Sienese Dirt

3 Peaks

The 2013 edition of the 3 peaks is this weekend.


Good luck to all who are heading over to ride.

Not quite sure how to best manage all the clothing?  It’s a ride that fucks with the mind if you haven’t ridden it before.

A few tips on the event itself if I may.

  1. Dinner the night before is not at the top of the checklist for most, its something we assume can be taken care of when we arrive. Not necessarily so if you want a quick and easy.  Fear not. Take a frozen lasagna with you for eating the night before the ride. Something easy that you can wak in the oven.  The supermarket is serviceable  but don’t expect gourmet food.And if you leave it to the last minute, there is limited choice.
  2. A good lighting management plan is imperative. You will not be allowed to start without operable lights front and back. My rear light was flat last year in the morning. Fortunately Scotty V came to the rescue with a  spare. Daylight fades fast in the evenings, so lighting at the end of the day should be thought about as well.  You will in all likelihood need your lights as well, otherwise you run the risk of being pulled by the police.
  3. Chamois cream. Get some, you will need it. If you can, get some cream sent to the lunch dropoff for reapplication.  Trust me, you will need it.
  4. Chat to the people around you. Its a long ride, you may as well enjoy it. Talk up the TDU. Talk up the Adelaide Hills, talk up Adelaide. Talk up Velo Porte. Talk up procyclingtours. Enjoy yourself. You will come across some terrific riders out on the road.
  5. From lunch onwards, every stop should have the Lantern Rouge time of arrival sign posted. This will allow you to judge your pace and to ramp it up with required.
  6. Try not to worry about the ride too much the night before. You will, there is no doubt of that, but if you have put the training in, you will have no worries.
  7. Oh yeah, one last thing, make sure you beat this dude, otherwise it will make the effort you put in over the last year pointless.


Late news.  The route has been changed for 2013 because of the damage caused by the recent alpine bushfires.



Although great strides have been made with repairs to the road up Mt Hotham, they have determined that this route will not be fit for use during the SCODY 3 Peaks Challenge.


Therefore the decision has been made to adopt the alternative route via Mt Buffalo.

Route-Map-2013-Updated 3-Peak-Ride-Profile-Updated

The route stays true to the level of endurance required to take on the SCODY 3 Peaks Challenge – 230km, approximately 4000 vertical metres over 3 challenging climbs, a 13 hour deadline, and the best available cycling route in this spectacular Alpine region.

Enjoy the ride.

If anyone is able to, I’m happy to post any event pictures that are sent my way after the ride.

biemme 6


Filippo Pozzato

Born in September, 1981, Filippo Pozzato has been riding professionally since he signed up for the Mapei-Quick Step team in 2000. At the ripe old age of 31 he is now riding for Lampre-Merida.


He has been a solid journeyman over his career, and is showing some good form at the start of this season.

His career form has seen him win a stage in each of the Giro and Vuelta and 2 stages in the Tour de France. Throw in wins in the Tirreno-Adriatico in 2003 and the Milan-San Remo in 2006 among a few others and you can see that he is a good rider.

He is also known for his terrific sense of style, although which Italian is not. Unfortunately he may be best remembered for his performance in the Roma Maxima, which was spectacular.

After pushing hard top catch the lead group, Filippo Pozzato fought his way to the front to win the sprint to the line. Ecstasy. He threw his arms up in victory as he crossed the finish line.

“When I saw that my soigneur was hiding instead of celebrating, I knew there was something wrong”, said Pozzato.

Roma Maxima 2013

What was wrong was that he hadn’t won the race. With no race radios Pozzato had thought that everyone in the day’s breakaway had been caught. But one rider had not been caught, Blel Kadri from Ag2r-La Mondiale. A determined Kadri had managed to stay away for the last 40 km of the race despite the strong chase.


A tweet from his teammate Vincenzo Nibali to Pozzato after the race showed some sympathy, but not too much.

“te l’ho volevo dire ma non ho fatto in tempo!!! Ahahah” (“I wanted to tell you (that Kadri was in front) but I didn’t in time!!! A ha ha”).


What a classic.

martina go
There is something not quite right with this kit

Anyway, in celebration of Fillipo’s famous second placing, we showcase some of the great shots of Fillipo over the years.

tumblr_m4wis8zw4j1r4sguio1_500 pozzato-filippo


il_fullxfull.343723170Pozzato_Collarbone images (1) bettiniphoto_0058866_1_full_600 bettiniphoto_0047683_1_full_600 Giro rider

Cesare_P523095_706923595058_1214309389_n 387666_153057431470318_100002981864684_206717_897967912_n 298415_4676853642481_542137208_n 193138_10151355416234505_1294219011_o 47fa2f0477a24filippo_pozzato



Sienese Dirt

Over the 7 years of the race history, a blue had never won on the classical Sienese dirt (aka Strade Bianche). That is until Moreno Moser finally nailed it for the blues with the help of his Cannondale teammate Peter Sagan.

moreno sb

tumblr_mho0inmuWJ1qakvm6o1_500strade bianche 2013 1

Moreno attacked 20km out, with Peter Sagan riding in the chase group and doing enough to discourage attack attempts to allow the blue to win in style.

Gara ciclistica Strade Bianche


Gara ciclistica Strade Bianche

moreno sb 3 PIC348330185

stradalli_red_kit_jersey_bib_cycle_heather_shanholtz_hot_chick_9Gara ciclistica Strade Bianche Gara ciclistica Strade Bianche


Website of the Week – Food Safari

Whilst the sbs program Food Safari provide a fascinating insight into the diverse Australian cultures through food, the sbs website food safari includes all the recipes featured on the program. They look great.



Toy of the Week – Wheel Truing Stand


  • Most accurate truing stand in  the world
  • Accept Wheel size 16″ to 28″ including 650c and 700c road bike wheels
  • Comes with two arms and two gauges design
  • Made in Taiwan
  • Comes with 2 years warranty


till next week

tight spokes


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