Mounting Your Bike

Free Water bubblers

Well, its that time of the year when hydration starts to become a bit of a logistical Mensa puzzle when you are planning those long rides.

Well, this may help you, courtesy of Adelaide Cyclists

Nothing beats water for quenching a thirst and Adelaide tap water is safe and nowadays tastes fine to drink is available for free when you can find a drinking fountain or bubbler as some like to call it. Unfortunately these bubblers are often hard to find and the only choice for quenching your thirst is some sugar laden concoction or you can get that ripped off feeling forking out a couple of bucks for water in a cheap plastic bottle that is no better for you than the stuff which comes out of the tap. The aim of this site it to plot freely available water bubbles around Adelaide so anyone just wanting to quench their thirst can do so without having to fork out a couple of bucks every time.
The below map is not live, so you will need to clock in the Adelaide Cyclist link to access the live map.
The public fresh drinking water map shows crowd-sourced locations where you can find a water supply to refill your bidons.It works on sharing public knowledge so if you know of a potable water supply mark it on the map.


Man of Steel

With a name like this, how could those doors in life’s corridor not open up for you.

Steele Von Hoff

Watch for this man. He’s 25 years old and has been around for a while, but appear to have been getting some good results over the last few years, which is why he’s been taken on by slipstream in their development team.

2012 was his first year at the TdU.

Nickname: Stainless
DOB: 12/31/1987
Birth Place: Mornington, Victoria, Australia
Current Residence: Moorooduc, Victoria, Australia
Nationality: Australian
Height: 70kg
Weight: 180cm
Strengths: Sprinting
Favorite Race: Sandown/ glenvail
Hobbies: RC cars, real cars/bikes, beach days!


Q. What do you do with your loved one once you upgrade to a new model.

A. Mount it.

Came across this quirky little website the other day.

    Bicycle Taxidermy

The loving and lasting solution for your mechanical bereavement

Born out of born out of too many sleepless nights at the Royal College of Art and a homesickness for the rugged Highlands. Bicycle Taxidermy first began on a couple of memento for the initiators father’s once prized but long discarded mountain and road bikes. And has now grown beyond a laugh and provides a taxidermy service for retired steeds.


Pantani’s Bike Auction

The late Marco Pantani gave 2 of his Tour de France bicycles to a friend who owned a restaurant, and now they have been auctioned off.

The auction happened in Italy over the weekend and Pantani’s bikes were a Wilier Triestina that went for 8000 Euro and a Bianchi that fetched 13,000 Euro. The friend’s restaurant went bankrupt and the bikes were auctioned off as a result of that bankruptcy.

Pantani rode the yellow and celeste Bianchi when he won stage 15 to Les Deux Alpes. He attacked Jan Ullrich on the slopes of the Galibier and finished alone, taking the race lead. He went on to win in Paris ahead of Ullrich and Bobby Julich.

Il Pirata used the Wilier Triestina bike when he won the stage to L’Alpe d’Huez during the 199 TdF.

Pantani died of a cocaine overdose in 2004. He was dogged by doping accusations through most of his career.

A statue of Marco Pantani, in his Italian home town.


Toy of the Week – Sram Red Groupset 2013

The Sram Red groupset 2013 represents the pinnacle of road racing technology.

The new Red groupset, at 1,670 grams, is the leader in light weight shifting.

Starting from scratch, each part was engineered with the twin goals of eliminating the superfluous while focusing on an overall synergy that translates into unmatched performance.

Redesigning the transition between handlebar and hoods, the grip texture, finger wrap, and the separate interfaces with both the shifter and brake lever, resulting in an extremely comfortable, highly individual fit that makes the shifters feel like a natural extension of the rider.

Rear Derailleur:
Adding a hollow titanium anchor bolt and refining tooth geometry of the jockey wheel providing a smoother and quieter chain run through the new rear derailleur.
Front Derailleur:
Instead of simply moving back and forth, the derailleur cage actually rotates to maintain a consistent angular relationship with the chain. Called Yaw Technology, it eliminates the need for shifter trim. The shift feel more direct, more precise, and combined with the new RED crankset and chainrings, delivers an high performance shifting.
The Exogram Crankset is completely hollow all the way to the spider. Its hidden bolt pattern makes better use of carbon fiber to further improve stiffness and shed weight.
Bottom Bracket:

Gutter Seal Technology – improves sealing against the elements while reducing seal drag. A new fresh new cup forging for a new high-end look.. Ceramic Bearings

The Powerdome X is an advanced cassette that is super light and very quiet.

The 1091R chain features more heavily chamfered outer plates for improved shifting and quieter running. Other advancements include a new inner plate finish plus chrome hardened pin construction providing longer chain life.

The AeroLink arm reduces frontal area while improving braking performance and modulation. The brake body has been sculpted to provide a sleek aerodynamic profile to the wind. Even the smallest details, like the barrel adjuster, point away from the wind.

The price – from $2,289 on the net to $2,999 in Australian bike shops.


Club of The Week – The Soul Box

I had cause to visit the Soul Box last Sunday night. Down in the students end of Hindley street, across the road from Marcellina’s, this is a new club has been set up to promote the up and coming performing artists in Adelaide.

The Soul Box is a haven for cabaret and jazz. It is a hang out place for actors, artists, performers, musicians, comedians, photographers, dancers and general art industry lovers.

Till next week

Tight Spokes



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