Hot Fuzz

Well, this posting was an early surprise.  Hit the wrong button didn’t I. Thats what happens when the wife tries to hold a conversation with me whilst I am busy working on my Legs.

Unfortunately it just proves the old saying that men can’t do 2 things at once.


Hot Fuzz – 1

Careful out on the roads guys, it appears that the police are targeting cyclists at the moment. One story doing the rounds last week was of a chef riding home late one night last week, running 2 red lights and then getting done by the cops for 2 infringements. $900 and 6 demerit points later. Fark!

The police do a great job, but c’mon guys. Late at night, no traffic.

Hot Fuzz – 2

An incident recently on Rundle Street.

A cyclist got car doored one night last week. No major injuries,only minor bruising. Bike was damaged of course, but is repairable. Insurance has come through and the bike is in the LBS as we speak.


Unfortunately what happened next shows just how diluted the gene pool has become. A fellow cyclists stopped to help and had taken a photo for evidence, but was set upon by the driver and passenger, who then left the scene without giving up their details.

Latest news was that police were talking to a person of interest who was helping them with their inquiries.

Well done lads.

bicycle dooring car accident injury attorney




This would be the lifestyle. Packing up shop and heading over to Europe for the cycling season for 6 months of every year.  What a life.

Recent facebook posting from Steve.

Reccy through Beaujolais and surrounds for our Signature VIP Burgundy Tour in September. So good to be back in France.
Reccy through Beaujolais and surrounds for our Signature VIP Burgundy Tour in September. So good to be back in France.

This is the life of local tour operator and ex pro Steve Cunningham.

Steve has set up procyclingtours, and runs it out of Adelaide, or more specifically, up in them thar Golden Hills not too far away from Mount Lofty.


You may remember the name from an earlier post. Steve was the first over the line at the recent 3 Peaks, blitzing the ride in an amazing 7 hours 20 minutes, an incredible average speed of 33km/h.



procyclingtours service the cyclo tourism market – focusing on the riding while making you feel like a pro both on and off the bike. Every procyclingtours trip is led by Steve who is ex-professional cyclist.

Some of the tours they are running this year include:

  • 2013 Giro d’Italia – final deciding stages
  • 2013 Criterium du Dauphine & Time Megeve Sportive
  • 2013 Classic Alpes & Provence
  • Italian Lakes, Alpes & Dolomites
  • Pyrenees and Basque Country
  • Tour de France
  • Burgandy

Seriously guys, how can someone sneak a job this good past the taxman?


Steve is well supported by Michelle, Vanessa and Ed.


Vanessa is a former manager and professional soigneur for the Savings & Loans Cycling Team.


Vanessa is a French-Canadian native, fluent in English, Italian, French and Spanish. She divides her life between Québec and Italy and has been leading tours in Italy, France and Spain for the last 4 years.  She is also a professional nutritionist.



Ed has several years experience guiding in Italy, Spain, France, Belgium & the UK & having led tours on everything from winter training camps, the spring classics, grand tours & celebrity charity events.

This all looks good, and I am envious as hell, however procyclingtours is more than just facilitating cycling tours. Their range of additional offerings include structured, rookie and advanced cycling programs.

So if you are looking for some assistance to help improve your cycling skills, contact Steve (when the bugger gets back from Europe).

Whilst I have never ridden with Steve, I can say that I have heard very good raps from – an friend who toured with Steve a few years back, a local friend who rode a few times with Steve at the recent TdU. A colleague and fellow wednesday legger who comes to Adelaide for the TdU, and a friend who has had a couple of private lessons/rides with Steve to improve his hill riding skills.  Every one of them has given Steve high praise, so all I can do is pass that on as a recommendation.

Steve is back from Europe in October and we will catch up for a coffee and a chat, so I will provide an update on procyclingtours and hopefully some photos and dialogue on his 2013 Europe experiences.

Link to procyclingtours here.


Amstel Gold

Congratulations to Simon Gerrans on his 3rd placing at the first Ardennes ride for the season.

Roman Kreuziger soloed to the finish in Valkenburg, the Netherlands, to take a win in the first of three Ardennes classics, the 251km Amstel Gold Race. Roman held off a determined late chase by Alejandro Valverde, Australia’s Simon Gerrans and world champion Philippe Gilbert.


A surprised Laurens Tan Dam, with Phillipe Gilbert looking at his bike before calling up a new one.
Gilbert Philippe closely followed by Simon Gerrans chasing up the Valkenburg Cauberg
Gilbert Philippe closely followed by Simon Gerrans chasing Roman Kreuziger up the Valkenburg Cauberg




A good effort from Simon who repeated his 2011 result at Amstel, finishing third.



Cafe of the Week – Zecca

This little beauty hasprime position right next door to GoodLife on Hutt Street.

Sorry about the quality of this one.
Zepolle – 4 for $3.80 – great value


Zecca is owned by David Solari and his wife Angeline. If you thought that there was a passion for cycling upon entrance to caffe, you would be correct.

David is a former cyclist, and get this, is the only person in cycling history to be national champion in two countries in the same year, 1985.

He was Australian Junior pursuit champion and Italian Champion. David had duel citizenship and represented Italy at the 1988 Seoul Olympics and eight World track Championships.

He collected two bronze medals in 1986, a bronze in 1989 and silver in 1990, 91 and 92. He also won eight Italian National track championships as well as representing Italy on 158 occasions. David was Australian Champion in 1985 and 1992 and was also a successful road cyclist with 78 International road victories.

  • 1986 3rd Individual Pursuit- Junior world championships
  • 1986 3rd Team pursuit- Junior world championships
  • 1989 3rd Team pursuit- World championships
  • 1990,91,92 2nd World Motor-pacing world championship
  • 1987 Giro del Salento 1st Overall,one stage win
  • 1992 Vicenza-Bionde
David, top of the track picture

009 008 005 004

David and Angeline also own Caffe Allegria at Royston Park.

Mornings are generally spent at Zecca, and the afernoons at Allegria.  If yiuo get the chance, pop in and say g’day to Angeline and David.

Oh yeah, the coffee and Zeppoles are great.


Random photos from Facebook

Rolls of carbon... this is where your bike starts. SRAM factory tour.
Sheets of Carbon Fibre ready for your next new bike


13975_10151578581794873_146227829_n 62590_10151567691949873_2101257568_n 63615_154592954587709_8261777_n 163504_10151571688454873_1457877637_n

554823_151805428328216_2127884310_n182199_171051186275219_2732198_n 230540_192419987471672_3907200_n 251391_200269700020034_4597118_n 380373_521798334533834_2119549644_n

392857_266126766767660_230283501_n 480520_10151507047262579_2059412179_n 522561_10151305393950723_129880973_n 525164_355994411169204_686560034_n 541519_504706619566141_1760688948_n



Toy of the week – Carbon Fibre Coffee Cups

Carbon Fiber Tune Coffee Cups
Carbon Fiber Tune Coffee Cups

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