Giro Week 1

Operation Puerto

What an absolute Joke.

Operación Puerto (Operation Mountain Pass) is the code name of the Spanish Police operation against the doping network of Doctor Eufemiano Fuentes.


The operation started way back in May 2006, an enveloped some of the world’s most famous cyclists at the time. Whilst the media attention has focused on the small number of professional road cyclists named, there were sports people from other disciplines including football and tennis connected to the scandal.

As you would have heard, the judge handed down her ruling last week.


Eufemiano Fuentes has been given a one-year suspended prison sentence for damaging public health and banned from working as a doctor for four years at the end of the Operacion Puerto trial in Madrid.

Ignacio Labarta was also given a four-month suspended sentence, while Yolanda Fuentes, Vicente Belda and former ONCE team manager Manolo Saiz have all been acquitted.

The verdict marks an end to Operacion Puerto than began in May 2006, when Spanish police raided Fuente’s laboratory.


The joke?

Judge Julia Patricia Santamaria rejected requests from anti-doping authorities and international sports federations for permission to analyse the 211 blood bags from 35 different people to identify the athletes involved. The court has decided in it’s wisdom to destroy the blood bags seized in the Operation Puerto case.


More than 50 cyclists were implicated in the Puerto case and several were identified by name as having worked with Fuentes. But the doctor testified he also had clients from other sports, including football, tennis, boxing and athletics. They have not been identified.

With the ruling to destroy the samples, the proof of the systematic doping in sports has been made even harder to weazle out. Only part of the truth has come out.

“It’s fundamentally wrong from the point of view of conducting an efficient fight against doping,” IOC medical commission chairman Arne Ljungqvist said.


The World Anti-Doping Agency is considering a possible appeal of Tuesday’s ruling by Judge Julia Santamaria, who ordered the destruction of more than 200 bags of blood and other evidence gathered in police raids on Spanish doctor Eufemiano Fuentes in 2006.



Subaru National Road Series

For the first time, Adelaide will host the National Road Series on 24 May – 26 May. The Cycling Australia and Cycling South Australia endorsed Tour will be raced in the Campbelltown City Council area and Adelaide Hills region.

“The Adelaide Tour will be a fantastic opportunity to ride, race and enjoy what Adelaide has to offer without travelling long distances. The key locations are Cudlee Creek, Woodside and Newton. Food, wine and more food and more wine, seriously there is plenty to do and our sponsors will have some nice treats instore for teams and riders along with supporters.”

Held over 3 days, the races will be:

Date: Friday, 24 May 2013
Distance: 20.9 km, profile

Women’s Start: 10:45am
Men’s Start: 11:00am

Course starts at Cudlee Creek, travels west along Gorge Road, and finishes at Rezz Hotel, Newton.

This will be superb.


Date: Saturday, 25 May 2013
Distance: 52.8 km, profile

Women’s Start: 10:20am
Men’s Start: 1:30pm

Starts and finishes at Bird-in-Hand Winery, Woodside. Course is a circuit with 2 loops: 1) a southern loop through Oakbank, Balhannah, Harndorf and 2) a northern loop around the back of Bird-in-Hand Winery.


A kermesse is a criterium bike race held on a short course (usually less than 5 km).
Date: Sunday, 26 May 2013
Distance: 3.7 km, profile

Women’s Start: 10:35am
Men’s Start: 12:30pm

The local SA team is the Euride Racing (formerly Team SASi and the National Road Cycling Team of South Australia).


Formed in 2012, it is headed by South Australian Sports Institute Tim Decker. In 2013 it has taken a step up from State level competition onto the national road racing stage.



Team roster:

  • Alex Edmonson – Central Districts CC
  • Robert-Jon McCarthy – Sturt Holdfast Marion CC
  • George Tansley – Central Districts CC
  • Harry Carpenter – Norwood CC
  • Fraser Northey – Sturt Holdfast Marion CC
  • Andrew Roe – Norwood CC
  • Miles Scotson – Port Adelaide CC
  • Phillip Mundy – Sturt Holdfast Marion CC
  • Russell Gill – Norwood CC
  • Brad Davies – Norwood CC
  • Fiachra Ó Muiré
  • Josh Harrison – Central Districts CC
  • Tom Kaelser – Kilkenny Cycling Club
  • Scott McPhee – Central Districts CC

So lets get out there and support them.



Giro – Stages 1, 2 &3

216202_10151393199758247_75509806_n 216371_10151393199728247_1766875913_n 941533_10151393199793247_424323842_n 945762_10151393199243247_1438117809_n


Stage 1

923426_548347258550474_636332633_n ferry via castelli fb hedj via giro d'italia facebook Pre-ride on the Giro TTT via ge fb


recovery via blanco riders and team cars boarding ferries for Island d'Ischia The ferry to Ischia via blanca


via corsa cycle centre via corsa cycle centre2 via greenedge facebook via omega pharma lotto fb


Stage 2

190405_10151392278643247_643597086_n 248180_10151366364716541_354079925_n 302945_10151392279408247_1864851087_n 310013_534364513280599_623105313_n 936854_10151392278943247_132026169_n



Stage 3

6275_10151393813503247_1942077047_n 7804_10151393813728247_185039602_n 397789_10151632014790429_51467521_n 479855_522271877808580_1568173779_n 931307_10151393813963247_1355918373_n


945296_359653964134453_614527092_n 945466_10151393814608247_267698220_n



Mothers Day


Happy Mothers Day

till next week

tight spokes


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