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Alberto Contador injured his shoulder in a crash on the final sprint of the sixth stage of the Giro d’Italia, but most disturbing was the Daniele Collis terrible accident after clipping a supporters camera.

Ouch.  daniele-colli


Fortunately he can see the humorous side.







So lets get this straight, Astanas racing license was almost withdrawn because of doping incidents, but they’ve been cleared to compete and now have 3 guys in the top 5 of the Giro.

Simon Clarke stops to help out a mate on an opposing team by giving him his front wheel,, a contender for the Giro but being left behind after flatting, and both riders get a 2 minute penalty, Team Sky’s long planned and up till now well executed strategy and Richies year is effectively up in smoke.


What a load of bollocks.

I’m not sure I’ve seen social media explode like this before, I’m surprised it hasn’t broken the internet.

The support Richie has received from his peers, the media and just about everyone else who follows this Monty Python Riding Circus of a sport has been amazing.


“I have to suck it up and we have to look forward as a team. It has been great to get so much support overnight. That means a lot. No-one should doubt how much I still want to win this race.”

“It was amazing. Really great sportsmanship. For a fellow pro from another team to help out like that. I think it shows cycling at its best. The sport has made a lot of pretty bad headlines over the years and this was a pretty special moment. Simon is a friend and he showed it yesterday for sure”

Great to see mateship still exists in an arena like this, unfortunate the powers that be pick and choose when and where to apply the rules.

It appears that riders and support staff on the world professional tour routinely break a range of UCI rules with apparent impunity, such as drafting or holding on to vehicles or “sticky” bottles, team mechanics leaning out of car windows to repair bikes on the go, dangerous riding, and discarding rubbish outside of designated clean-up zones.


19/05/15 - Forli - 98 Giro d Italia - 10 Tappa - Civitanova Marche Forli - km 200 -  nella foto:  © Riccardo Scanferla
19/05/15 – Forli – 98 Giro d Italia – 10 Tappa – Civitanova Marche Forli – km 200 –
nella foto:
© Riccardo Scanferla

2015, Giro d'Italia, tappa 10 Civitanova Marche - Forli, Vegni Mauro, Civitanova Marche

Race director Mauro Vegni made a controversial decision at the end of today’s stage.

A hard task for Richie and his teammates from here on in, but lets hope his mobile home can help him gain the few percentages he needs to recover from last night.


On the Bus with Richie Porte


Richie providing valuable feedback on the new speedsuit in use at the Giro. 123900_DSC_9631

ok, I just gave up my age with that last photo.

Sky opened up Ritchie’s Giro van to reporters the other day.

20306_10153451800249873_1333875744801528471_n 10802015_10153451799864873_3234447077446945381_n 11169203_10153451802269873_9002149532516681649_n


11231685_10153451802274873_4114070462559120998_n 11261685_10153451802029873_8574764738548383346_n

Looks good, but a little pretentious in my books.




The Veloroos will be the first all-female Australian team to compete in the Race Across America (RAAM) in June 2015 in order to raise money for Tour de Cure (cancer prevention) and The Amy Gillett Foundation (cycle safety).


They comprise a team of 4 female athletes from the Eastern Suburbs of Sydney and are looking forward to representing Australia in our campaign for RAAM 2015. We will take in 350 communities and pass through 12 states.


During the race we will be supported by a hardcore group of 9 support crew in 3 vehicles.

The Veloroos are Sarah and Julie-Anne are both Coogee Triathlon Club Members, Nicole races for BRATS and Natasha races for Balance UTS.  All 4 team members have represented Australia in the Triathlon World Championships in the last 2 years over distances ranging from sprint to full ironman.

Capture3 Capture5

For further information, or if you want to make a donation, jump to their website here – Veloroos

Got me thinking, what would a race across Australia look like?

Trans Australian Race


At 3859.3 km but only 15,000m climb, it is mostly one hell of a flat ride with a few lumps here and there.

Have a closer look here.  TAR



Home Sweet Home

I’m currently reading “A Bike Snob Abroad”, and in one chapter the author, from New York, says that he could ride to all the paces he’s lived in one day.

