Thanks to the 99.99%

There has been a lot of media discussion about cyclists versus cars which ramps up during the warmer months every year. The social media has at times been quite vitriolic, most (and I am struggling with trying to recall when a pro cycling response has been vitriolic) from the anti cycling side. I am astounded that there is such hate out there. Why? Yes there are wanker, red light running obnoxious idiotic cyclists, I’ve seen them, I try not to be one, but then again I’m sure I’ve pulled some stunts in the past unwittingly that has caused some drivers some aggravation.

I would have to say that in my opinion, the Adelaide drivers are, on the whole, quite accepting of cyclists.  Over the last few months I’ve put in over 1,800km and I can probably count on one hand the number of times I thought the car drivers acted in a reckless or stupid manner.  In the hills they have been considerate of overtaking on the winding roads, mostly holding back till it is safe to do so.

I try to give them a thankyou wave as they pass, and where possible either hold them up or wave them through as appropriate where I see they need some assistance.

Thanks to the 99.99%.


So, to the WANKER driving the green 4WD up on Humbug Scrub Road up behind Parra Wirra National Park at around 7:45 on Saturday morning, FUCK OFF. You are a dangerous son of a bitch. You came so close to us we felt the hairs on our arms wave around on the passing breeze.It was a straight section of road, there was no other traffic on the road, we were 2 abreast like are legally allowed to be, and if you thought we were causing an obstruction, give us a gentle toot.


Recent Races leading up to the Spring Classics


bettiniphoto_0163357_1_full_150 Capture Dubai Tour: "Circle of stars by Pininfarina" manualforspeed_dubai_burjkhalifa-6

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Peter Sagan (Cannondale) wins Tour of Oman Day 2 Stage 2 Fanja in Bidbid to Al Bustan.© Lloyd Images............. Capture Capture1 Capture2

coll2bCapture3 Capture4 Capture5 Capture6 Capture7 Capture8 Capture11 Capture21

A moments silence to remember the passing of IAM rider Kristoff Goddaert – RIP

Kristoff Goddaert


They’re here – The Spring Classics

From the warmer climates of Adelaide, Qatar, Oman, and Dubai, the Spring Classics are finally here, and now we can get our teeth into the racing season proper.


This weekend sees the first touch of the Belgian calendar for 2014, with a pair of “semi-classics”.

Saturday’s 69th edition of the Omloop Het Nieuwsblad has all the feel of a mini-Ronde van Vlaanderen (Tour of Flanders),


While Sunday’s Kuurne-Brussels-Kuurne typically sees the sprinters take a shot at victory. There was no winner 2103 as the race was cancelled due to snow.  Whatever happened to Rule #5?



Forecasters are calling for cool temperatures in the low 10 deg C, with a chance of rain Saturday, and clearer skies Sunday.

You can folow all the action on the Flanders Classics App


Detailed information about the location of hills cobblestone sections on the map. Other useful information, such as parkings, vip tents, … can easily be located on the map.

Stay up to date with every news updates done about the race. You can easily swipe though all the Facebook post, comment an like every Facebook post.

Compete with your friends, compare your prediction and grab the win.
Every race you have the opportunity to claim the prize of the day. The most regular contender wins the GC.

Cycling is a social experience, so it’s possible for users to connect with their Facebook friends. During the race, you can easily see the location of your friends on the map.

iTunes link to the App here – Flanders Classics



Matti Breschel

Tinkoff-Saxo Dane, Matti Breschel had just finished the final stage of Tour of Oman, when he crashed on his way back to his hotel.


Matti here explains what happened:

“After the stage, we were riding back to our hotel and on a descent when I was going 70 kilometers an hour, a mattress flew into my front wheel and brought the bike to a standstill. I hit the asphalt pretty hard and lost a lot of skin on my legs and face and the wound on my knee had to be stitched up. It’s still too early to say but I trust it doesn’t influence my preparations for the classic campaign and I’ll stick to my regular training program. I’m not concerned at this moment,” he says.




3 Peaks Tips

From Cycling Inform with minor modifications

SCODY 3 Peaks Challenge Tip One – Wear sun screen:

Make sure you have a small tube of sun screen on you and apply it regularly.

#2 – Drink regularly:

For exactly the same reason as tip one its important to ensure that you are drinking regularly to avoid dehydration. As this new course will have you in the valleys in the heat of the day you could find that your sweat loss may exceed your consumption. Make sure that you are on top of your hydration for all of the day by sipping on your drink bottle frequently.

#3 – Ensure you consume 30-60 grams of carbohydrate per hour every hour you are riding:

This is another critical tip. There will be regular stops for food and water but you will still need to take along additional food to supplement what is available at the stops.Don’t try anything new on the day to avoid problems. Stick with what has worked for you in your training rides.

#5 – Make sure that you have all your stuff together before the 3 peaks cycling challenge:

Create a checklist in the week leading up to the event all the things that you’ll need to take with you. Go through it before you leave to travel to the 3 peaks cycling challenge. Make sure that you have all your food and clothing sorted a few days before the ride.

#5 – Wear the appropriate clothing for the conditions:

Descend off Falls Creek  with a jacket or wind vest and arm and leg warmers but this is dependent on the temperature at the top of Falls. Its generally quite cold at that time in the morning so dress appropriately for it. If its less than 10 degrees booties and gloves could be worn as well.

#6 – Check your tires:

The climb up the back side of Falls Creek has a very rough quartz surface that will cut any light weight racing tyres to shreds in the wet. If the weather is going to be dry then there is a far better chance of getting up this quartz surface without shredding your racing tyres.   Optimum tyre pressure around 100-110 psi for 700 x 23c tyres. A higher tyre pressure won’t work for these roads.

#7 – Take advantage of the bunches that will form in the valleys.

Keep safe, but take advantage of bunches riding slightly faster than yourself.

#8 – Secure your items on your bike.

Saddle bags, pumps and drink bottles not secured correctly become little missiles of pain.

#9 – Keeping left at all times and being courteous to other riders and road users.


till next week

tight spoke


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