The Finishers

1391728_10151907363172430_1197641189_nYou would have seen photos posted here a few weeks ago, but the film of the Adelaide 2013 DD has been released and available on Youtube.

ADD 2013 – Ride Hard

An excellent production by Phil Crick, Michelle Crick and Nick Lothian

Well done guys.

The climbs (copied from the Film)

c13 woodlands c12 cork

Climb 1 - Mount Osmond

c10 knotts hill

1383751_600025833371793_1584406586_n c9 nichols c8 burdetts road c7 ridgeland drive c6 knox c5 coach road c4 kens rd c3 heatherbank

Climb 2

Mt Os


There has been no finishing list posted at RedBerry yet, but the film lists all finishers.

Well done to all on the list.











Looking for something a little different on the roads this summer?



Designed by Australian street and fashion artists, developed and manufactured in Italy.

Attaquer is set to break the mould of what you’ve come to know of your cycling kit.


It’s time to stand out in the pack.



Attaquer is available at:




British Military Fitness instructor Jason Revel outlines a six steps workout that can have a positive impact on a cyclist’s training regime (from Bike Radar)


1 – Plyometric squat jump

poly squat


This exercise places an overload of weight on your thighs, the main source of power for any cyclist. This helps them gain strength and power, needed for better endurance and speed. It’s imperative that you keep your back straight during this exercise. Stand with your feet shoulder-width apart and squat down as if you were sitting on a chair. As you do so, raise your arms level with the ground. When your thighs are parallel to the ground, jump up as high as you can throwing your arms up in the air. Go for height during this exercise. On landing, return to a seated squat in slow motion. Repeat for one minute and rest for 20 seconds. Complete three sets.

2 The bridge

the bridge

This is a core stability strengthener. It also works your gluteus maximus and hamstrings, helping them to gain increased strength and power necessary for high pedalling cadence. Lie flat on your back with the soles of your feet firmly on the ground. Thrust your hips up, trying to get them as high as you can. Keep your hands palms down beside your body. To increase the intensity you can raise one leg off the ground and extend it straight. Hold for 30 seconds, release for 10 seconds. Repeat three sets.

3 The Plank


This helps strengthen your core, which is an important factor in any cyclist’s fitness regime. A strong core provides a stable pedalling platform and helps maintain good posture, lessening the risk of back pain. To carry out the plank you need to get yourself down into the press-up position. However, instead of placing the palms of your hands on the ground, place your forearms on the ground. It’s important to keep your backside down and your body straight. A trick to this is to look up, as then you’ll naturally drop your backside. Hold the plank by tightening your stomach muscles, until you can’t hold it any more. Complete three sets with a 30-second rest between each set. To make the plank harder you can extend one arm in front of you.

4 Step-up

step up

Find a kerb or a step. Stand front on to it and step up, leading with your left foot, so both feet are fully on the step, including the heel, then step down. Now step up leading with your right foot and step down. Complete three 90-second sets as fast as you can. As a cyclist it’s essential to have a strong and healthy heart and lungs, and because this is a good cardiovascular workout it strengthens both, as well as providing further training for your thighs. It’s important to complete the entire step-up as many people tend to hop from foot to foot.

Ski jumps

ski jump

This is another exercise to overload your thighs, especially as plyometric training has been proven to significantly strengthen leg muscles. The starting position is to stand as if you were in a lunge walk, rear knee just off the ground, front knee bent and again your back must be straight and body upright. Your fingers should be resting on your temples and your elbows hanging naturally by your sides. From this position jump in the air, going for height and at the same time swapping your legs over so the rear leg becomes the front leg and vice versa when you land. Complete three sets, continuing until you have to stop, with a 30-second rest between sets.

6 Pairs resistance running

For this exercise you’ll require a partner of roughly the same size as yourself. Face your partner and place your hands on his or her shoulders. They should then start running, pushing you backwards as you provide resistance to increase their workload. Your partner needs to be driving forward with arms and legs. For the first rep cover 50m, for the second rep 60m and for the third rep 70m. This should give a good burn to their thighs, strengthening the quad muscles, and strengthens your arms, which can be neglected in cycling. A straight back is important. Swap positions and repeat the exercise.

Other ways to fight yourself fit:

Boxercise: “A Boxercise class will improve cardiovascular fitness as well as strength, speed and reaction times, making it perfect for a cyclist who needs to be constantly aware of their surroundings. Boxercise will complement any cross-training due to the different energy systems used.


