Update the Black and Gold Jersey

A reminder that the Hell of the South Ride is on this Sunday. Start at 7:30am in Rundle Street. From there it’s 100km of a slogfest in the Adelaide Hills. Hope to see you there.


Ok, so you’ve got that Livestrong Jersey just sitting in the second drawer, its an embarrassment due to its, and your, association with Lance.

Regardless of the fact that the Livestrong Foundation has done some fantastic work in initially raising funds for cancer research, and later in the to support the mission to empower people affected by cancer. This Foundation has raised over $470 million and provided financial resources to more than 550 organizations that conduct cancer survivorship research.

So, what are you going to do?


Do you let it sit there unused and unloved in the back of your drawer, do you donate it to Vinnies, or do you snub your nose at the world and were it proud, not caring at the jibes from your mates.

If you plan on dumping it, then your just going to have to get yourself another style, something that you’d be proud to wear with your mates, in the coffee shop, hell, even walking down the centre of the mall during a boxing day sale.  Well, the following jerseys are a statement waiting for you to slither into.

z-team-1990 tonton-tapis-1991 castorama-cycling-team-1994 bigmat--669x1024 acqua_sapone_zebra_retro_jersey_co_250 20121113-santini-venezuela-short-sleeve-national-team-jersey 20121004-santini-raleigh-banana-retro-jersey 20110907-prendas-ciclismo-mercier-bp-retro-cycling-jersey


20090107-santini-brooklyn-chewing-gum-retro-jersey 20081212_MercUno_LS 549298_512152705501496_1826832416_n 96c930c40f0fe662fbc876de6c810b36

Go on, you know you want to.


Rabobank SuperCycle 2013


The Rabobank SuperCycle 2013 7-day challenge is a 1000km cycling event from 7-13th April 2013 which takes you through some of the most picturesque regions of rural South Australia. Checkout the website here – 2013 Supercycle


If the 7-day challenge sounds too daunting or you simply can’t afford the time, you can sign up for the 1-day challenge which takes you 176kms from Adelaide to Clare on the 7th of April 2013. Transport will then be available to get you back to Adelaide in the evening.

The Cause

SuperCycle has a charity partnership with The Hospital Research Foundation. They raise much-needed funds to build family-style accommodation in Adelaide for country cancer patients.


The Route


  • Day 1: Adelaide to Clare
  • Day 2: Clare to Wallaroo
  • Day 3: Wallaroo to Melrose
  • Day 4: Melrose to Burra
  • Day 5: Burra to Morgan
  • Day 6: Morgan to Murray Bridge
  • Day 7: Murray Bridge to Adelaide


Rabobank SuperCycle 2013 is a fully supported ride in addition to being a fundraising ride. The riding is challenging, so as a SuperCyclist you’ll be rewarded for your efforts with delicious food, drink and comfortable accommodation, among other benefits.

Cost 7-day challenge: $1000

What do you get?

The very best support during the event, complete with:

  • Rabobank SuperCycle 2013 jersey (to own), plus other Stage Sponsor jerseys (tbc);
    Breakfast, Lunch & Dinner for the entire ride, plus snacks at coffee stops including fruit, nuts, cakes and more. The food quality on the ride is superb, most dinners are delicious 3 course meals. You won’t go hungry!
  • Quality, comfortable motel-style accommodation;
  • Daily laundering of riding gear;
  • Massage treatments.

Cost 1-day challenge: $200

What do you get?

  • “Rabobank SuperCycle 2013″ jersey;
  • Snacks, drinks and lunch on the day;
  • Gourmet BBQ dinner on arrival in Clare (tbc);
  • Bus transport back to Adelaide.

Contact us

For information on how to become a rider or sponsor, the following contact details can help you out.



Subaru 2013 Cycling Australia Senior Track National Championship

Elite Men’s Time Trial Final

4 Laps 1000m

1 – Glenn O’Shea (SA)

2 – Luke DAVISON (SA)


Glenn Oshea via sbs
Glenn Oshea via sbs

Women’s Team Sprint

  1. Belder / Morton (SA)
  2. Preiska / Mcculloch (NSW)
  3. Jennings / Bax (QLD)

Elite Men’s Pursuit

  1.  Michael HEPBURN (QLD)
  2. Alex MORGAN (VIC)
  3. Alex EDMONDSON (SA)


Elite Women’s Time Trial Final

  1. Kaarle MCCULLOCH (NSW)
  2. Catherine CULVENOR (ACT)
  3. Rikki BELDER (SA)
Kaarle McCulloch
Kaarle McCulloch

Elite Men’s Team Sprint

  1. Bullen / Green / Taylor (NSW)
  2. Glaetzer / Glasspool / Niblett (SA)
  3. Bird / Ellis / Hart (ACT)

Elite Women’s Pursuit

  1. Annette EDMONDSON (SA)
  2. Amy CURE (TAS)
  3. Ashlee ANKUDINOFF (NSW)
Annette Edmonson with Julia Gillard  and Shane Perkins
Annette Edmonson with Julia Gillard and Shane Perkins

Open Men’s Team Pursuit Gold Final


Women’s Team Pursuit Gold Final


Elite Women’s Sprint

  1. Stephanie MORTON (SA)
  2. Kaarle MCCULLOCH (NSW)
  3. Taylah JENNINGS (QLD)

Elite Men’s Sprint

  1. Mitchell BULLEN (NSW)
  2. Matthew GLAETZER (SA)
  3. Peter LEWIS (NSW)
Mitchel Bullen
Mitchel Bullen

Elite Women’s Keirin

  1. Stephanie MORTON (SA)
  3. Taylah JENNINGS (QLD)


Elite Men’s Keirin

  1. Andrew TAYLOR (NSW)
  2. Scott SUNDERLAND (WA)
  3. Jacob SCHMID (VIC)

Elite Men’s Points Final

  1. Alex EDMONDSON (SA)
  2. Peter LOFT (TAS)
  3. Caleb EWAN (NSW)
Brother and sister Alex and Annette Edmondson vie adlaidenow
Brother and sister Alex and Annette Edmondson vie adlaidenow

Elite Women’s Points Final

  1. Annette EDMONDSON (SA)
  2. Melissa HOSKINS (WA)
  3. Amy CURE (TAS)


Photo of the Week

Bloody light – UCI approved?

Till next week

Tight Spokes


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