294805_10151362871086886_1207919998_nLocals would know about the fire up in Cherryville last week. Unfortunately one house was lost, and my thoughts go out to them.

Marble Hill Ruins

The road to Marble Hill is a very popular route for cyclists. Terrific countryside, great views over the valleys on both sides of the road. Very dense and inaccessible scrub around that neck of the woods, no wonder it took a change in the weather to bring it under control.

334047-jody-and-martin-faux 333660-jody-and-martin-faux



The fire didn’t cross any of the popular cycling roads, but it did however come close to Lobethal Road, Knots Hill Road and Fenhurst Road at the bottom of Cherryville.

Map showing the burnt out areas
Map showing the burnt out areas


To the CFS volunteers, locals and all others who gave up their time to fight this fire.



Adam Hansen

What a fantastic ride by Australian Adam Hansen hilly and rainy seventh stage of the Giro d’Italia on Friday on Stage 7 of the Giro.  Adam got in the breakaway at the 30km mark, and wasn’t caught till he was supping on his Coopers at the finish line. Hansen attacked his last breakaway companion, Emanuele Sella of Italy, with 20km to go. In treacherous conditions towards the back-end of the race, Sella fell twice and lost touch with Adam.

For Hansen this victory was probably his best in his career, one day before his 32nd birthday.

Adams home made shoes
Adams home made shoes

Further details on Adams shoes can be found at this CyclingNews page.

Who is Adam Hansen?


Adam hasn’t won much as a pro road racer. He has been more of a domestique, providing valuable support to his team leaders. This being said, he has the 2008 Australian National Time Trial Championship under his belt, so he is no slouch.



He was a key cog in the famous HTC lead out train for Cavendish, so it was a surprise when he left HTC and joined Lotto Belisol in 2011 together with Greipel.


Adam is known as a loyal team-player who sacrifices his own chances for the team’s leader.

adam (1)

He showed his perseverance and guts when he rode 165km to finish stage one in Brussels of the 2012 Tour with a fractured sternum and ribs, and bruising to his collarbone. After overcoming the shock and the initial pain of the crash, he was convinced to ride through his pain and ride in support of his team before he was withdrawn at the completion of the days riding. The most obvious thing was to let him ride at the front. That way he didn’t have to break for anyone in front of him. And he did.  Gutsy.




In 2012 he completed all three Grand Tours, the only rider to accomplish that feat in 2012, and only  the 32nd in cycling history.


Personal Details

  • Born – Southport Queensland
  • Weight – 77kg
  • Height – 1,860mm (6’1 – he’s a monster)
  • Professional since 2007
  • Nickname – Croc Man


  • LOTTO BELISOL – 2013
  • LOTTO BELISOL – 2012
  • TEAM HTC – COLUMBIA – 2010
  • TEAM COLUMBIA – HTC – 2009
  • TEAM HIGH ROAD – 2008
  • T-MOBILE TEAM – 2007

Oh yeah, he appears to be a bit of a brainiac as well – he’s designed a logistics program using his computer programming background for his team to ease travel pressures across the WorldTour.


Tip of the Week – Wet Weather Protection for your feet – Plastic Bags

For those of you who don’t have have shoe covers , why not! They are great coming into the colder weather.

But if you won’t be buying any in the foreseeable fture, but you want some help in keeping the cold and wet out of your feet, try these.

You may know them as those doggie-doo bags you see in the council parks. But they are an absolutely perfect fit inside your shoes.  Whack em over your socks, tuck the ties into the side of your shoes, or cut them off you you want, and they are just perfect.

Not too large or thick that they feel awkward. They are thin enough to not really notice you are wearing them.



Giro Photos

Some of my favourite photos from the Giro from the last week.

