Red Hooks


Hard to believe that we are only a few days away from the Giro, where has the year gone.  It only seemed a few days ago that there were fires in the Adelaide Hills.

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Good luck to the Aussies



Rule No 5

Velominati – Chopper’s Harden the Fark Up routine. It’s hilarious.

Saturday of the previous weekend – ANZAC Day – was a horrid day for cycling, and I must admit I didn’t head out for a ride because it was too wet, cold and miserable.

Instead, the lovely wife and myself headed up to Pave on the Parade for a Brunch. Whilst we were there, a couple of cyclists came at the end of their ride. The one on the right was uncontrollably shaking after coming across Mt Lofty and back down Greenhill Road in the rain.

Short finger gloves, no hair/head cover, bib knicks wouldn’t have helped.

So, feeling suitably chastised by miserably failing Rule No. 5, Chapeau to the 2 Bruces (Sorry, I didn’t catch your names, so I’ve fallen back on Monty Pythons Naming convention).


And speaking of Velominati, this just posted on velominati       CogAdelaide


Mikael’s view
It seems that getting these Cogals off the ground is never without its challenges. Last year required a borrowed bike & 100k worth of riding the night before just to get to the start line, only to be rewarded with a ride in Satan’s furnace. This year, the weather & bike gods were smiling on me, but there was the small matter of re-routing the ride with a couple of days to go after bushfires & subsequent road closures put a fairly big hole in the first 1/3 of the ride…maps were consulted & changes were made, it was good to go!There was a small group of the usual suspects chatting among ourselves on the cogal page, but on checking the bookface event I’d also set up, I suddenly realised that there might be upwards of 25 riders rocking up…………Use the link to read more about the CogAdelaide ride.


Tour De Legacy 2015

You would have heard about the recent Legacy ride from Canberra to Adelaide. Stuart O’Grady has kindly provided the following ride wrap.

18 months ago I was asked to join in on a ride going from Canberra- Adelaide to help raise awareness & funds for LEGACY.

Seeing that this year was the 100th anniversary of Gallipoli and ANZAC Day, it felt right to be doing whatever I could, for the countrymen & women who sacrificed everything for our great Country.

A group of men & women left Adelaide on the 12th April and flew to Canberra where we would be sent off by the Governor General Mr.Cosgrove from outside the War Memorial. We carried with us a “Death Penny” that was given to the families who had lost a family member during the War.

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We set out to cover the 1500kms over the next 12 days, riding through small towns, stopping along the way to meet with local LEGACY & RSL members. It was an emotional journey. Everyone had their own story to tell, most were the harsh reality of what War brought to the people. There were very little positive stories. But there were a lot of very proud memories.

The 26 riders who took on the whole trip, were made up of everyday people, all with a very real, personal touch to LEGACY.


I was amazed at how these guys & girl, just got on with the job at hand. Through the 12 days not once did I hear a whinge or complaint about anything. Because what we were embarking on was a simple enough journey across half of Australia. Everyone kept it in perspective to why we were actually doing it.

unnamed (3) unnamed (4) unnamed (5)

What we did achieve was just fantastic, raising nearly $120,000 for LEGACY. Quite an amazing effort, and seeing that LEGACY helps over 90,000 Australian widows & families,  that’s quite a substantial help. Thanks to all that donated.

We had early morning starts, up at 6am, on the bike at 7.30. Stopping every hour or so for a stretch & refuel. Lunches were served ,fuel put back in, motivation rejuvenated.

Day by day we ticked over the kilometres. From 85 km min to 185km max distances, it was anything but easy.

unnamed (9) unnamed (10)

The wind Gods were certainly with us for most of the trip, but on the final day into Adelaide, we all got reminded of why we were doing this. The heavens opened up, the wind blew at gale strength, guys were getting blown all over the place. Most were not dressed well enough for the occasion and suffered in the cold hard winds.

But once again, no one faltered. I was really proud of each & every rider who made the journey. It was something that each person will never forget. A team effort, showing leadership, camaraderie & good old Aussie spirit.

unnamed (11) unnamed (12)

Many well deserved drinks were had a long the way & the stories grew in length with every day, but it was one hell of an experience!

