This just feels so good

Doesn’t it just?

The spell of absurdly hot weather is a lifetime ago (last week) and mother nature is puffing out her chest and showing Adelaide in its best colours. Its a great time of the year to be riding in Adelaide.

I love seeing the different kits out on the road, new riders sweeping past me on the local climbs and the cafes full of bikes leaning against whatever spare vertical space riders can find.

I was riding up Greenhill this morning (Wednesday) and got stopped at the top when someone recognised the retro Raleigh jersey. We had a quick chat. He used to ride Raleighs back in the UK and loved the jersey, took my picture.


I have taken the opportunity to test trial a few bikes from the Bike expo in Victoria Square, the first this morning and one more Wednesday morning.  With the expo not opening during the week till 12 noon, its difficult to get a trial bike for an hour up into the hills for a decent ride. I did find that if you ask nicely they will probably let you take one out overnight. IMG_1346 This mornings ride was a on a Bianchi Infinito CV. The Bianchi Infinito CV is an endurance bike that features carbon fibre technology they call CounterVail Vibration Cancelling Composite Technology to dampen high frequency vibrations, supposedly to produce a smooth ride while still delivering all the stiffness you need for a superbly responsive and direct ride. CounterVail is used in just a few places in the frame, mostly in the fork blades and in the rear stays of the frame, but they won’t reveal the exact extent of its usage. I took it for a ride up Greenhill Road and across to Mt Lofty before a brief photo shoot (if you can call a few snaps on the iphone a photo shoot), before taking it across to Norton and down Old NS Road, Some very familiar roads where I can compare the ride quality to that provided by my existing EMC2 team equipe. It would be fair to say that it isn’t the lightest bike going around, but it has been designed with endurance in mind, not racing. The dampening effect is created by a viscoelastic material incorporated into the carbon fibre layup ??? I looked it up (I didn’t really need to, I’m an engineer you see, but some of you may not have the training I have had)

  • Viscous – having a thick, sticky consistency between solid and liquid; having a high viscosity. (Viscosity – The state of being thick, sticky, and semi-fluid in consistency, due to internal friction)
  • Elastic – the ability of an object or material to resume its normal shape after being stretched or compressed; stretchiness.

That being said, the frame is designed to absorb some of the vibration before it is transmitted through to your feet, arse and hands. I didn’t feel much difference whilst riding up Greenhill, in fact it was a fairly blustery morning so i was held back from attempting a Strava pb. It wasn’t until I started rolling down Mt Lofty road heading back towards Greenhill that I was very pleasantly surprised. This little baby was smooth. IMG_1285


IMG_1287 IMG_1286 IMG_1289 IMG_1291 IMG_1293 IMG_1294 I thought I’d be a little tentative riding a “loan” bike, but I was enjoying it too much to go at anything other than my usual speed. As most of you would know, the Mt Lofty road is heavy (granular), and can bounce you around in some parts.

It didn’t take too long to realise that  I may need a divorce lawyer, because I was enjoying this little baby. It seemed to be ironing out the vibrations just as the blurb says it would. The geometry is quite forgiving, not at all as extreme as some of the race style bikes in the marketplace. Another thing is the capacity for wider tyres. There’s space between the rear stays and fork for tyres up to 28mm wide, with wider tyres contributing to vibration absorption.

The model I rode is around $5,500 ride away. I have heard that the exhibitors do like to move these bikes on as demo models at the end of the expo, so you may be able to arrange yourself a good deal towards the end of the expo.

Oh yeah, the fella who looked after me was Brad. Brad has a automotive/bike shop down Goolwa called Supreme Auto Mart/Supreme Procycles.  Keep an eye out for them when your down in that neck of the woods. Capture Capture2 While on the subject of Mt Lofty, it was good to see riders up at the lookout and taking over the Cafe. IMG_1299


IMG_1302 IMG_1303 I love this shot.


Feels like we’re on top of the world, but in reality a short 50 minutes (+/-) from the cbd. I have a Focus sitting in the garage waiting for a ride tomorrow morning. I’ll add my thoughts in next weeks posting. _________________________________________________________________

As you have no doubt heard, Gerro won Stage 1 by out-greipeling Greipel. A superb tactical finish on the slight uphill into Angaston, and by the looks of it, a great selection of gearing compared to Andre who seemed to be labouring on a bigger gear. tdu2014-st1-sprint-finish Tour Down Under - Stage One Poor old greipel, second again after being smashed on the line by fellow countryman Marcel Kittel on Sunday night. I hear from the ladies that he is a good lover though! Great to see the Man ‘o’ Steele von Hoff coming through in 3rd place. With the 10 second bonus and a further bonus second gained in an intermediate sprint, Gerro is in the box seat.


Zecca Hutt Street


A lovely cafe run by David Solari is Zecca bar and Kitchen at 172a Hutt Street..

David is a former cyclist who is the only person in cycling history to be national champion in two countries in the same year, 1985. He was Australian Junior pursuit champion and Italian Champion. David had duel citizenship and represented Italy at the 1988 Seoul Olympics[1] and eight World track Championships. He collected two bronze medals in 1986, a bronze in 1989 and silver in 1990, 91 and 92.. David also won eight Italian National track championships as well as representing Italy on 158 occasions.

They have just reopened after refurbishment.

IMG_1305 IMG_1307 IMG_1308 IMG_1310 IMG_1312 IMG_1313

1478984_458824730885412_1162614327_n 1538628_458824700885415_1034729958_n


Tour Tweets

The below are some of the pictures tweeted over the last few days riders and visitors alike.  Some great pictures.




misha bikegirls 2

BegBNXMCQAE_12C BegBTzwCIAAg2bv BegCG95CQAIW8So BegCREJCMAAGGd1 BegDzM0CAAAQFf0 BegElAyCIAAVW1Y BegEZwECAAEfcgD BeQ9cuGIQAAtvoZ Santos Tour Down Under stage-1 Santos Tour Down Under stage-1 Gerrans-wins-Stage-1-2014-Santos-Tour-down-Under-Low-view TDU Stage 1 TDU Stage 1 TDU Stage 1 tdu2014-st1-sprint-finish


burning man bikegirls 10


2013 Jeny bmx 2


Published Photos from CyclingTips

Have a look here for some stage 1 photos and commentary.  CyclingTips. These guys regularly post some of the best cycling photography you will see all year round.  Some of my favs are: Santos Tour Down Under stage-1

Richie Porte
Richie Porte
Andre's Shoes
Andre’s Shoes

Santos Tour Down Under stage-1 Santos Tour Down Under stage-1

katya sambuca bicycle blonde bike girl babe ride 9

till next week

Tight spokes


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