How do you remove the surface rust off the chromed stays on your retro conversion?


Ranex is only reactive with oxidised metal (ie rust). Its active ingredient is phosphoric acid (same as in coke). Ranex Rustbuster converts rust from a detrimental oxide to a beneficial phosphate of iron, chemically destroying any rust present and leaving the surface in a suitable condition for painting when completely dry. It removes rust spots, cleans & polishes stainless steel, chrome, brass & copper. Ideal for bikes & tools etc. Rusty parts can be soaked in Ranex.

Question and part response courtesy of facebook site retroclassiccycling


Whippets Workshop

I read in the local rag a few weeks back that Whippets Workshop in Stepney were opening their cafe, so on Saturday morning I swung around there after last Saturdays ride to have a squiz.



I must admit, i had an ulterior motive for popping around. I had a chat (email conversation) with the distributor of Niner bikes earlier in the week, and was informed that Whippets were the local retailer. I had seen a niner bike that has stoked my interest, and wanted to find out more.

A bit more about that later.

Anyway, just as I was taking a picture of the above sign, Shane turned up to open the shop, and we had a little chat about the Niner, the shop , the cafe and other cycling stuff. Things appear to be going well as last time I was here, they were much smaller but had plans for extending and adding a cafe.

Looks like they have had a roadblock with the Council but are confident of imminent resolution. They’ll be hiring a barista for the cafe so we can look forward to some decent caffeine. Lets hope they get a decent range of decadent pastries for the important post ride recovery. High on my list if I can influence anything is the zeppole

Whilst they don’t have a large range accessories, they have focussed on gear that is different to the standard supply, including Bont, Pod amongst other gear. They have also recently taken on Ridley.

IMG_4089 IMG_4090


IMG_4091 IMG_4092 IMG_4093 IMG_4094 IMG_4095 IMG_4096 IMG_4098 IMG_4099 IMG_4100



The bike I mentioned before was the Niner RLT9. Its been around for a few years, but a new all steel tube version has just been released in the states.

The RLT9 uses the historic Reynolds 853 steel tubing with thru-axle technology and a tapered steel headtube. The RLT9 can accommodate either a double or triple chainring, and features a slightly longer chain stay, lower bottom bracket and slacker head tube angle which make extended hours in the saddle a little more accommodating.

Whilst I don’t know what my next bike will be, I am considering something that will provide me with some flexibility to ride the gravel roads up and around the Adelaide Hills, but still allow me to ride the roads with the same grace I ride them now. So not sure of this is it, but it has me interested.

RLT9_853_4star_CX1_White_150226___1-750x499 RLT-9-853_150128_2852-Edit_1-750x499 RLT-9-853_150130_2901-Edit_1-750x499 RLT-9-853_150130_2901-EditEdit_1-750x499


Bushfires – 3 months on

I rode through Gumeracha and Chain of Ponds the previous weekend for the first time since the fires came through in January.  Having spent a good 8 years of my life about 5 km’s away from Chain of Ponds, i know the area like the back of my hand (in fact needed to after some of the football training nights at Gumeracha Football club when I was going through Uni), so seeing the burnt land was quite an eye opener. I actually took a drive a few days later with my daughter to see how close the fire got to my old house – about 20m. The house survived but the old hay shed wasn’t so lucky.

Here are a few photos from my ride around chain of Ponds.

IMG_4035 IMG_4036 IMG_4037 IMG_4038 IMG_4043 IMG_4044 IMG_4046


IMG_4048 IMG_4049 IMG_4050 IMG_4051



I’m looking forward to a ride after winter to see how fast this regenerates.


Paris Roubaix

Was this the best in recent history? 6 riders together entering the velodrome – fabulous.


PIC529793508 PIC529725106 PIC529684197

Paris-Roubaix 2015


waiting for the riders 113th Paris-Roubaix 2015



Paris-Roubaix 2015

John Degenkolb

After winning the Milan San Remo, only the 3rd rider in history to do so, John is having a great year, as are his team Etixx-Quickstep with some strong performances, although they have lost a few unlosable races.