96mo Giro d'Italia 96mo Giro d'Italia


2013_giro_del_trentino_stage1b_ttt_team_sky_victory1 2013-giro-ditalia-stage-one-20130504-060058-515 2013-giro-ditalia-stage-one-20130504-083848-462 2013-giro-ditalia-stage-one-20130504-102540-719 2013-giro-ditalia-stage-one-20130504-103145-271 216202_10151393199758247_75509806_n 216371_10151393199728247_1766875913_n 728374-9384380-640-360 941533_10151393199793247_424323842_n 945762_10151393199243247_1438117809_n Italy Giro Cycling aap_6268_1Oct_Giro_800x600 cycling-ita-tour-giro-20130505-094245-809 cycling-ita-tour-giro-20130505-094259-294PIC364741745

Giro d'Italia 2013 - Quinta Tappa

PIC365589133 Giro d'Italia 2013 - Settima Tappa

tumblr_mdtni5e2Zx1qziyrno1_1280PIC365623913 PIC365569874 PIC365577854 PIC365583154



PIC365719884 PIC365801372



PIC365862682 PIC365863830


Giro Winner

Cadel is slowly and quietly moving his was up the field as some of the grand tour contenders are slowly moving the opposite direction. It is a long and very difficult race, and the race won’t be won in the first few weeks, but as the saying goes, it can be lost.

He is soaring with some pretty big names at the head of the GC. The favourites for the race are currently sitting in top 5, except for Ryder who has slipped down the pack.

  • Vincenzo Nibali  1st @ 34:19:31
  • Cadel Evans; 2nd @ 0:00:29
  • Robert Gesink; 3rd @ 0:01:15
  • Bradley Wiggins; 4th @ 0:01:16
  • Michele Scarponi 5th @ 0:01:24
  • Ryder Hesjedal; 11th @ 0:03:11

This time last year, Ryder was 9 seconds ahead of Joaquim Rodriguez and ended up winning ahead of Joaquim by 16 seconds

In 2011, Alberto Contador was 59 seconds ahead of Kanstantsin Sivtsov, and 1:28 ahead of eventual runner up Michele Scarponi. Alberto ended up winning by a massive 6:10. Although the records now show Scarponi as the 2011 winner.

In 2010 Ivan Basso won, but was sitting in 4th place 1:51 behind Alexandre Vinokourov at the end of stage 9.

In 2009 Denis Menchov won, but was 58 seconds behind Danilo Di Luca at the end of stage 9.

I can’t conclude anything other than recent history would suggest that the winner will be one of the current top 5, all of whom were thought of as being amongst the favourites. Ryder would be out of it now.

So, who will it be?

Nibali Vincenzo
Vincenzo Nibali
Cadel Evans
Cadel Evans
Robert Gessink
Robert Gessink
Bradley Wiggins
Bradley Wiggins
Michele Scarponi
Michele Scarponi


Toy of the Day – SweatHawg Helmet Liner


The Sweathawg® helmet linear is a small beanie like moisture wicking liner placed under the helmet. It is not quite a hat, it’s smaller. It slips right into your bike helmet before you put it on. Your helmet keeps it on as it is strapped to your head.


The front is padded to help wick moisture and keep sweat from rolling down your forehead and into your eyes. The material wicks the sweat from your head and helps keep you cool.

What separates this helmet linear from most is that it is not bulky or restricting on the head or ears. It is kept tucked up inside the helmet.  There is no excess material hanging down below the helmet line, flapping in the wind or covering your ears. Its value is in, that there is not a lot to it. So it may not be your first choice when trying to layer up on a cold day. It provides more comfort and cooling on a moderate day or if you plan on riding hard and need help to keep from overheating.

Costing $US20, you can purchase it here.  Sweathawg


Website of the Week – Weight Weenies

Why this site?
Postings saying “How much does X bike component weigh?” can be found on almost every bicycle related message board.
Often the same parts weight is stated several times further down the board.
So, why isn’t there a website that already lists component & bike weights?
Well that’s what we do. Component lists are updated almost daily.


till next week

tight spokes


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