Where’s Wednesday?


I’m sure two of these guys are in the Sunday group I ride in!


OK, a mini celebration for me – this is the 100th edition of Wednesday Legs.  

For those who have messed around in this arena, you will appreciate that the commitment is relentless, the weeks just keep on coming on. It has been tough at times finding weekly inspiration, some weeks the themes just flow and I have no dificulty whatsoever. Other weeks are left to the last minute, or in some cases, the day after the last minute. For good or bad, it just seems to come together. Some editions I look back and think what was I thinking. Other times I jump back and find incorrect statements, spelling, names or riders and the like, but what the heck, its not my day job. Then there are those that I sit back and think – I enjoyed that.

The blog has always been about me just messing around, hoping that you find my thought patterns and interests similarly interesting.  Some obviously do because I have had some positive feedback.  Recently jumping into twitter, I am now seeing a gentle rise in visits and views, see below.


As you have probably gathered, riding in the Adelaide Hills is a passion of mine. There are times when the hills just takes my breath away. I just love being able to stop for a few seconds, take a snap and post it on Wednesday Legs, here on this blog, facebook or twitter.

Now that Wednesday Legs is a centurion, I find myself thinking about what lies in store in the future?

Some of you were around when I first jumped in when it was just a weekly email. The inspiration for Wednesday Legs came from a friend of mine in the asset management realm who is a keen cyclist (not to mention faster, stronger and younger by a long way).

He mentioned over a coffee one day the group he rides with manage their rides through a weekly blog, and he just happened to mention someone generally adds a “leg of the week” (or something like that). Thats all it took to get the thought train to leave the platform.

After a year or so, the weekly email became large and unwieldy from both sides of the fence, so after a bit of research I decided to jump into blogosphere, deciding on Wordpress as the framework. It has served me well, and will continue to do so until such time when I decide to change my approach.

That is where you come in!


You’ve been on a free meal ticket for some time now, and whilst I have received some feedback from time to time, which has been appreciated, I would love to get some useful feedback with your thoughts on how I can improve this blog.

Without putting boundaries on your feedback, I’m keen to feedback on the following  themes:

  • What works well
  • What doesn’t
  • What would make it better
  • What would you like more/less of
  • Would you consider providing sponsorship

So, if you have a few ticks, please email me with your feedback on

ok, enough of that, now onto this


Great week for OGE

English Neo-Pro Adam Yates won his first stage race at the Tour of Turkey.

ay stage 6 tot


and Swiss Michael Albasini won three stages of the Tour de Romandie

mas1 mas2 mas5


Michael Albasini



As you know the Giro starts this weekend in Ireland, with SBS showing all stages live*.  I read the fine print on the sbs advert – apparently it is only live in the Eastern states.  This follows their broadcasting approach for some of the recent spring races this year where Adelaide was on a half hour delay. Painfull. After all the crap that was being thrown at CH9 during the TDU and the support for SBS, it is very dissapointing that we find ourselves in Adelaide treated this way. Come on SBS, its just half an hour. You might find that you’ll get more viewers if we knew we were closer to the finsh.


If you live on the Eastern Seaboard that is!




Great, but still BOLLOCKS!


Now, onto the Giro

Check out this Ireland youtube Giro promo, some spectacular bike handling skills set amongst some gorgeous Irish landmarks.

Giro Ireland

Giro Classifications


  • General
  • Mountain
  • Points
  • Young Rider

And to celebrate the start in Northern Ireland this year, the giro have introduced a new jersey for the most combative rider, just to stir the pot, although they haven’t yet chosen whether to go with the green or orange.


Mark Cavendish

Stage 1



_53616343_belfast464 00-loyalist_1364653i-582x375

10341862_706534296051462_690450734103367364_n 1-freedom-corner-mural-belfast-thomas-r-fletcher 11375833 20109259618393621_20 freedom-corner-mural-belfast-thomas-r-fletcher graf12 Loyalist-murals-Newtownards-Road-East


no479r red-hand-of-ulster-loyalist-wall-mural-shankill-belfast-joe-fox UVF 1 - Castlereagh Road, 2006


Stage 2




Stage 3




eden_valley_v2 South Armagh Tyrone_55712

Capture Christ-Church-Cathedral


Dublin%20(5) Dublin OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA largest TopDublinPubs


Elbows Akimbo

I’ve not had the opportunity of popping in to see these guys so I cant add anything about their operation, but I do like the look of their workshop – It looks awfully clean. How old is this?


Capture2 10320508_583951921702474_4328801656907735197_n 10270678_583952191702447_7241071791320255079_n 1959414_583951918369141_6642330873617157907_n 10173603_583952118369121_7905370256498604416_n




At Elbows Akimbo we provide high quality, state-of-the-art services for riders of all levels and disciplines: so that you can get the most out of your bike and body.  Our aim is to be Adelaide’s leading centre for bike servicingbike fitting and component installation. In addition, because we operate from a private workshop/studio close to the Adelaide CBD, we’re also able to offer a unique set of services and benefits.