And over in the land of Bergs – Amstel Gold

Stayed up to watch the race, fell asleep with 6 km to go, woke up just as they were walking up to the presentation – ahhh!

obligatory windmill



Simons Clarke’s effort was superb, rode himself into the ground.

Simon Clark on the Keutenberg

I only saw the action leading to the finish line on replays, but the way Bling bounced from the tail of one attack to another was quite astounding. He had to on his game to pick the right attack as they came thick and fast, unfortunately just came up short.

Amstel Gold Race UCI WorldTour 2015 cycling race
Philippe Gilbert and Bling
Michal Kwiatkowski , Valverde 2nd and Bling 3rd


I bet Bling would’t have come in 3rd had he been racing for a Coopers Pale instead of an Amstel Gold (The Coopers Pale, now there’s a name for a one day classic in Adelaide!)


Adelaide Hills in Autumn

Asmost of you know, the Adelaide hills in Autumn are just stunning.

IMG_4020 IMG_4030 IMG_4032 IMG_4033 IMG_4074 IMG_4079 IMG_4081


IMG_4085 IMG_4106




I had the pleasure of trying out the new facilities set up by Dave Parsons at ERGO, on Pulteney Street a few weeks ago. Dave contacted me after my query a few issues ago where I was chasing up what riders do in ways of training when not on the road.

Dave invited me down for a session at his new studio, which i actually found a little intimidating because I hadn’t actually been in a spin class before, and I thought that I was about to be found out.  However Dave put me at rest as soon as I walked through the door as he gave me an overview of his setup that he has designed and built himself.
Dave studied Industrial Design at Uni SA, and is a bit of a perfectionist, which is probably why he hasn’t officially opened.
Before Dave put me through the paces we had a chat about his cycling pedigree, which for a young fella is quite solid. Dave spent some time riding at a professional level in Belgium, with pro cycling team Tomacc. Prior to Belgium Dave raced with local outfit Veneziano Blefari Cycling Team. He currently rides as a pilot for the world-renowned Paralympic cyclist and multiple gold medallist Kieran Modra.
At ERGO, Dave has built a tiered platform with 7 Computrainer Lab’s custom mounted into Kurt Kinetic Rock & Roll frames , all facing a 3 meter wide HD screen at the front of the room. The trainers are all linked back into a centralised control system which allows each riders performance to be instantly monitored and displayed up on the screen. Dave has access to a wide range of software options such as Perfpro, TrainerRoad, VeloReality and the new Zwift software (Used by Jens, Phinney, Craddock etc).
Zwift uses multiplayer video game technology across multiple platforms connecting to cyclists devices wirelessly via ANT+ and *Bluetooth Smart protocols. Dave had me on Zwift Island riding with other cyclist from around the world in real time.  Further details on Zwift can be found at this link.
Dave also had me trial a few other training options, and then once completed, uploaded to my strava account.
All in all I had an enjoyable experience, and would recommend you give ERGO a go.
Link here  ERGO



IMG_Level-15 MTBR_Screen_Cover MTBR_Zwift_Three-Screens-1024x682 zwift


Bar of the Week – Maybe Mae


Behind a non-descript wooden door in the basement of Bread and Bone, Peel Street awaits Maybe Mae. The art deco-inspired speakeasy is fabulously furnished in fern greens, glass, brass and wood.


Maybe Mae is arguably the peak of Adelaide’s hidden bar game, and well worth the hunt down Peel St’s faux subway tunnel. When standing on the Bread and Bone stair landing, the threshold to Maybe Mae can be seen directly below. It is not – via the entrance marked ‘M’.


Till next week

tight spokes


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  1. I don’t know how you do it but your blogs are epic every time – the Niner looks like awesomeness and the tip for rust removal off chrome is fantastic.
    Many thanks for making my hotmail not only a junk inbox!
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    1. Thanks Alfie

      To be honest, I don’t know how i do it either, its certainly not through any specific skill, design or forethought.

      I appreciate the feedback, good to hear you enjoy it.

      Cheers and have a good one.



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