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Not cycling related I know, but this just cracks me up

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OK, Quick question – where is this?





200m @ 17%


Unfortunately the photo just not do it any justice.


I’ll let you know where it is at the end of todays posting.


Accommodation at the Tour Down Under


If your looking for an alternative to the standard hotel rooms or mates couch when you come over to Adelaide in January, give Airbnb a go. You’ve probably heard of it, it is growing at a remarkable rate. It has over 800,000 listings in 33,000 cities and 192 countries, and if you believe the press, averages around 350,000 bookings per night. Even if this figure is only quarter way there, when you consider that airbnb take between 6 – 12% for each booked night, that is one hell of an income.


Airbnb is an online community marketplace that connects people looking to rent their homes with people who are looking for accommodations. Airbnb users include hosts and travelers: hosts list and rent out their unused spaces, and travelers search for and book accommodations in 192 countries worldwide.




Now I have never used airbnb, so i cant vouch for it, but i do know someone who rents out there spare room after her daughter left the nest, and her experience is positive. There are horror stories from both sides of the fence, so you do need to do some research, but it is a valid alternative to the high price of hotel rooms.

So, some sites around Adelaide include:

Burnside - $110 pn whole place
Burnside  – 2 br – $110 pn whole place
Norwood 1br apartment - $150 pn
Norwood 1br apartment – $150 pn


Mile End - 2br - $110 pn
Mile End – 2br – $110 pn
Adelaide - whole house - $210 pn
Adelaide – whole house – $210 pn
Adelaide - 4 br apartment sleeps 8 - $320 pn
Adelaide – 4 br apartment sleeps 8 – $320 pn
Stirling - 4 bdr House - $325 pn
Stirling – 4 bdr House – $325 pn


Mylor - 3 bdr - $180 pn
Mylor – 3 bdr – $180 pn
Norton Summit - $70 pn
Norton Summit – $70 pn
Henley Beach - 2 br - $300 pn
Henley Beach – 2 br – $300 pn

Don’t forget if your heading over to Lorne for next years Gran Fondo

Lorne - 3 br - $330 pn
Lorne – 3 br – $330 pn


Lorne - 4 br - $275 pn
Lorne – 4 br – $275 pn

Or if your heading over to the Victorian Mountains and centralise yourself at Bright

Bright - 3 br - $360 pn
Bright – 3 br – $360 pn




I’ve mentioned everesting this before, but I was made aware a few weeks back of an everesting feat in Adelaide a few weeks back – 20 repeats up Greenhill road.

Adam Tarzia – you are a legend.

Adams Strava file can be seen here – Adam Tarzia Greenhill Strava





From what I can see on the Everesting Hall of Fame, there are 2 other SA Everesters

George Mallory, the grandson of British Mountaineer George Mallory, has Everested 7 times. JHC!

George Leigh-Mallory (second left back row) with the 1924 expedition party.
George Leigh-Mallory (second left back row) with the 1924 expedition party.




A quick search had me at this site – the Everesting Hall of Fame



Hells 500 has always been at the sharp end of innovation and adventure. It’s this approach that keeps them interested, excited, and constantly seeking up.

During the 20th century’s race to be the first (first to the poles, first to cross continents, first to circumnavigate the globe solo) it was the romance of a first ascent of the world’s tallest peak that really captured the imagination of the public. Despite repeated attempts, this big jagged and craggy mountain in the high Himalayas held one over us. It was more than a mountain; it was a symbol of something so big and monumental that it soon became a yardstick, a reference, a unit of measurement for anything massive in our lives.

The first ascent of Everest in 1953 started a race. A race to claim more difficult routes, harder mountains, and less equipment used. A dozen other permutations see longer and harder records being set today.

History remembers firsts.

George Mallory had everyone mesmerized with his attempt to be the first to ‘Everest’ Mt Donna Buang. It was part training, part bloody-mindedness, and after several attempts he knocked out repeat after repeat until he notched up more than 8,848m.