Got me thinking about what a trip to all the places I have lived would look like, so I had a play around on Ride with GPS and came up with this (excluding the first 18 months of my life in the UK) route. I think I got all my abodes, although the one in Canberra was only for few months so I ‘m not 100% positive.

The route is a clockwise route starting in the first childhood house in Banksia Park.


elevation_profile (1)

At 9,471 km, and 42,000m altitude gain, I won’t be riding this one in a hurry.

Have a closer look here. HSH



Here are some shots I’ve liked over the first 9 days.




11202649_929166523801877_8386902793302668252_n 11267738_929166220468574_4438920325638563764_n 1431452428202 1431452431845 1431452439686 timthumb (1) timthumb (4) timthumb

11028363_929597563758773_7923366655966890389_n 11168540_929536853764844_771496546525562313_n


1431537556975 timthumb (1) timthumb (2) timthumb (3) timthumb

1625592_823631781064869_8759799302059994615_n 10956938_758233974292778_7895677631334126000_n 1431625081057 1431625097507 1431625109722



1431797988106 1431798016529 timthumb (1) timthumb (2) timthumb (3) timthumb (6) timthumb

11255745_931209033597626_995084012153763763_n 11262999_1006501149367867_6152443092823312044_n 1431881192210 timthumb (1) timthumb (2) timthumb (3) timthumb (4) timthumb (5) timthumb

2015, Giro d'Italia, tappa 10 Civitanova Marche - Forli, Civitanova Marche

2015, Giro d'Italia, tappa 10 Civitanova Marche - Forli, Team Sky 2015, Porte Richie, Forli


2015, Giro d'Italia, tappa 10 Civitanova Marche - Forli, Tinkoff - Saxo 2015, Contador Alberto, Forli
Tinkoff – Saxo 2015, Contador Alberto

Some miscellaneous random photos

19485_673946196040689_7614072110448165990_n 10426142_892751090767871_3408210659379921664_n 10949739_892748964101417_6715708297925327516_n 11066067_682646741840938_5208109291323238173_n 11113691_951009411618117_2935088111652051759_n 11148665_755100104606165_6432901338384032894_n 11149374_10152771558115723_2942642942048278425_n 11181844_892748437434803_5494448592642722574_n 11245473_892749087434738_1559496828326161745_n 11251773_10152766810920723_4434757206904936483_n 11265239_892750157434631_3989692928932669399_n 11267197_892751270767853_274010534702296454_n

And all eyes have been on GiroCharlie

0a07455d33f60464acfa54017fa61409 4c24068cdc3711f56351497e6cdb8ac0 56ae5a4ffc7cd854437e014edb544d33


78d7388f9360bc8610c37fe06c995acd 090d05d6958b272c45822cc676438558


Three decks of Top Trumps-style cards, covering legends of the peloton, stars from the current season and women cyclists


54 pro cycling trumps featuring some of the favourite cyclists from the pro peloton.


This pack includes:
Betancur • Boonen • Cancellara • Cavendish • Chavanel • Contador • Costa (World Champ Jersey) • Degenkolb • Démare (French Nat Jersey) • Dowsett • Evans • Froome • Fuglsang • Gerrans (Australian Nat Jersey) • Geschke • Gilbert • Greipel (German Nat Jersey) • Horner • Hushovd (Norwegian Nat Jersey) • Kelderman • Kennaugh (British Nat Jersey) • Kittel • Konig • Kristoff • Kwiatkowski • Majka • Dan Martin • Tony Martin • Matthews • Millar • Mollema • Moreno • Nibali • Paolini • Phinney • Pinot • Porte • Pozzovivo • Quintana • Roche • Rodriguez • Sagan • Stannard • Stybar • Swift • Talansky • Thomas • Uran • Valverde • Van Avermaet • van Garderen • Voeckler • Voigt • Wiggins


There are some legend cardsLemondZ

Or you could even get some made up for yourself.


Further information here – Pro Cycling trumps


Till next time

tight spokes


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