Prettiest Darn Road in the Adelaide Hills?

Is this the prettiest darn road i the Adelaide Hills?  Its awfully difficult to chose because there are just so many of them. This time of the year is a special time in the hills. Around Stirling, the trees are preparing for winter and are putting on a stunning show. Make sure you get yourselves … Continue reading Prettiest Darn Road in the Adelaide Hills?

Amy’s Gran Fondo Dilemma

Most of the readers of this blog will empathise with the below story. I have been invited to Amy’s Gran Fondo in September at Lorne to ride with the VELO-PORTE group, but I’m not sure I have the Kahunas to ask the wife if I can go, nor if I should be spending the money … Continue reading Amy’s Gran Fondo Dilemma

Hot Fuzz

Well, this posting was an early surprise.  Hit the wrong button didn't I. Thats what happens when the wife tries to hold a conversation with me whilst I am busy working on my Legs. Unfortunately it just proves the old saying that men can't do 2 things at once. Hot Fuzz - 1 Careful out on the roads … Continue reading Hot Fuzz

I Am Spartacus, Hear Me Roar

111th Paris-Roubaix, 254km  198 starters 5:56:13 (second-fastest race in Roubaix history with a time of 5:56:13)  Three cobblestone trophies - you bloody beauty! Cancellara is now well on the way to laying himself a new driveway. Coming onto the velodrome track with Sep Vanmarcke,  Cancellara cunningly positioned himself behind the Team Blanco rider and sprinted … Continue reading I Am Spartacus, Hear Me Roar