Back on Line


Normal transmission will resume shortly.

Sorry for the last few weeks, but we shifted house – still in Norwood, but closer to the city – and had a few dramas on the IT front. More details in next weeks posting, however we:

  1. booked in a transfer of services to our new house before the move;
  2. were promised by our ISP (iPrimus (bastards!)) a connection between xmas and new years
  3. chased iPrimus (bastards!) several times between xmas and ny to find out status
  4. were shafted by iPrimus (bastards!) because it was all to difficult “Infrastructure” issues
  5. were told by iPrimus (bastards!) to find a new isp
  6. contacted internode because the neighbour (who was also the builders project manager and moved in the same time we did (duplex)) had internode connected that morning
  7.  were promised by internode to have the infrastructure issues sorted and connection up and running by the 8th
  8. were provided connection as promised, but……..
  9. modem died and couldn’t connect…….
  10. Bought new Fritz modem/router this morning and wallah!

Infrastructure issues were – the norwood exchange is a distance away, and there is a “booster” between us and the exchange full of Telstra equipment. Internode had to lease equipment from Telstra to allow for servicing of this neck of the woods.

I feel better now that I got that off my chest.

oh yeah, just one photo with this brief post.


Bloody lazy iPrimus (bastards!)

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