Not only that, the kit looks good.



Goldfields Cyclassic

Looking for something different, the Goldfields Cyclassic, Australia’s richest handicap cycle race, is fast approaching (May 31-June 1).

Goldfield Classic footage from 2013 here – Goldfield Classic Youtube

Newsletter Header[9]

Two days, 150 cyclists and a very unique experience!

Six hundred kilometers east of Perth on the June long weekend, the golden region hosts Australia’s richest handicap cycle race. It is open to everyone, and anyone can win a share of the $40,000 prize money.

The real drawcard is the opportunity to cycle through the unique and theatrical landscapes of the Australia’s Golden Outback.


Day one begins in Kalgoorlie-Boulder, home to one of the world’s biggest open cut gold mines, the Super Pit. Then the challenge commences, 132km along the sealed road to the small yet very welcoming town of Menzies, home to the famous Anthony Gormley statues at Lake Ballard.

Once rested the riders have the opportunity to explore the town and watch the local children take part in their own special cycling race on the main street.

The local Shire puts on a dinner for all race participants before they head to bed, many at the nearby Morapoi Indigenous Station Stay, another rare outback experience.


It’s up with the birds on day two for a fantastic race breakfast before the final 103km to Leonora.

Heading down the hill out of Menzies, riders follow the road across the flat plains, past the historic mining town of Gwalia, complete with original 1900s miners cottages, and on to Leonora.

As the riders recover, foot athletes take centre stage as part of famous Leonora Golden Gift running race along the main street. Then it’s prizes, entertainment and a well-earned beverage before flying back to Perth.

2014 Goldfields Cyclassic – May 31 – June 1



Peeling back the layers – Rudi Altig : Germany’s last professional World Champion

Rudi Altig made cycling popular in Germany. The Mannheim won the green jersey in 1962. Overall his palmere includes 18 days in the yellow jersey and eight stage wins at the TdF as well as wins in the Tour of Flanders (64), Milan San Remo (68) and 3rd in the 64 Paris Roubaix.

Cycling - World Championship 1966 - Rudi Altig




Thats Rudi #2 at the 1964 TdF. LoL.


Winning Milan San Remo (68)120419082128868709738645


till next week

tight spokes


4 thoughts on “Giro

  1. Hi Ian,
    What you are doing is brilliant. You seam to have a strong following. The chick images are sensational !! The time you put in must be huge, but it’s also enjoyable when you have the time. Where do you go from here…. Yes you could advertise, mind you then it becomes the same as everyone else. You could offer a membership and those members may wish to advertise bikes and gear for sale. You could design clothing/cycling shirt with your logo, I’d buy one.
    You could build it up further with original content as you are slowly becoming known throughout the cycling world. Maybe get a cycling celeb to make a few comments.
    I always enjoy reading your blog and the photos are great. You could run a photo comp….

    Don’t stop, it’s great.

    Ride on…

    Cycle safe
    PS I hope to have it on the market by early 2015.
    46 cyclists kiled in Aus last’s pathetic.


    1. Thanks for your feedback Anthony

      I am keen to keep the format differant from others. There are many other sites that have the time, resources and technical understanding to provide insight into everything cycling. Mine is meant to be a “Womens Weekly” of the cycling world. Not to be taken seriously.

      Content is something I am considering and would probably be looking for reader oppoortunities, so good to get that feedback. I have a friend who is heading to the TdF, so he will be submitting some photos and comments on his experience – a little differant to the usual.
      The logo and apparel is onm my wish list – finances have been tight so I ahevn’t been able to invest on this side yet, but fingers crossed something will happen over the next 12 months
      I like your photo suggestion.

      Still very happy to promo your light when the opportunity arises.

      46 is a dreadfull #

      cheers and tight spokes. iPib


  2. Ian – the blog is brilliant, keep it going.

    I’ve really loved this one as my father came from Ireland and I have been there to visit his sister, my cousins, etc, many of the images sparked great memories.

    Dad came from Belfast and the “army” images are particularly poignant, being there and thinking about what had gone on in these locations was spine tingling, I actually felt like ‘I have to get out of here quickly” !

    Cheers mate



    1. Thanks Macca

      I don’t profess to knowing much about what went on over there. Apart from being on the 6 oclock news when i was a young lad, it never had any affect on my sheltered life, it was just another world event that never washed on by.

      I probably learnt more about the issues in the few minutes building this post than i did when it was actually happening back then.

      Some of the wall paintings look like they have been well looked after and probably means the tension is not too far away from the surface for some.

      Thanks for the feedback.




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