2013 Il Lombardia

The smiles had returned to the face of Rockin’ Joaquim Rodriguez after taking out the Il Lombardia for the 2nd time in a row, with his fellow spaniard  Alejandro Valverde just behind.

Il Lombardia
Rui Costa in his first outing in the stripes

PIC402327554 Il Lombardia 2013 di ciclismo - Gara Il Lombardia 2013 di ciclismo - Gara Il Lombardia 2013 di ciclismo - Gara Il Lombardia 2013 di ciclismo - Gara Il Lombardia 2013 di ciclismo - Gara Il Lombardia 2013 di ciclismo - Arrivo Il Lombardia 2013 di ciclismo - Gara Il Lombardia 2013 di ciclismo PIC402302775


Pro Changes

Next year will see some big changes on the circuit. My take on key changes so far are:

Team Changes

  • Euskaltel-Euskadi team – folding following failed attempts by Formula One driver Fernando Alonso
  • Vacensoleil-DCM – shutting down at end of 2013
  • Sojasun – shutting down at end of 2013
  • Champion System – shutting down at end of 2013


  • Marco Pinotti – The 37-year-old will slot into a new position at BMC Racing, where he will work as a coach alongside the team’s performance director, Allan Peiper, and former pro Bobby Julich.
  • Mikel Astarloza, 33 – Couldn’t find a new ride folowing Euskaltel-Euskadi team folding.
  • Juan Antonio Flecha
  • South African sprinter Robert Hunter was not offered a contract extension with Garmin-Sharp, and could not find another team, putting an unceremonious end to his 14-year career
  • Sandy Casar, the 36 year old classy French climber
  • Christian Vande Velde, 37, ended his career quietly last month at the pro team time trial world championship in Italy
  • David Zabriskie – ended his career at Sunday’s Giro di Lombardia
  • Angelo Furlan, 36
  • Anthony Charteux
  • Tadej Valjevec
  • Denis Menchov,
  • Stuart O’Grady – Orica Greenedge *



  • Mikel Nieve – Euskaltel-Euskadi to Sky
  • Mikel Landa – Euskaltel-Euskadi to Astana
  • Izagirre brothers  – Euskaltel-Euskadi  to Movistar
  • Thomas De Gendt – Omega Pharma-Quick Step (80 percent pay cut)

 Looking for new contracts

  • Chris Horner- 41 year old Vuelta winner out of contract
  • Igor Antón – Euskaltel-Euskadi to ???
  • Samuel Sánchez – Euskaltel-Euskadi to ???
  • Egoi Martínez – – Euskaltel-Euskadi to ???
  • Johnny Hoogerland – Vacansoleil to ???
  • Grega Bole – Vacansoleil to ???
  • Chris Butler – Champion System to ???
  • Craig Lewi – Champion System to ???
  • Chad Beyer – Champion System to ???
  • Juanjo Cobo, the 2011 Vuelta champion – Movistar to ???
  • Luis León Sánchez – Spanish rider – Belkin to ???


  • Russian businessman Oleg Tinkov pulled his money out of Saxo Bank, and has found a new team for 2014, reportedly Cannondale
  • Contador has agreed to take a pay cut to help keep the team together for 2014.
  • Canadian David Veilleux, who, at 25 is heading back to university


Toy of the Week – Rugged, All-weather Collar for Astro 320


  • High-sensitivity, top-mounted GPS/GLONASS receiver
  • Braided stainless steel VHF antenna
  • 26–54 hour battery life
  • Innovative bark detection technology
  • Dog position updates every 5, 10, 30 or 120 seconds

This rugged, waterproof¹ all-weather collar features a high-sensitivity, top-mounted  GPS and GLONASS-enabled receiver that works with the Astro 320 handheld dog device².

The DC 50 can track additional satellites using a combined GPS and GLONASS system, which will locate your dog more quickly and maintain location even in heavy tree cover or deep canyons.

A braided steel VHF antenna adds reliability and achieves a range of up to 9 miles, depending on the terrain. And the battery lasts 26 to 54 hours, depending on the update rate. Its innovative bark detection technology alerts you if your dog is barking even beyond audible range.

With additional DC 50 transmitters (sold separately), you can track up to 10 dogs simultaneously with one Astro 320. The DC 50 has a replaceable collar strap (sold separately) in a variety of colors. Dog position can be set to update every 5, 10, 30 or 120 seconds. It also features a PIN-based Collar Lock feature to prevent unauthorized persons from tracking your dog.

Great news, it is Waterproof to 10 m.


till next week

tight spokes

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