Not so!


Unless you’ve been hiding under a bushel over the last few days, you would have heard about Dan Richter at Café Roubaix.


Dan is the owner of Cafe Roubaix Bicycle Studio, a Canadian bike shop near Calgary.

Dan would have to be the most famous bike shop owners going around, all thanks to Specialized. (Bastards!)


We’ve all heard of Roubaix.


Dan named his shop after what would have to be the best known cycling regions in the cycling world.

Dan is an Afghan war veteran. He left the military in 2012 as a captain after suffering post-traumatic stress disorder, and used his life savings as well as his military severance to open the business.


Dan makes Cafe Roubaix branded wheels.


Shop Door

Dan received a notice from Specialized (Bastards!) Bicycle Components a few months ago informing him that the company owns the trademark on the word Roubaix, which is used to market a range of bicycle models such as the Roubaix Expert SL4. It demanded that Richter change the name of his business.

“We got served notice of trademark infringement by a law firm out of Ontario representing Specialized,”(Bastards!) said Richter.


Specialized (Bastards!) Canadian Managing Director, Larry Koury, stated that the company was simply defending what it legally owns. “We are required to defend or lose our trademark registration,” he wrote.


Dan doesn’t have the money to fight the order, so he will be changing the bikes shops name.

Or so he thought.


Since last week, when Dans plight made the news, the social media has gone bunta, mostly negative commentary aimed fair and square at Specialized (Bastards!). It seems that people are a little peeved at  and also that Specialized (Bastards!) actually had the temerity to trademark the Roubaix name in Canada.

Apparently it wasn’t all that it seemed.

The CEO for Advanced Sports International, the firm that owns Fuji Bikes and holds the trademark for the term “Roubaix” in the United States, told Bicycle Retailer’s Steve Frothingham on Monday that Specialized (Bastards!) lacked the authority to pursue a trademark case against the owner of a small bike shop and wheel-building operation in Alberta, Canada.

“We are in the process of notifying Specialized (Bastards!) that they did not have the authority, as part of our license agreement, to stop Daniel Richter … from using the Roubaix name,”

In essence, ASI told Specialized to back off and let Richter use the word.



Word is that Specialized (Bastards!) and Dan have just reached an amicable arrangement.


Power to the People! And a disastrous move by Specialized – The Bastard Bike Company.



Road Bike Party 2

And here’s another you must have seen over the last few days.



Where have you been?

Just three months after suffering a severe spinal injury, Martyn Ashton,international mountain bike trials legend and ex-World Champion, released his spectacular sequel to the viral video Road Bike Party; Road Bike Party 2.

Martyn fell awkwardly at the Silverstone Moto Grand Prix while performing a stunt for the Animal WD40 Action Sports Tour, and dislocated his T9 and T10 vertebrae. He also suffered significant damage to his lower spinal cord.


What these guys do with a Colnago is beyond belief. Do yourself a Molly Meldrum and have a look at this clip.

This is the Colnago official page bike used in the film (film staring Martyn Ashton Danny MacAskill and Chris Akrigg).

TRUE FACT, there was only one puncture and one scuff to a brake lever during the whole making on the film.

The bike is a Colnago C59 Disc.  RRP – £9,999.95

1471076_10152100730170429_1887336886_n 1471400_10152100730265429_1494534282_n

1482820_619297871467864_1513270235_n1472052_10152100730315429_1161890145_n 1482833_10152100730185429_1423547802_n 1487341_10152100730275429_1744200292_n 1499539_10152100730180429_1669165093_n



The Italians Came – Velorama – Peel Street

A few weeks ago I mentioned that Peel Street was the venue for Velorama, and the screening of Breaking Away.

Unfortunately I didn’t get down there (I was watching on the big screen Adelaide United grab defeat from the …………again!), but Martin Lemmy from work did, and passed on the following photos.

Pic 1 Pic 2 Pic 5 Pic 6 Pic 7


Arise Sir Brad



Sir Bradley Wiggins has been knighted by the Queen at Buckingham Palace in a ceremony he described as “humbling”.

download (1)

Sir Bradley, who won gold at the London Olympics and became the first British winner of the Tour de France, was honoured for services to cycling.




till next wheel

tight spokes


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