We finally arrived in Adelaide on the eve of ANZAC day. We rode into the city with a police escort & finally handed over the “Death penny” to the South Australian Governor General, where it will remain in the SA War Memorial museum.

All our family members were there, supportive as ever throughout the lead up and the event itself. So it really was a fantastic job by everyone.

unnamed (13) unnamed (14)

There is some great information about the trip at the tour de legacy website here.

Thanks Stuey, glad to see you all made it back in one piece, it was great following you on Strava. Some of those rides were awfully flat, straight and would have been impossible without the great spirit of the group.  You can get further information about Stuart O’gGrady Cycling here.


The Furore

A new local event organised by Cafe Souplesse. The following writeup taken from the event page.

Celebrate the Queens Birthday Public Holiday on Monday 8th June with the third rendition of the world’s favourite* smashing of Mt Lofty five times from five different directions!

*according to a selection of cyclists interviewed at Red Berry one morning…


Starting from the bottom of the freeway – the north east corner of Portrush and the freeway under the big gum tree (not at the toll gates) – climbs will be in order of:

1. Freeway and summit via Shurdington Rd
2. Down Greenhill Rd to the Glynburn Rd roundabout then climb straight back up
3. Down Sheoak Rd & Belair Rd to the Springbank Rd intersection then climb straight back up
4. Down Greenhill Rd to Onkaparinga Valley Rd in Balhannah then climb straight back up
5. Down Norton Summit Rd to Magill Rd via Woods Hill Rd then climb straight back up

Finish with the descent of the Freeway again.

Each ascent will conclude at the summit of Mt Lofty (not the Lofty Gates).

Total distance is approximately 144km with over 3500m vertical.


The nature of this long ride does not suit one big group riding at a common pace, so each to their own pace – if a group(s) form, then that is fine. There is no set start time; start when you want. There will be no briefing because there is none required. I will be starting at 7am – feel free to join me!

This ride could take up to 8 hours depending on weather, lunchbreaks, etc. I’m planning a food stop for lunch at Balhannah Bakery – which will be open – at (roughly) two thirds of the way through. Mt Lofty will also be open if required for food / drinks.

This ride will proceed regardless of weather to test our true ‘hard man/woman’ spirit. If its snowing, I may not show up.

If you complete this ride, then you will earn the respect of your peers. And…well…that’s about all.




I’m in training for this – hope to see you there.


N + 1

We’ve all heard about the N+1 rule, but I came across a different take on this rule. I was having a few drinks at the football the other day, talking to a mate, as you do, and we were talking cycling, as you do. You see, he was a short fat bastard, turned vego a few years back, loves his riding but is always holding everyone up. We were both marveling at the fact that he actually finished the 2015 Peaks Challenge at Falls Creek earlier this year, in fact a funny thing was that I was standing just past the finish line talking to a mate when I heard my name called out – it was him, Damien.  Anyways, during the 4th quarter chat, he mentioned that he had a lovely and very understanding wife, and to him, with his supporting wife, he doesn’t need the +1, he is happy with N.  Got me to thinking about the whole commitment to riding, the time away from the family doing something that I enjoy immensely, and that I too have been lucky to have a supportive wife who has mostly been supportive and understanding of my time on the bike and trips away from the family.

Doesn’t mean though I will never stop coveting the N+1.


Red Hook Criterium

Capture3 Capture4 Capture5 Capture6

The Red Hook Criterium is a fixed gear bicycle race in the post industrial area of Brooklyn.

The Red Hook Crit first hit the cobbles of Red Hook in 2008 when David Trimble was looking for a way to celebrate his 26th birthday in his Red Hook, Brooklyn neighborhood. The race was held with no sponsors, prizes, promotion or permits. Despite only a few dozen cyclists and a handful of spectators the race atmosphere was intense and well received.


Now with almost 300 racers fighting for position to qualify, RHC has grown immensely since 2008 to be the world’s premier track bike crit featuring professional road racers, track specialists, bike messengers and urban cyclists competing over multiple laps around a fast technical circuit. Crowds in the thousands come to Red Hook Brooklyn to cheer on friends, family or just simply to spectate.


