UCI World Rankings

The UCI top 20 updated standings as of 3 days ago.

Great to see Richie Porte in the top 10, not bad for a domestique.


Arctic Tour of Norway


This year sees the first Arctic Tour of Norway, a 4 day race taking in the stunning Northern Norway scenery. Starting August 8, this race will be raced above the Arctic Circle, from Bodø to Harstad via the Lofoten islands.





Race promoters have appointed Thor Hushovd as Ambassador and the Norwegian national champion couldn’t have come back to form at a better time.




“The riders will never forget riding along the fjords, the islands and the sea. Cycling is the only travelling sport which can showcase the most jaw-dropping places on Earth. Lots of viewers in the rest of the world will discover the most beautiful face of Norway thanks to footage of the Arctic Race. I’m proud of my country, so it’s an honour for me to be its ambassador. ……….Organising such an event is the logical next step for Norwegian cycling, after bringing up riders and finding a place for our activity in the country’s sporting landscape.”

3a6d6e86ca166ca84086af12778cc1da17a881291369308551 57_1norvegia__isole_lofoten_095 8228-Reine-Nordland_topp goat-svolvar-lofoten-norway-740

73099_658518400843128_1358778065_n images Norwegian-roads--Lofoten-Islands Scenic summer view from Reinebringen peak of Reine and Lofoten islands, Norway

The guys will have to get used to the longer daylight hours with Sunrise at 3:28am and sunset at 10:20pm.

But at this time of the year, the sun is waning so they lose around 10 minutes of sun each day.


Temperatures are a balmy 15degC max and 10degC minimum.


Tour of Poland

Congratulations to Orica GreenEdges Pieter Weening who won the Tour of Poland.

Pieter Weening

If you haven’t seen Taylor Phinneys Stage 4 win, have a look here at the way he held off the peleton to take a dramatic win.

Stage 4 finish


Some great ToP photos from SteephillTV

Cancellara Fabian Pieter Weening


passaggio del gruppo PIC388246544 PIC388389508 PIC387442441 passaggio del gruppo 70 Tour de Pologne


PIC387474722 70 Tour de Pologne PIC387487364 PIC387910125 PIC388222473 podio 70 Tour de Pologne PIC388366712



Caroline Buchanan – BMX World Champion

Congratulations to Caroline Buchanon for taking out the 2013 Elite Women’s BMX World Championship in Auckland.

Lauren+Reynolds+UCI+BMX+World+Championships+_WlV2UED2gyl buchanannzworlds buchanan-20130728213810954079-620x349 buchanan_006-1-1024x682

A great rebound after her London disappointment last year.



One more perspective on Stuey

This from a Wednesday Legs reader.

“That rider i talked about retired from pro ranks a couple years ago now to almost no acknowledgement!
He rode for lesser teams forging his career, he did ride some bigger tours with a respected team but  he was almost paying the team for his spot on the roster — he got paid so little.
He would sell his team kit and training bits off each winter to get by, then scratch out a living off the bike.
Haul himself back pre-season, onto the bike in solitude to get to fighting weight, rain hail and sunburn, 5-6 plus hour a day and 10 percent tuesdays.
I take my hat of to these guys they are driven beyond belief, wonderful athletes and friggin tough units.
Makes us sunday wannabes seem hapless and insignificant by comparison.
He makes good coffee and chats easily,but to ride with this guy, it just lifts you above what we know or think we can achieve.
To his credit he’s not bitter just realistic and no prima donna.”

Thanks for the email, you don’t very often get a chance to hear storys from the other side of the trench.


Amys Gran Fondo

Joining Keith and the lads from the SPACE at this years Amys Gran Fondo. Keith from Velo Porte  has been working his architectural butt off in organising the logistics. Help also from a number of bods, including contribution from the following sponsors has been able to keep some ofthe costs down.  Thanks all.

  • Commercial & General

  • MBFS Financial Solutions

  • Aura Objects

  • Rodeo



Toy of the Week – Helter Skelters



Rain pants for committed commuters, the playfully insane and long distance tourers. Three-quarter length styling makes ’em easy to pull on and off, enhances breathability, avoids chain suck and reduces bulk when stashed. HydroFoil fabric shields your thighs from deluges and your bum from rear wheel splatter.

  • Lightweight waterproof-breathable 2.5 layer HydroFoil fabric with fully tape-sealed seams for maximum waterproofness.
  • Zipped fly with gripper elastic waist keeps them hitched up.
  • One piece gusseted crutch.
  • Articulated knees.
  • Velcro speed tabs at cuffs.
  • Zipped rear pocket.
  • Turns into itself to form a tidy package.

Made by Ground Effects in New Zealand.


I bought a pair of these a few years back and wear them on my commutes into work on the rainy days.  Highly recommended.

Contrary to popular opinion, these are nothing like these.


Just had to drop this photo in.



till next week

tight spokes


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