giro – let the games begin

Last week, well, as few days ago, I talked about everesting in Adelaide.  All well and good, but how would you prove it. Strava of course, although a normal iphone charge would be lucky to track me for a 1/4 of the distance. So you need some form of long charge device.

One new such device that is due to come to the market in July is the Siva Atom.


The Atom is a lightweight, highly efficient bicycle generator and rechargeable battery pack designed to power virtually any of your electronic or mobile devices via USB.

Capture Capture2

The Atom is specifically designed to output a high quality, USB compatible 5V @ up to 1000mA. That means that if your device can be charged with a USB connection (iPhones, and iPods, Galaxy phones, GPS trackers, etc.), it will take a charge from the Atom. The 1000mA charge rate is the same as if you were plugged into the wall, which means your device will go from fully flat to fully charged.

The key players are Dave and Aaron (the mechanical engineer and designer).

dave and aaron

The Atom is low profile, weighs 300 grams and fits to the rear axle simply. Its the spin of the axle that engages the generator. The beauty of thuis device is that you can keep the iphone connected and charged at all times, thus providing the ability to track your everesting ride from woah to go!

Capture34 Capture3



A week to go in the Giro, and things are just starting to hot up.

Only seven minutes separates the top 10 riders. less than three minutes for the top six. And with some of the hardest climbs and most gruelling stages coming up, the maglia rosa is anybodies guess, however it looks like it will be one of these:

Rigoberto Uran – current leader – my guess – 2nd


Cadel Evans: currently 2nd @ 1:03 – fading – prediction 7th


Rafel Majka  – currently 3rd @ 1:50 – young and inexperienced – prediction 5th


Fabio Aru – currently 4th @ 2:24 – weight of the nation – prediction – 3rd


Nairo Quintana – currently 5th @ 2:40 – over illness, improving – prediction – 1st


Domenico Pozzovivo – currently 6th at 2:42 – no one from AG2R wins anything – prediction – 9th


So there you have it.


Who will be sitting in the chair next week




Gavia, Stelvio and Martello aint the italian three stogges

Chances are that by the time you read this, stage 16 would have been won.Three peaks over 2000 metres. The Gavia, Stelvio and Martello strike fear at the best of times, let alone one after the other.


If you get a chance, grab a gander of the higlights because they are bound to be spectacular.


At 2621 metres, Passo Gavia is the tenth highest paved mountain pass in Europe. It is in Lombardy, dividing the provinces of Sondrio and Brescia. It is NOT in the Dolomites. Andy Hampsted produced a memorable moment across the Gavia.

130510124234-andy-hampsten-2-single-image-cut pic80320201_600


The full climb is 5 kilometres longer and 233 metres higher than the Gavia. Located at an altitude of 2,758 metres, the Stelvio is the highest mountain in this Giro and also the highest mountain in Giro history. Beginning at 1,500 metres, air is thin, and once at 2,700 metres the air contains 80% less oxygen than at sea level.

8890 Adorni imagesCAG5EXB8



The closing climb of Val Martello is 22.3 kilometres long – meaning longer than the Stelvio, but it’s less steep and not as high.It’s very irregular though and tough to find a steady rhythm. The first 6.6 kilometres are at 7.5%, followed by a small descent and next 9 kilometres are at around 7%. After a short ‘break in the ascent’ the steepest part lies waiting at 14%.


Giro d'Italia 2013 - Tappa 16

The Moh’s scale of hardness is the most common method used to rank gemstones and minerals according to hardness. Devised by German mineralogist Friedrich Moh in 1812, this scale grades minerals on a scale from 1 (very soft) to 10 (very hard). Because the Mohs scale is a relative scale, the difference between the hardness of a diamond and that of a ruby is much greater than the difference in hardness between calcite and gypsum. As an example, diamond (10) is about 4-5 times harder than corundum (9), which is about 2 times harder than topaz (8).

The Giro scale will be up around the 10 after this stage!


Bad luck to Taylor Phinney

BMC Racing Team’s Taylor Phinneydid a left tib/fib fracture and damage to his knee after crashing on the descent of Lookout Mountain Monday at the USA Cycling professional road championships.


Phinney crashed on a left-hand turn approximately 43 kilometers into the 165.5-km race. BMC Racing Team Chief Medical Officer Dr. Max Testa said Phinney was undergoing surgery Monday night at a Chattanooga hospital for injuries that included a tib-fib fracture of his left lower leg, and an injury to the same knee.

Early reportsare that there was a run in with a moto on a sharp left, although he didn’t collide with the moto, he only had one way to go and unfiortunately ended up in the barrier

All the best with you recovery Taylor.



Run out of steam, so adios



till next week

tight spokes


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