– Separate Men’s and Women’s fields
– 24 laps (1.25 km per lap) / total distance of 30 km (Men)
– 18 laps (1.25 km per lap) / total distance of 22.5 km (Women)
– Timed qualifying format to set 85 rider starting grid
– Electronic timing and scoring
– Track bikes required
– Lapped riders eliminated
– Points awarded towards the Red Hook Criterium Championship
– Qualifying positions 86 – 150 line up for a 14-lap ‘Last Chance Race’ with the top-10 finishers advancing into the main event.

The Crit has expanded to Milan, Barcelona, and the cobblestone streets of London. Spectators line the course just inches from the action.

2015 Brooklyn staged a week ago brought the most diverse field of racers in the history of the Red Hook Crit. With 29 countries represented, it was a melting pot of nationalities staging in the Cruise Terminal, where riders warmed up before the races. Additionally the number of competitors in the women’s field more than doubled from last year, boasting a healthy 79 racers registered.

Like last year, multiple qualifying heats during the day were used to advance and place racers in the two feature races later that night. The men’s field had a new addition of the “Last Chance” race. The “Last Chance” race was a 14 lap crit with the top 10 finishers were added to the feature race.

At the end of the night, Ivan Ravaioli and Ainara Arteaga took home the win, the medals, the custom RHC Cinelli track bike, and the glory.


And this is the winners prize, a Cinelli custom painted Vigorelli Track frame, with the mens champions Ivan Ravaioli and womens champion Ainara Artegara each receiving one. The custom Cinelli Vigorelli with Brooklyn colorway designed by RHC Creative Director Jonah Birns is available to the public in an extremely limited release. WingedStore

red-hook-crit DSC03600 DSC03586

-Columbus Airplane 7005 aluminum tubeset
-Cinelli Pista carbon fork
-RHC Brooklyn 2015 colorway
-Hand painted in Italy
-Cinelli Dinamo bar, stem, seatpost black color included

DSC03350 DSC03316


DSC03293 DSC03274 DSC03176 DSC03174 DSC03169 DSC02731 DSC02752

The Crit isn’t sanctioned by an official cycling organization, which would restrict course layouts and provide deep pockets for insurance to cover injuries. In 2013, 15-year-old Joshua Hartman fractured his nose, eye sockets and jaw while competing in Brooklyn. He reportedly received $1,200 from Red Hook Crit organizers, but it wasn’t enough to cover more than $100,000 in medical costs. Participants are required to sign a waiver that lays out the dangers of the event.

And here are some other photos of the event from the twittersphere.

1 2 3 5 6 7 8 9 10 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 Capture CD2f_fhWoAIB6CN CD2VaHJW0AAIRQi CD8KHAwXIAAGteG CDn-Gf0W0AEf-71 CDo9kwxWMAIPThD CDrWK_JUsAENa3d CDtsBL-WAAA10Q9 CDuHZdYUkAELwoY CDx7jN8WgAALvxJ CDxkUD2WEAEXBbQ CDxpYdSW8AIteI0 download images proxy (1) proxy

Red Hook Shop

In a few short years, they have turned it into a marketers paradise – some of the gear actually looks quite good – link here  RHCShop

cap_1024x1024 castelli-3_1024x1024 castelli-13_1024x1024


castelli-22_1024x1024 image-1_large NECKWARM_large Nicola_-_red-2_large W5A1373_f8c57b05-59e5-4846-aead-e3f791035070_large W5A2893_large W5A3471_large W5A4134_1024x1024 W5A5225_large W5A9581_large W5A9901_large


Photo of the week – Well thats ruined everything!



Coffee Shop of the Week – The Bunker, Milton, Brisbane


The Bunker in Milton, a Hole-in-the-wall cafe in a converted bomb shelter covered in vines for artisanal coffee and sweets, is the go to “Northern Suburbs” coffee shop in Brisbane for anyone from cyclists to tradies.  Try and resist the chocolate croissants, but if you can’t, you will not be disappointed.

740150-espresso-civil-war 8083427_orig



till next time

tight spokes


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