to draft up a few designs on your selected articles of kit and we can polish it from there. This will take as long as the back and forth process goes until you’re happy with the final design.
• I can then send you a sizing kit for jerseys, bibs etc for all your riders to size up in for our kits.
• Once we have all your sizes and quantities we can then order the printing frames from Italy.
• I can also show you the Pantone fabric colour swatches so you can actually see the colours printed on the jersey, bib and lycra material in order to match it to your colours.
• Printing frames usually take about 1-2 weeks to be made and then we get your approval to go to production.
• Once we have your approval its 7-8 weeks from then to delivery from Italy to Australia
• We use DHL Global Express with Pre-Customs clearance so our kit hits Sydney and is cleared straight away. Freight time from Italy to Australia is usually 5-8days
• Once you approve the Printing frames I’ll send through an invoice for 50% deposit and we will require the balance paid prior to dispatch of goods when they arrive in our office.

The minimum order Italy does is 10 in most kit items, so you can order 10 jerseys etc, but in a mix of sizes and so forth for the rest of the articles of clothing.

Custom clothing usually takes 7-8 weeks from your sign off of the production printing frames that we get from Italy.
We get a firmer ETA from Italy based on their production scheduling once your job has been lodged with Italy’s production.

Then depending on what items of clothing you select, we’ll set up a “Kit Fit” meeting where I’ll bring in the appropriate sample “kit fit” sizing items so that you can establish your sizing mix for your order.

I’ll also show you the Pantone fabric colour swatches so you can actually see the colours printed on the jersey, bib and lycra material in order to match it to your colours.
Once we have your order including size, quantities and design we send this to Italy to do the production printing frames, we get you to sign off on the production printing frames and we are away to production.

We’ve done quite a few custom kits to date based on people seeing the ollo kit and the quality of the products that I’ve put out.
Quite a few bike shops as well as corporates/shops/charities/clubs/teams in Canberra, Brisbane, Melbourne, Sydney and Adelaide have come on board with us doing their custom kit.

Wil Puz
Tel +61 (0) 414 411 711


IMG_0591Capture front page

More details here – Owayo




Rodeo can provide graphic design and have been involved with designing the SPACE jersey for Velo Porte and the ERGO jersey.


Call Tobin on

Contact details

Tobin Lush – Creative Director
– – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – –

TELEPHONE +61(0)8 8410 3488
MOBILE +614 23 734 054




James Billing, Scody’s Account Manager sent me a sample kit to try out in the Adelaide Hills. In discussions with James about the sizing, he recommended the Medium where I was pushing for a large.  James call was spot on.The Bib Shorts are a good firm fit, the bands a double fabric with a firm but not tight grip.  The jersey was a slick race fit cut, firm, with a wide elasticised band around the hem. I felt that the jersey was a tad on the short size for me, but I think I have a slightly longer torso and short legs (to match the short arms).



And the below is their ?more classic fit jersey, of the quality you’d see with their Peaks Challenge jersey. (Did I ever mention I’ve completed that twice?)



Capture 4

Feedback from a local amateur cyclinG club in the Hills – “James was brilliant to deal with – very patient and accommodating. The end outcome has been very positive”. I’ve seen this kit and it looks superb.


We do focus on our’invisible’ differences.
We do ensure that our fabrics have permanent beathability and moisture wicking. Along with a silver treatment to keep the fabrics fresh beyond one or 2 washes.
Many companies to have an antimicrobial treatment on their fabric however the treatment is often destroyed during the sublimation process.
Our basic Cool Max Fresh FX fabric is not the cheapest out there however the additional treatments that are supported by the trademark etc that is Fresh FX we believe does add value to the garments for our clients.
Not particularly ‘exciting’ information, valuable to those that care about the life of the garments they buy though.
Sam Betten (AUS), October 31, 2014 – TRIATHLON / SPORT / SCODY : SCODY Commercial Range, Beach, Noosa, Queensland, Australia. Credit: Lucas Wroe


Capture 3


James Billing – Account Manager

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Seight is the one of the faster growing and popular (hopefully!) players in the market, focusing and specialising in quality custom team cycling apparel! We aim to bridge the gap between top of the line cycling apparel and normal custom clothing, providing high quality custom clothing at low prices!

