The experiment

Winters gone, the inclement spring weather is here, and the moon boot has been relegated to the 3rd bedroom cupboard, hopefully never to be seen again.

Now that the moon boot has gone, the second half of my experiment begins.


The first half was to see how much weight I would put on by not cycling.  I’ve tried to eat and drink normally, as if I were cycling, but I must admit there were times where I probably had the occasional extra piece of chocolate or scoop of gelati, just because.

  • Starting weight – lets say 79.5kg
  • Weight after 7 weeks of inactivity – 83.5kg

I must admit I’m feeling blurgh, but now the fun begins.


Melbourne to Warrnambool


The 98th Classic race is one of Australia’s oldest and most prestigious race. It was first held in 1895 where 50 riders entered, 24 started, and only 7 finished.

The race has been held 90 times, 32 of which have been run in reverse.


This years race last Saturday was domiated by Budget Forklifts, where New Zealand’s Sam Horgan took out the classic in a team trifecta ahead of teammates Jack Anderson and Jacob Kauffman.

Jack Anderson (left), Samuel Horgan (centre) and Jacob Kauffmann (right)


1186237_588373481205034_964441390_n 08_2013_MelbWarnambE8081C 13_2013_MelbWarnambE80821

Jack Anderson (left), Samuel Horgan (centre) and Jacob Kauffmann (right)
Jack Anderson (left), Samuel Horgan (centre) and Jacob Kauffmann (right)

The following day was the Shipwreck Coast Classic was won by Alexander Ray from

01_2013_ShipwreckCoaE880D0 03_2013_ShipwreckCoaE880D3 11_2013_ShipwreckCoaE880DB



With only the 228km Grafton to Inverell remaining, Jack from Huon Salmon-Genesys Wealth Advisers Pro Cycling Team has got it in the bag.

The 2013 Subaru National Road Series Rankings after the Shipwreck Coast Classic. Well done on Alex and Harry from the SA team – Euride for sitting in the top ten.

1. Jack HAIG (HGP) 85 pt
2. Nathan EARLE (HGP) 83
3. Jack ANDERSON (BFL) 53
4. Alex EDMONDSON (ERD) 53
5. Samuel HORGAN (BFL) 47
6. Jai CRAWFORD (HGP) 43
7. Anthony GIACOPPO (HGP) 36
8. Joseph COOPER (HGP) 31
9. Darren LAPTHORNE (DPC) 27
10. Harry CARPENTER (ERD) 25

The team rankings after the Shipwreck Coast show Euride sitting 3rd place. An excellent result for the team.

1. Huon Salmon-Genesys Wealth Advisers Pro Cycling Team (HGP) 232 pt
2. Budget Forklifts (BFL) 168
3. Euride Racing (ERD) 126
4. Drapac Cycling (DPC) 122
5. search2retain p/b (STR) 75
6. CharterMason Drapac Development Team (CHM) 55
7. Satalyst Giant Racing Team (SGR) 39
8. Pro Team Downunder (PTD) 38
9. African Wildlife Safaris Cycling Team (AWS) 38
10. Racing Kangaroos Cycling Development Program (RKG) 31


Sir Chris Hoy


1175364_580806461961736_333202222_n hoy_2302985b UCI Track Cycling World Championships - Day Four chris-hoy

As you probably know, Sir Chris Hoy will be coming to South Australia for next January’s Tour Down Under Legends’ Night Dinner.

The Scotsman is the most successful Olympic track cyclist of all time. He retired earlier this year after a glorious career which saw him crowned the world champion 11-times world, along with picking up 6 Olympic gold medals.



South Australia
Australian Road Rules
under the Road Traffic Act 1961
Some pertinent road rules you should be aware of.
19—References to driver includes rider etc
Unless otherwise expressly stated in the Australian Road Rules , each reference in the Rules (except in this Division) to a driver includes a reference to a rider, and each reference in the Rules (except in this Division) to driving includes a reference to riding.
56—Stopping for a red traffic light or arrow
(1) A driver approaching or at traffic lights showing a red traffic light must stop:
245—Riding a bicycle
The rider of a bicycle must:
(a) sit astride the rider’s seat facing forwards (except if the bicycle is not built to
be ridden astride); and
(b) ride with at least 1 hand on the handlebars; and
(c) if the bicycle is equipped with a seat—not ride the bicycle seated in any other
position on the bicycle.
247—Riding in a bicycle lane on a road
(1) The rider of a bicycle riding on a length of road with a bicycle lane designed for bicycles travelling in the same direction as the rider must ride in the bicycle lane
unless it is impracticable to do so.
253—Bicycle riders not to cause a traffic hazard
The rider of a bicycle must not cause a traffic hazard by moving into the path of a
driver or pedestrian.
256—Bicycle helmets
(1) The rider of a bicycle must wear an approved bicycle helmet securely fitted and

fastened on the rider’s head

258—Equipment on a bicycle
A person must not ride a bicycle that does not have:
(a) at least 1 effective brake; and
(b) a bell, horn, or similar warning device, in working order.
259—Riding at night
The rider of a bicycle must not ride at night, or in hazardous weather conditions
causing reduced visibility, unless the bicycle, or the rider, displays:
(a) a flashing or steady white light that is clearly visible for at least 200 metres
from the front of the bicycle; and
(b) a flashing or steady red light that is clearly visible for at least 200 metres from
the rear of the bicycle; and
(c) a red reflector that is clearly visible for at least 50 metres from the rear of the
bicycle when light is projected onto it by a vehicle’s headlight on low-beam.
269—Opening doors and getting out of a vehicle etc
(3) A person must not cause a hazard to any person or vehicle by opening a door of a
vehicle, leaving a door of a vehicle open, or getting off, or out of, a vehicle.
Toy of the Week – Stumpy

The Specialized Stumpy II Shoe is built from state-of-the-art-leisure technology, this rubber soled trainer only looks like our S-Works cycling shoe, but its true purpose is the victory walk from bike to podium. You can now look as fast in casual clothes as you do on your bike.

  • Fabric -Micromatrix upper material for supple comfort
  • Fabric Properties -Light, tough, and water-resistant
  • Fastening -Replaceable high-strength braided steel lace
  • Ventilation – Ultra-vented tongue for breathability
  • Upper – Micromatrix upper material for supple comfort
  • Insole – High Performance BG footbed included
  • Closure – Two independent Boa dials optimize closure in each zone: Top dial locks the ankle and heel down, while mid-foot dial snugs the arch and forefoot
till next week
tight spokes

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