I had heard a few rumours before kast weeks posting about Stuey, but didn't post what later turned out to be fact. Am I disappointed, absolutely Do I believe that he Epoed just the once? I would like to believe it's true. Was he "forced" to retire earlier than anticipated and come clean with the … Continue reading Hmmmmmmmmm

“19 years of professional racing, so it’s time to move on”

This was going to be a post titled "What would Jens do?". But with the announcement overnight from Stuey, I had to change it. You would have all heard that Australia's Stuart O'Grady has called time on his cycling career, a day after completing a 17th Tour de France. It was meant to be after next … Continue reading “19 years of professional racing, so it’s time to move on”

Team e-Ratajkowski

We've all heard, seen and read about the Sky exploits over the last few weeks, but what about the competition for that other famous jersey, the Maillot Noir. It's pleasing to see that not only did Orica GreenEdge have a great start to the Tdf, but they have thrown some team members back to fight … Continue reading Team e-Ratajkowski