We believe our quality & service is amongst the best in the business, we pride ourselves in meeting or exceeding our delivery commitments. As cyclists, that have been riding for years, we long ago recognised that fit is one of the most important features of performance apparel. Our designs and patterns are constantly being tested to ensure the highest quality fit. Every single product is technically designed with an appreciation for the consumer that will wear it, to be functional, comfortable, and athletically excellent.

Whether you are a professional athlete or an enthusiastic rookie, Seight can dress you head-to-toe with quality, impressive cycling apparel. At Seight, we know you strive for personal bests, and so do we, producing incredible products every time.

Contact details

Seight Custom Cycling Wear

1 Barina Rd.(Cnr High St)
Glen Iris VIC 3146

(03) 9886 0214
0421 244 947




Wool cycling jerseys from Soigneur are designed and manufactured in Rotorua New Zealand.


Our classic jersey designs honour the great riders
from past eras including Coppi, Gaul, Koblet,Anquetil,Tom Simpson
arguably the greatest ever, Eddy Merckx.

All our wool cycling jerseys are 100% made in New Zealand
using only the very best 19micron merino wool.

We can also make custom wool cycling jerseys for your
club or corporate. We can knit your logo and/or design into the chest, back and shoulders of your custom wool cycling jerseys.
They are made using the best 19micron merino wool and the pattern is actually part of the fabric, knitted in.


Spin Cycle

unnamed (1)

Nathaniel sent me a their season 3 to try out.

Spin Cycle season 3 kit  as shown below is available in the newly opened Cycle Closet in 122 Pirie Street, Adelaide. The Cycle Closet is having an official opening in a few weeks time, and Nathaniel is officially releasing the season 3 kit at said function.

The first thing I noticed with this kit was the understated leaf design on the dark super light jersey. Something out of the ordinary.  This would have to be the lightest kit I tried. The arms and legs were a little longer than the standard lengths you see around, so you can forget about your sharp lines if you ride in more than one kit.

The Bib Shorts were super  comfy on some of my longer rides around the hills, although I did find that the bib straps bunched a bit over the shoulders, although I soon had them worked out, so once sorted they were no further problems.  Material on both the jersey and Bib Shorts were top notch Italian fabric, and certainly felt like they were.



I asked Nathaniel about the leg gripper,  the long sleeves and the design, and his response was:

Re the gripper, we have tested this for the past 12 months with over 200 pairs using the same fabric with no issues with fraying.  We have a pair of knicks that are the same construction that goes into every wash, looking at the wash sheet next to the washer it is on wash 211 and there is no issue either.  The race team put everything through the wringer especially at the 24 hour races so very confident in the quality of the product.

Re the length of arm, I can imagine some people will find it too long or even too short, all depends on the sizing really XS-XXXL the sleeves are all different lengths to try and suit the rider.

The design yes it is getting some attention that is for sure, and agree there is a lot of over the top designs out there and too many patterns that are bought online and dropped straight onto the template, we like to think we have a little bit of originality and uniqueness to bring to the market.


I am originally from Adelaide but have spent the last 12 years moving around Aus with work and cycling spending the last 6 years in Canberra.  On returning to SA it was decided to invest some money into something a little different, being in Web Development is great but looking for something else.  I had developed some clothing while in Canberra and decided to take it to the next level and put a load of resources into it and 12 months on here we are.  We develop a seasonal range as well as custom clothing for individuals to large clubs, basically people who want something really different as my designs tend to be on the standout level.  Over the past few months I have noticed people coming to me for that exact reason as well as the technologies we use.

We have invested heavily into technologies and testing with several elite athletes on the books to get the most out of the tests.  We have a 4 man MTB team and will be joining the ranks in the road series in the ACT/NSW this summer with Summer Crits starting soon, we have just developed a new skinsuit particularly for this.  We also have our V3 knicks coming out early next year, all of the guys and girls who have been testing for me believe these knicks could be the best on the market and when paired with our new Jerseys we are about to launch could just be the perfect kit.

