Furnace Sandwich

How lucky was the 2014 TdU, sandwiched between 2 weeks of skin blistering energy sapping weeks of heat.  I'm not sure we would have had the Jay Weatherwall's quoted 2,766,000 crowd had the TdU been 1 week earlier or later. A great tactical full team effort by Orica Green Edge to get their man Gerro … Continue reading Furnace Sandwich

TDU – Norwood Start

Some photos from this mornings start at Norwood. Before I get into it, how cool is Jens. I watched him for a few minutes this morning, during which he was interviewed for channel 7, signed autographs for his fans, posed for photos, whilst getting ready for his ride. And then to top it off, he … Continue reading TDU – Norwood Start

This just feels so good

Doesn't it just? The spell of absurdly hot weather is a lifetime ago (last week) and mother nature is puffing out her chest and showing Adelaide in its best colours. Its a great time of the year to be riding in Adelaide. I love seeing the different kits out on the road, new riders sweeping … Continue reading This just feels so good