I had heard a few rumours before kast weeks posting about Stuey, but didn’t post what later turned out to be fact.

  • Am I disappointed, absolutely
  • Do I believe that he Epoed just the once? I would like to believe it’s true.
  • Was he “forced” to retire earlier than anticipated and come clean with the imminent release of the French Senate report. Yes.
  • Has he had ample opportunity to come clean before last week. Yes. Check out Cyclingnews article December last year with quotes from Stuey
  • Is some of the vitriol that has surfaced in many media and social commentary sites justified? Not in my opinion.
  • Have we all made mistakes and have sins we don’t wish to expose. Again, absolutely.
  • Have I lied, cheated to improve my lot in life (not that I have a big “lot”, but I’m happy). Don’t tell anyone, but I think I told a few white lies and embellished my role on projects when attending interviews?
  • Will i dry my eye wiz a kangaroo? Not likely.

I was staggered by the news. My thoughts have been jumping around all week, not sure which way to turn. In a way I have been fortunate(?) that Wednesday Legs is a weekly post, and have therefore been able to sit back and watch/listen to the discussions and many opinions formed over the last week. Still, I am confused. I feel cheated, I feel disappointed on many levels, but Stuey is not an axe wielding maniac, he has not slammed into the back of an innocent cyclist and used his knowledge to hide from and manipulate the law, he has not devastated anyone’s life.

I feel sorry for him and am not sure what the future will hold for him. I feel sad for his family.

I think I just want to walk up to him and give him a big man hug and wish him all the best.

There are a few rider names painted on the road near the top of the Corkscrew, Stuey is one of them.  It was painted there for the TdU earlier this year.

It is fading.

That is sad.



One of my favourite pro cycling teams looks like it is one the ropes. They have not been able to come up with a replacement sponsor after funding from Basque public institutions has been drying up, leaving telecommunications company Euskaltel to cover the deficit.

Nieve 159 (abc)

The problem is that the various Basque institutions which previously backed the team are now no longer able to do so as a result of the tough economic climate in Spain and the Basque country.

Azanza 173

58253_10200982383355137_1127615622_nEuskaltel 1161 (eus)

The telecommunications company, which has backed the team since late 1997, stepped up its commitment this year to keep the team going. “Euskaltel, which annually provides 3.5 million euros out of a total budget of 9 million euros, this year has taken the effort to cover the share of the [Basque] institutions so that the team can compete in the elite of world cycling.”

Euskaltel 1269 img_3740_team_euskaltel_wating_for_the_start_600

That final stage the around the Champs-Élysées looks like the last time that Euskaltel will take part in the biggest bike race on earth, so says team head Igor González de Galdeano. The team’s future’s been up in the air for some time, and it now seems it’s over. For good.

“This is the last time the Euskaltel jersey will be in the Tour de France”, he tells Bilbao-daily El Correo. “No sponsors have visited us during the race. The public institutions have not stepped up and, from what I can tell, they’re not going to step up”.

Nieve 161 (Eus)


The team riders have been allowed to seek new teams for 2014 amid the fear Euskaltel-Euskadi may in fact fold completely.

2013 Euskaltel Euskadi (29):

  • Jon Aberasturi,
  • Igor Antón,
  • Mikel Astarloza,
  • Jorge Azanza,
  • Peio Bilbao,
  • Garikoitz Bravo,
  • Tarik Chaoufi,
  • Ricardo García,
  • Gorka Izagirre,
  • Ion Izagirre,
  • Jure Kocjan,
  • Mikel Landa,
  • Juan José Lobato,
  • Egoi Martínez,
  • Ricardo Mestre,
  • Miguel Minguez,
  • Mikel Nieve,
  • Juan José Oroz,
  • Rubén Pérez,
  • Steffen Radochla,
  • Adrián Sáez,
  • Samuel Sánchez,
  • André Schulze,
  • Alexandre Serebryakov,
  • Romain Sicard,
  • Ioannis Tamouridis,
  • Pablo Urtasun,
  • Gorka Verdugo,
  • Robert Vrecer

Yes, I know, they probably can be considered to be underachievers, and that is right down my alley, but they do support basque riders. They wear their colours with respect, they love their Basque country.

Radochla 2 (Eus) Verdugo 140 (eus)


I love their style, the colour they bring to the ride, the colour their supporters bring to the southern stages of the Tour de France, and I love the Orbea’s. Always have, always will.

Heres hoping they can find their own Gerry Ryan and come back fighting in 2014.


Euskaltel 168

You can follow Basque news at this Basque blog – Basque Cycling News


Corkscrew – The Full Fist


You know what it’s like. Its cold, its been wet, and it is very hard to get motivated to push yourself to get going. You know you need to, you know Spring isn’t too far away now and those winter legs are looking lilly white and feeling very chicken leg like.  Thats been me over this last month or so, however I was able to pull myself out of my winter lethargy and push myself damn close to my limit with 5 repeats of the Corkscrew last Saturday.



This was no Basque Country ride, but hey, I’m happy with it.


Dirty Dozen – Nichols Road

Speaking of riding in the hills. No doubt you all have the 2nd edition of the Dirty Dozen on Saturday 7th September in your Calender?

Over 3000m vertical in approximately 100km over a ‘Bakers Dozen’ of hills close to Adelaide. Are you up for the challenge?

Further details here – Adelaide Dirty Dozen

One of the climbs takes in Nichols Road. Only a short road, but is a great little test for those winter legs.













And back again









Ah, there is a reason for the full fist ……


Band of the Week – Saskwatch



I heard Nkechi Anele perform a duet with Chet Faker on Rockwiz the other night. The first time I had heard her. What a superb voice she has.

Have a look at this Youtube clip from Rockwiz – the old David Essex classic – Rock On

From Triple J – Having earned a reputation as one of Melbourne’s most electrifying live acts, 9-piece band Saskwatch have taken their unique music to some of the Australia’s biggest and best festivals, including Bluesfest, Meredith and Falls. They have graced the same stage as Sharon Jones & the Dap-Kings, Maceo Parker, Hypnotic Brass Ensemble and Earth, Wind and Fire. Their 2012 debut album, Leave It All Behind, was released to critical acclaim and their single, “Your Love”, fast became a triple j favourite. Last year also saw them perform an intensive series of shows at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival, and this year they are heading back to Europe to play BlackisBack in Spain as well as the world’s biggest music festival, Glastonbury. Earlier in the year they recorded new single “I Get Lonely” with Mikey Young (Eddy Current Suppression Ring/Total Control), which has also found a home on triple j, and they plan on heading into the studio as soon as they can to record their sophomore album.

Keep an eye out for them.

tumblr_lxpc5babSe1r9l5mzo1_1280 (1)

till next week

tight spokes


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