Going back to not a lot of people knowing who we are.  I haven’t been marketing really at all, this all comes back to me being a perfectionist and not wanting to market  product that wasn’t quite ready.  Season 3 has been launched.  We developed a new fabric along with M.I.T.I Elastic in Italy to produce a jersey that is magically lightweight (110g Medium, about 12g lighter than the Castelli Ultra-Light jersey) but it is also not transparent or see through like most light weight jerseys.  We have a short sleeve, half sleeve and long sleeve all available and we also have this as a custom option for our customer.

Next year we are also looking at more options regarding Chamois.  We are currently signed with Elastic Interface and utilise a couple of their products but we are looking at using up to 4 more styles with both men and women versions.

Also, we are several iterations into a new SpeedSuit for TT.  Jesse Graham who is a coach and also multi TT champion has been helping us develop it utilising wind tunnel and also software testing using AlphMatis in Sydney.  Our base was the $900.00 Castelli Speed Suit and after the last test we are just 2watts off of it.  We have one more test in December where we hope with the latest iteration we can equal or better the output, we have several high end TT specialists hovering to take us on next year.

Spin Cycle Clothing has collaborated with many clubs, businesses and individuals to develop high quality custom cycling clothing.  We pride ourselves with developing something different that will stand out from the crowd and give you great exposure.

We have 4 different quality ranges to choose from club kits to top end Italian racing kits, jerseys, bib knicks, long sleeves, fleeced, warmers we have it all available to our customers.


Contact details

Nathaniel Peek: Director: 0427045638




The bodyfit custom collection is the highest performance kit available. Developed and designed with the athletes of Saxo Tinkoff. Using lightweight breathable and aerodynamic fabrics and combining a finely tailored cut, this is the best fitting kit you will ever ride in.

CaptureCapture 4Capture 2Capture 3

Contact details

2/10 Hudson St,
Caulfield North, 3161Phone and Email:

0415 342 282




Justin from Sub 4 sent me samples of their Pro level and Classic level kits for trialing.

First the Pro kit.

The styling is of both the Bib Shorts and Jersey was superb. The Bib Shorts are from their online range you can purchase from their web site. The jersey is a sample from custom design range. Riding with the Sunday group, the word svelte was used, although being an engineer I wasn’t sure what that word meant, so I’ve taken it as a compliment. The chamois on the Bib Shorts were comfortable on the longer rides and no doubt would be great on the longer 6+ hour rides.



And their Classic range, a sample from the Amys Gran Fondo kit



Sub4’s core business is customised technical sportswear. We pride ourselves on an Australian fit & 100% Aussie owned.

We have 2 cycle kit levels, our classic that is a general fit, & our pro which is a race fit. Both sit at different pricepoints, but fit into the same sizing guide.

Web_WAZ8908-Edit1-500x500t15-jersey-front-600x600CaptureCapture 2

Our pricing is based on units ordered. We will produce 1 single unit, but charge accordingly. A basic guide is 5 units per style to start, with improved pricing after 20 units per style.

We have templates available so customers can either do their own graphics, or we can do fully in house. We have a Melbourne based designer. From design sign off our production is around 3-4 weeks.

As I mentioned earlier, we have 2 levels of ride kit. The pro kit encompasses our CYTECH chamois & seamless non silicone leg & arm opening fabric. These items are sourced from Italy & constructed in a China factory. We also offer compression bibs (Nylon / spandex) as opposed to other brands offering simply lycra fabric blends. The non-use of silicone means no skin irritations when combined with sweat & heat.

In regard to ordering, we have a Melbourne based SEO team that can also customise online pages for teams & clubs when required. This is something we are going to expand on over the next few months, as our growth to date has really only been via word of mouth.

