How Good Was That

Xmas cheer

I was obviously  good boy last year because Santa brought me some new Bibnicks, a new Helmet and a foam roller. Hopefully you received what you wished for, More on the roller later, but the bibnicks were purchased from Babici Capture Babici are based in Surry Hills NSW, and produce some of the best looking cycling gear going around. Whilst the wife and daughter were in shopping on the boxing day sales, I was at home surfing the net (on the phone) whilst watching the Poms slowly sink further into the mire. I had been looking at the Babici Knicks for some time, but finances had been tight so no purchases forthcoming. So it was with great pleasure that I found on Boxing Day that Babici had some items on sale, including the Knicks I had been looking at. Capture2 A couple of clicks later at walah! or so I thought.  The Knicks arrived quite quickly, but alas I found the size too small for me. I’m 5″10 ish with a 34 ish waistline. The sizing chart indicated that I should have been quite comfortable in a Large in both waist and height, but I found the fit too tight for my comfort. I probably could have worn them, but just a wee bit tight for what I was used too. So back they went, and 4 days later the new Nicks turned up. IMG_1233


IMG_1234 I love them, I found these fit much better. After several rides, I found the chamois to be well positioned and just enough to without feeling like I was riding in diapers. The most pleasant surprise I must admit was the fabric, lightweight with grippers that were hardly noticeable.  A pleasure to ride in. Packaging was differant to other purchases, A nice little fabric pouch with the the nicks, a $10 voucher, a return policy card and a few babici stickers. The pouch was a nice little touch. Oh, one other thing, the leg length is an inch shorter than my others, so I now have a burn line just above my tan line. The upshot of my purchase. As with all clothing purchases, be wary about the size. If in doubt, make contact with them. I found Kev at Babici to be very friendly and helpful, and the they couldn’t do enough to help me out over the xmas period. Kev responded to my email whilst he was on on a holiday – that’s terrific service. Of course with my return, it cost me an extra $20 (which included the express post return envelope), but I still came out ahead.



TDU – the excitement builds

The Tour Village is up, the square has been handed over (I think), but like any good builder they would have left defects for the client to find. IMG_1248 Good to see the square closed off to traffic and chaos reigning. IMG_1249



The teams are mostly complete and sightings are becoming the norm again around the hills of Adelaide. They would be struggling with the weather though. Adelaide hit 45.1 this afternoon (Tuesday), with a low of 31.3 the previous evening. Good to see that Mt Lofty was a lot cooler. Capture Capture2 The forecast for the remainder of the week: Capture3 Meanwhile, over in Europe:

Grenoble Grenoble Liege Liege Pamplona Pamplona Spain San Remo San Remo Italy Good to see the guys at the bollards promoting the Ride Like Crazy over the last month. Thanks for the cake and snakes fellas. If you get a chance, join in with the RLC ride on January 19th.IMG_1114

778388p3413EDNmainCapture 1525664_728557457155306_1662034210_n



5 too many

Apologies in advance if this discussion rubs raw. The elephant in the room for those of us who love to ride is the possibility of an accident or collision with a car. Last year was horrific for cycling deaths across Australia, with 5 deaths recorded in South Australia. IMG_1146 IMG_1145 IMG_1144 IMG_1143 My thoughts go out to the families, friends and colleagues of the riders who passed away. I posted an article last year about ghost riding. Well I’ve had a chat with a few of my mates and have received their support for organising a ghost ride in Adelaide. (refer posting August 15 2013 ghostride). My aim is to organise a ghost ride in round 2 months time to remember those who have passed before us. _________________________________________________________

Australian National Road Titles – Bunningyong

That was a brilliant race last Sunday. Congratulations to Greenedge’s Simon Gerrans for a terrific team win. Chapeau to Cadel Evans in second and Richie Porte in third spot. Special mention to Simon Clarke who set up the win on that last lap for Simon.




Congrats to Defending champion Gracie Elvin who repeated her win in women’s elite road race.




I’ll see your pain and I’ll raise you

Has anyone ever tried using one of these things? Remember that feeling in your thighs the day after when you try to massage out those sore spots? It can be painful. Now try to imagine that instead of the hands of a trained masseuse, you have that 130kg white uniformed Russian orderly who uses their full weight to push their elbow into  your knotted thigh. Your thinking Ouch eh! Well let me tell you that that is nothing compared to the pain you can inflict onto yourself using a roller. The following Youtube clip shows some key exercises used by the Garmin Sharp use these to help flush out the muscle aches and pains, toxins and lactic acid in the legs. Clip courtesy of GCN. Foam Roller Exercise Capture2

tumblr_mz1lfphDIZ1tnrvquo1_1280Capture3 These things are so painful that even Jens would listen to his legs. I’ve had mine for just under a week now, and had some pretty intense rides over the last week that have left my legs hanging in the hurt locker, however I must admit that using this foam roller, whilst painfull at the time, has certainly helped iron out some of those knots. For $34, I think this is an excellent purchase.


Public Apology

I have been stood up on numerous broken promises for a dark o’clock ride by one Rick Mc,,,,,,,, and several weeks ago I disrespectfully (again) scoffed within our ride group circle another McPromise of another early morning ride. Well, Rick, as requested, I offer my apologies as lo-and-behold, you did turn up at the Tower Hotel at 6:30am and you did stick it out up to Lobethal and back. Well done young fella.

Rick on the left
Rick on the right


Oh, by the way, the following Tuesday when you McPromised to meet at the Tower Hotel for a ride up Montacute and across to Picadilly Valley. Remember that morning, you and Rog, I was 10 minutes late and triued to catch you, only to find out later in the day that you had the sniffles and decided to wuss out. ………………………Another broken McPromise.


TDU Twits

A list of world tour cyclists categorized by team. For each cyclist the number of followers and the number of days since they last tweeted. The following blog (Velofacts) has sumarised the tweet accounts for the teams and riders – refer this link Twitters

TV sger




RP rden mren

900 Block of W Nelson St, Chicago, IL



JV jbob



FS Capture ahans agr

Oh yeah………….


till next week

tight spokes


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