Time Poor


Time poor this week.

Off to Melbourne for an extended easter weekend.  Bike on the roof and ready to explore the Dandenongs.

Wife and daughter ready to explore the shops.   Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!

Dont forget, this wekend is the


Live on SBS one this weekend.  Check out this teaser on sbs.



Peter Sagan.

Get used to seeing his face on the podium and his antics on the finish line over the next few years.


64708_644308508917587_1747414557_n29_mjohnson_20120514_0065_600 2012-07-03_bettiniphoto_0114868_1_full 1364164183-peter-sagan-wins-75th-gentwevelgem-in-icy-conditions_1904975 7486082448_06cd1f0ede_z 7622440282_2cedd28ed6

181092_3925547316707_2095072221_n1342200881832-dxg42p0r8rb6-670-75 bettiniphoto_0137948_1_full-300x200 bettiniphoto_0138353_1_full-300x199 bunny hop etap6sagan3 images (1) images img_1585a japancup2012_2_5854_600

221632_144279765747449_2085969531_nOsZSkwFRJ2H9y_l Peter_Sagan_1968856b Peter+Sagan+Le+Tour+de+France+2012+Stage+Seventeen+_QwA3bXpyBGl Peter+Sagan+Le+Tour+de+France+2012+Stage+Two+RmjNPw7qrGhl

479945_10200890370638610_1219350801_nPeterSagan_2789510 Peter-Sagan1 Peter Sagan Peter-Sagan-659x440 IMG_9161 peter-sagan-profile-tour-de-france peter-sagan-stage-six-tour_2791011 peter-sagan-tourminator-hulk

601298_3925879845020_2007245891_npeter-sagan-wheelie Peter-Sagan-wins-the-third-consecutive-stage-of-the-Amgen-Tour-of-California-2012-154329 pic347772422_670 regionemorlickabluejersey

601463_143862939122465_445875690_nPIC292206149 sagan_tdf_2012_stage1_win sagan_wheelie Cycling : 99th Tour de France 2012 / Stage 3

487558_10151278277466710_912605654_nStage 6 - 99th Tour de France 2012 Stage winner, Slovakia's Peter Sagan cel WATSON_00003294-051-659x440


Till next week

Tight Spokes


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