Classic features: jersey has a full lockable zip at any length. Reflective trim is now standard unless not specified. Coolmax mid – long distance chamois. Mens & womens specific fits.
Pro features: jersey has full lockable zip at any length. Reflective trim is now standard unless not specified. CYTECH Italian mid – long distance chamois. Seamless non silicone arm & leg openings. Italian fabric. Radio comms accessibility. Mens & womens specific fits. Bibs are constructed with full COMPRESSION fabric.

Note also we offer washbags to keep the kit protected from getting damaged.

Contact details

Justin Watts
T: +61424 252 058




Tineli was founded in 2005 by Tim and Sandy Vincent. Having spent several years mountain bike racing in Switzerland they knew how good cycling clothing could be, but were disappointed about the quality available Down Under. Tineli was founded to fill that gap and has quickly grown to become a leading manufacturer of custom printed and off-the-shelf cycling clothing.

We can work with a design or idea that you already have, or we can start from scratch.


For just $65 plus GST, we’ll incorporate your ideas, colours and logos* and create you an original design plus a couple of variations. We’ll also do the first set of changes if required and then apply the design to all the different garments in your order. In total you will get about two hours of graphic design work.

If you want to invest more time and money into creating the perfect design then we are happy to work with you. Work done beyond the $65 package is charged at $50 per hour.

Contact details

Tineli Australia Pty Ltd
5 Elbena Grove
Victoria 3163




Many of the ideas that keep Ventou products on the cutting edge come from the sponsored athletes and our testing team.

We will guide you through the process. Our aim is to make sure that your team thanks you at the end. By choosing products engineered by Ventou, you will be supplying your team with comfortable, long lasting cycling gear that maximises their performance.

A few key points:
– We are predominately Australian Made, our head office and production facility are located in Brooklyn, Melbourne.
– Our standard turnaround is 4-6 weeks
– We have an express production service available for orders required in less than 4 weeks
– Our standard minimum for new orders is 10 per style, and 5 per style for re-orders
– We have Classic and Pro level cycling kits available
– Ventou specialize in custom cycling, triathlon and run apparel
– Ventou is continually striving to improve our product range and develop new products.
Contact details
Greg Sheehan: Sales Manager

Direct: +61 3 8399 7504





We have been running now, based in Melbourne since 2011. I own & run the business with help from my Wife.
I was a racing cyclist as a junior back in the late 90’s and have a background in textiles – my Mum is a dressmaker and my Opa was a tailor.
I have been working in the Bicycle industry since 2004, with experience traveling to China, visiting factories and Trade Shows. This led to me starting my own business in 2011 as I could communicate well with the Chinese market and have a solid understanding of fabric, feel and desired cuts through my racing experience.
We offer no MOQ and deal mainly with smaller business. This works very well for us, as satisfied customers will always recommend our services. We don’t advertise too much, as Facebook, Instagram and our website seems to cover most bases, and my standing in the bicycle industry is solid, as repping for over 10 years you get to meet many people and gain respect over time.
We don’t carry stock of our custom clothing, as the sizing charts have worked well for sizing customers up, I hold sample fabric to show customers.
Please note, I don’t advertise my prices online at this stage until online ordering is up and running later this year. PoA.
Our Jerseys range use Italian fabric in our ‘arthurs’ and ‘elbow’ jerseys (see our website). Our BIB knicks, the ‘supreme’, ‘premium’ and ‘aero’ use Italian fabric, with a mix of leg cuffs, chamois and lycra (see our website).
We also offer a Triathlon and Running custom solution, and have gained plenty of interest from Tri clubs based in Victoria such as the Knox Tri Club and the Echuca Moama Tri club.
 Contact details


Watt Bomb


Have you ever had a ride where you felt like you didn’t have a chain…you could drop the hammer at anytime and blow your opponents away?…Or the time where you’re trying to hold your mates wheel, grimacing, chewing the bars off your stem trying to squeeze out that extra 50 watts?…This is what we love; that feeling of sweat dripping all out power, fighting like crazy in the hurt box, pushing your body to limits you never thought were imaginable!