Subsequent attempts may be faster, but there is always only one first ascent. As more and more major climbs are eventually Everested new attempts will focus on more obscure and challenging climbs to Everest. The great thing is you can Everest a Hors Categorie icon, but a suburban staple is equally valid. Riders are limited only by their imagination — but it will always be a race to be first.

Pick a climb. Make sure you’re first. Everest that. Digitally chisel your name into that sucker forever. Earn your Hells 500 grey stripe.

This shit is serious.


Here are some of the more important rules, check the Hall of Fame website for a full listing

  • Rides can be of any length, and on any hill or mountain.
  • Rides must only focus on one hill or mountain per ride. You cannot ride different routes on the same mountain.
  • Rides cannot be loops  (Unacceptable – the Three Peaks loop).
  • Rides must be full ascents each time
  • The 8,848m is taken as your total elevation gain.
  • It does not matter how long the ride takes, but it must be ridden in one attempt (i.e. no sleeping in between). Breaks for meals etc. are fine. You can break for as long or as little as you like.
  • Each repeat must be ridden up and down. You also need to keep your device recording the whole time.
  • The ride does not have to be ridden on sealed roads.
  • No section of the ride can be walked.
  • Acceptable bikes: Road, MTB, CX, Track, BMX.
  • Not acceptable: Electric, tandem, recumbent.


Retro Espresso Cups

7 Eleven
7 Eleven



Brooklyn Chewing Gum





z team



La Vie Claire
La Vie Claire


Espresso cups can be purchased from Cycling Souvenirs


Power Meter

Well, I handed back the power meter back to Velo-Porte last weekend with mixed feelings. I’ve learnt something about cycling and about my body that I didn’t know before. I have a better reading of how my legs, my breathing, my level of pain, my endurance and my ability to know whether I can push that little harder and survive to the top.


The first few weeks was an exploration of what the power readings meant to me, and the last few weeks I was able to take that knowledge and improve my ride times. Whilst I am definitely a few kg’s heavier than I would like, I was able to achieve some pb’s and close on some others that I doubt very much that I would have got anywhere near had I been riding bareback.

4 weeks is just too short to see some long term benefits, but if you have a spare $800 or so, and you are looking for a sustainable improvement in your cycling, then I would highly recommend the use of a power meter.


Paired with a heart rate meter and your Garmin with cadence, you have a valuable tool.

There are quite a few types out there, and they are coming down in price as the technology becomes more mainstream in the cycling world. The one I borrowed from Velo-Porte was a Stages Power crank. VÉLO-PORTE now rent the Stages Power crank for 2-4 weeks and if you like it you can buy it.


Answer to the above question – Lewis Street, Cherry GardensIMG_3318Capture

It’s that little dead end road bottom right.  It is an absolute killer, but the vistas around here are exquisite, not that you’ll actually get time to appreciate it on the way up.


Rubber Trends for 2015

The majority of performance bikes now come with 25mm tyres as standard and thats a trend that’s set to continue. The pros are already starting to run with 28 and even 32mm road tyres – lower rolling resistance, bigger contact patch (so more grip), and far greater comfort.


till next week

tight spokes


3 thoughts on “Forever Resting

  1. There’s an Everesting event this Saturday 1/11 on Summit Rd between Crafers and Lofty. If you’re in the area, I’m sure Shane Sody would appreciate any encouragement or riders sharing a couple of climbs with him. He’ll be there all day and likely half the evening!


    1. Ah, sorry, missed your comment – but i did hear about some girl calling her boyfriend late that night asking to be picked up after everesting that climb. Do you know who ended up completing that ride?


      1. I hadn’t heard that story, but Adelaide has gone Everesting-mad. I’ve lost count.
        Just the ones I know: Shane Sody and Steve AVO Morris both completed Summit Rd (I guess they’ll toss for who claims it), Chris Leung knocked off Mt Osmond from the city side, Harley the Durian Rider did Norton, and Rob Wood crushed the Corkscrew 40 times. I’ve heard that Greenhill was claimed, but I don’t know by who.


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