Maidens, Magpies and Megaphones

Indiglo – South Australian designed.

on bike FRONT.242

Press Release

Industrial designers by day but bike enthusiasts at heart, Indiglo is a design duo with their first bike light ready to go to market. The 5.

Indiglo5 is the first light Indiglo are taking to market, designed specifically for mountain, road cyclists and commuters. Indiglo5 is the only integrated, single LED light with a Cree MT-G2 emitter, providing a powerful, natural, broad beam of light so you can see from your periphery and into the distance.

on bike.188

Indiglo5 is ready for pre-production sampling and is ready to launch on Kickstarter (currently scheduled for this Friday). We are looking for opportunities to spread the word so fellow bike enthusiasts can support and pledge towards the production of Indiglo5.

pocket rocket.193

Go Faster, is the Indiglo5 motto: In the dark, 5 enables you to train longer, harder and faster, as the more you can see, the faster you can safely go.

Indiglo5 features +1800 lumen, high CRI rating, broad beam with 5 modes including the racing heart mode which resembles a pulse rate reminding motorists that you are a living being. Light weight and compact, it is manufactured from machined aircraft grade aluminium and finished with military spec anodising. It is cordless and runs off an integrated 5000 mAH battery and has plenty of robust options for mounting including a dual garmin/indiglo mount. Indiglo5 is weather proof, crash proof and serviceable with replaceable components including the battery. INDIGLO has a ‘cradle to grave’ programme so then when it’s finally time to move on, we’ll take back the 5 for recycling or refresh it for you with the latest technology.

roadie mount

For more information and to preorder this innovative product visit the Indiglo page on Kickstarter. Any preorder contributes to making Indiglo5 a reality. To stay up to date with recent developments you can follow Indiglo on Facebook and our webpage.

Kickstarter TBA!



Personal Contact | Simon Zappia –


Simon Zappia and Lesley Williams are the dynamic force behind Indiglo. Indiglo focuses on creating and manufacturing lighting for cycling.

As product designers they understand the process of product commercialisation and have undertaken this process before for their own and client products. In the past, Simon has worked as a product designer for consultancies including his own, Indigo Design. He currently owns a commercial furniture business ( that has developed numerous products of its own. Simon also happens to be obsessed with bright lights and secretly is a member of the candlepower forum….shhhh ( On top of Lesley’s product design skills, she works as a graphic designer and has developed many websites thorough her business Attack Multimedia.

Indiglo short preview-04-01

This is the first of a range- preempting a total of 5 ATM, 1 & 2 will be flasher type front and rear,  the 3 will be a front flasher with a bit of kick to see with and 4 will be a smaller, lighter version of 5, helmet mountable with about 1200 lumen and swappable optics- providing both flood and spot beams.
A great initiative by a passionate South Australian, please get behind Simon and Lesley and support this product.  Watch this space for further updates.


A great picture of Spaniards Alberto Contador and Joaquim Rodriguez crossing the finish line on the rain-swept summit of Valdelinares at the conclusion of Sunday’s stage nine, won by Colombian winner Winner Anacona of Lampre-Merida.


Valdelinares is a municipality and ski resort located in the Sierra de Gudar, with a village  elevation of the 1,690 metres. Valdelinares has a mostly dry, high mountain climate with lots of snow in winter.

5967167011_25e31c3dc4_z ayuntamiento-valdelinares-12057461 esqui-sistema-iberico-Valdellinares100_0384-c.jpg_369272544

Capture1 Capture4



mapa_4685 remonte-el-bosque-valdelinares-teruel-jpg

Some shots from the Vuelta over the last few days

Tour of Spain - Stage 7 Tour of Spain - Stage 7 BwNwit_CEAA5JJz


Capture3 Capture2

PIC490924736 PIC490934226 Tour of Spain - Stage 8 PIC490887404

Tour of Spain - Stage 9




Tour of Spain - Stage 9 PIC491010463


tumblr_n22tqcqIMf1sw4w99o1_500 tumblr_n9hnglqWZe1sbhmx9o1_500


ADD – This weekend

As mentioned last week, this saturday the Adelaide Dirty Dozen rolls out from the new Red Berry at 7:30, for 3,000m of gut busting hill climbing in the Adelaide Hills.


So last Saturday I took the opportunity to head out for some last minute crunch training. 60 odd km and a tad under 2,500m later, I rolled back down into Norwood for a much needed caffeine and a greasy protein upload.

The morning was superb with  the hills looking splendiferous as spring starts to burst through. My rest came half way through, a few minutes just sitting on the side of the road at the top of Morgan Road, Ironbank, absolute Bliss. Looking North across the valley back towards Mt Lofty, miles away from anywhere, it doesn’t get much better than this.

unnamed (1) unnamed



And then it was back on the bike for Morgan, Pole and Whitewood – ouch!

Three other things that stood out from my ride were:

  • Bloody magpies – three separate attacks, wiyh the first up Belair Road actually scraping my helmet twice, the second was on Sheok, a vicious clicking of the beak 3 times right behind my right ear, and the third a bit further up Sheok where Ithe magpie was just checking me out.
  • At the bottom of the Mt Lofty climb from Crafers, 4 young ladies walking across the road stopped in the middle and cheered me on,,
  • And lastly, having the bejesus scared out of me riding up the last tight section of Upper Sturt Road.  It’s a narrow section of road and having a young idiot shouting at me through a megaphone a metre or so away from me did not go down too well. Jesus wept, a bit of a wobble but fortunately nothing major. Of course they were driving a Commodore!



No doubt you would have heard about the JDRF ride thats held the weekend before the TdU each year.



The Ride to Cure Diabetes is held in the Barossa Valley and raises funds for medical research to improve lives and find a cure for type 1 diabetes. People from all over Australia meet for the weekend, or just the day, to commemorate their extraordinary fundraising and cycling achievements.


In 2015 the Ride to Cure Diabetes is on Saturday 17th January, but people meet over the weekend from Friday 16th to Sunday 18th January.

download 1017174_10151910396481243_964368656_n

In the lead up to this years event, the JDRF are hosting a great event next week for any keen cyclists.

You’re invited to a friendly JDRF catch-up with a special guest – Stuart O’Grady OAM.

You’ll also have the chance to find out more about joining JDRF’s journey for the 2015 Ride to Cure Diabetes and win a Ride jersey signed by Stuart.

When: Wednesday 10 September 2014

Where: The Ballroom, Bunnik Tours, Ground Floor 45 Flinders Street, Adelaide
Time: 6pm – 7.30pm
Why: Reconnect with your friends in the T1D community, get some great cycling tips from Stuart and learn about upcoming JDRF events
RSVP: By Monday 8 September to or call 08 7226 1126

Light finger food and beverages will be served.

RSVP to today!

The JDRF Team
1300 363 126

Further details on JDRF can be found here.  JDRF 


Picture of the Week – Pele and Ali – Pele’s last match


tumblr_nay685Dgmc1tuih7ho1_1280 tumblr_n8dg0zJKWH1sbhmx9o1_500


till next time

tight spokes


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