Watt Bomb Apparel was born in Geelong, Australia by cyclists with flare and attitude, hence our designs. Our aim is to provide the cycling community with a fusion of cycling fashion, performance and comfort. The concept of Watt Bomb Apparel was discussed on many a long ride where a group of mates had been dropping “watt bombs” on each other all day long.

SEASON_3_-_2000-1-3_large SEASON_3_-_SUNSET-1-3_large

At Watt Bomb Apparel we’re cyclists just like you, searching for the ultimate ride, more importantly looking great while you drop the hammer and blow your mates front wheel off. We’ve searched the globe for premium Italian & Swiss Fabric to ensure our cycling garments will make you beg for MORE! Our cycling garments are designed for performance, marginal gains and comfort. We’ve collaborated with Italian & Swiss fabric suppliers and created the only cycling kit you’ll ever want…Once you slip into our kit you will know it’s a Watt Bomb kit. Your butt deserves nothing but the best, so we’ve chosen the award winning Elastic Interface chamois to keep you peddling all day long.

Watt Bomb Apparel provides a custom high performance apparel service. Cycling,Triathlon & Sporting teams can now have access to our high performance apparel and fabrics. We collaborate with our clients to produce custom garments that meet the specific needs and demands of your team or squad.


Why use Watt Bomb Custom?

You get to collaborate with our speciality design team
Access to your own personal account manager
There are NO setup fees & NO minimum orders
You can choose from our range of Swiss and Italian performance fabrics. (Quality is what we’re known for)
We’re located in Australia. So you can pick up the phone or we can catch up for a coffee to discuss your requirements
Fast turn around time from 14 day – 4 weeks. (depending on order size)
At Watt Bomb Apparel we want everyone to have access to our products that’s why we have NO MINIMUM ORDER.



So, you can see that your choice of designer and or supplier is wide, and the services on offer can be quite confusing. Who would have thought that there is such a difference in the material, cut, styling and sizing  Where do you start?

Well you need to get obviously do your own research, find some examples of what they offer, even try to find someone who can provide a reference.  You need to know what it is you’re after so you can be realistic about who you approach and what assistance you need.  There are some companies who can provide some really nifty graphic design work on some of the best fabric and quality going around, and there are others who can provide a semi customised design that provides you a level of differentiation from other teams, but use standard templates as a means to keeping design costs down. You need to understand what is in your price range.  You may be surprised by what you can get for your money if you’re prepared to do a little digging around.

The quality of the fabric, the type of chamois, the location of manufacture all come into play. Most of the larger companies provide race fit and classic fit (or something of similar name). The classic fits are what you would see as jerseys provided at the challenge rides, whereas the race fits are the sleeker, tighter ,lighter and more technically complex apparel.

The grips on the legs and arms can range from the traditional silicone gripper through to wide elasticised or silicone infused bands. Some are a tighter grip than others, some of the newer silicone infused bands are a little light pulling a lightweight wetsuit on, but once on, provide excellent compression and comfort.

If you’re a little worried about your body shape, then the race fit won’t be for you. Some of them are great to ride in, snug without being restrictive, ventilation under the arms and down the sides to assist with keeping you cool, but not overly flattering. These are more for the young bucks.

The sizing is not as standard as you would hope, but that’s nothing that would surprise anyone.

So my recommendation.

  • Do your research
  • Understand what you type of kit you are after
  • Understand what level of design work you will be requiring and whether they can help you through the process
  • Know your price point
  • Obtain recommendations if you can
  • Ask for kit fit so you can check for appropriate sizing
  • Talk to a minimum of 3 suppliers to make sure you are comfortable with the services they are offering and the people you will be dealing with
  • Know how you are going to manage the kit  ordering, some can use their online management system allowing individuals to place their own orders

I’m sure I’ve missed some recommendations, but these appear to be the main ones.

till next time

tight spokes



2 thoughts on “Custom Kit

  1. I’ve been sourcing kits from overseas (China) and I’ve gotten sample quotes from $80-$300, so those of you with a smaller budget may consider these….


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